Jan. 27th, 2017

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Someone on the Lucky Star Shrine Forum has been seeking to revive the Lucky Star franchise itself via a petition and Kickstarter campaign, and PM'ed me to help him fund a second season of the anime. Given the unlikelihood of that happening, I told him that I might help him if, among other things, he helps me fund Day of the Beehive.

This person, Davidandreis, also has connections with creator Kagami Yoshimizu, is going to Japan early next summer to work for him, and has promised to fill him in on my stuff. Having given him my email address to share in turn with him, it would be awesome if I actually get the chance to talk to Yoshimizu himself. If things pan out even better, he might just get in on the project and even try to negotiate a legal deal with Kadokawa Shoten to allow DotB to go through. (Wouldn't be surprised, though, if he has any objections particularly towards Ivo.)


Landed the manga adaptation of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past at Savers yesterday.


Just posted what I want done in terms of fanfiction for the Cibus project on Upwork half an hour ago. Having waited until then should get me much closer to the top of the archive for today for more people to notice.



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