Apr. 5th, 2017

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Brian picked up a modem after getting off from work yesterday, but the one he got was somehow missing a cable.

Went to Marie's last night, and chatted with Jake on Skype for a bit, and then took a nap, while she and I awaited Brian (still asleep at the time). At some point, Marie went out to fetch a pizza, and I had three slices while we still awaited him.

He managed to come not long after we finished eating, and the three of us (along with Marie's roommate Kaileigh) watched episodes 3 and 4 of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, before Brian and I went back to his place. (Brian told us before we loaded 3 that he had already seen the first two a number of times.)

(Brian and I didn't bother watching Lucky Star or reviewing anything I've written after coming back, but that he was able to watch two episodes of anything, on a work-night, does give me hope of accomplishing everything I came here to do sooner than later.)


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