Mar. 14th, 2017

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Witnessed one of my Chao die and reincarnate yesterday. Turned the game right off afterwards so as to allow it to race before it could do so for real.

Born and raised in the Mystic Ruins garden, it became a Hero Chao upon evolving. While it still couldn't win the Jewel Emerald course (and I still have an even better Chao for that), it did manage to clear the Beginner Amethyst course, with a record of 01:14:96, when I was playing the game four months ago.

Went on to challenge the entire Beginner Race with it, and it managed to clear all four other courses within several tries:

Pearl: 00:28:16
Sapphire: 01:40:36
Emerald: 03:03:06
Ruby: 00:39:36

Following that, it then managed to clear the Jewel Race's Ruby and Sapphire Courses at 00:35:63 and 01:37:78 respectively.

And, its final stats follow:

Swim: Level 35 (654)
Fly: Lv. 41 (732)
Run: Lv. 38 (845)
Power: Lv. 29 (455)
Stamina: Lv. 40 (872)

Having lost one of my first Chao, the best ones to race with, is an obvious sign that the other will start dropping like flies pretty soon. Good to know, though, that at least it wasn't sick this whole time.


Someone named Gainer Champion has already won the job of translating Starbound for me. I have already sent her a Hire, and now she just needs to accept before the position is closed.


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