Mar. 5th, 2017

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Dad's money that I borrowed the other day had just come in full circle yesterday (half of it, anyway).

To start with, he gave me nine singles when I offered to buy milk in Mom's place. Had one left over upon purchase, spent it the next day on Lucky 7's when Mom dropped me off at Stop & Shop the next day (she was still sick), and won $4 back upon finding a quarter and using that to scratch it off right there. Just yesterday, I gave her that sum to help pay for something at the Savers near Costco, and decided while we then shopped at Giunta's Meat Farms that she might as well keep it in return for paying for that manga two days ago (since I didn't have my own wallet on me at the time).

So, she's already covered for allowance this week with a twenty that she gave me last week (half of that for washing and vacuuming her car), and since that manga all costed $7.22, she'll owe me just $2 next week (instead of $3 the week after).


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