Apr. 20th, 2017

dmxrated: (cake buffet)
Brian's phone wasn't charged enough to read Starbound yesterday, so I decided instead to come with him to discuss Lucky Star and our planned fangame instead.

Told Brian when we reached the building that I was too full for lunch (after having had a drink from the station, which he offered me while getting something for himself), and that I was getting tired of eating the same thing there. He suggested somewhere else to explore, and I found this Cajun-Mexican place called Border Cafe, where I got myself a rather large burger.

Originally, Brian planned on clocking out after a meeting he had, and so I came back, got a cup of frozen yogurt, and then waited inside the lobby for him. He eventually came down to meet me, but told me he would be staying after all and suggested I explore the city some more. Had a walk down the street, where I could get a more lasting view of the Charles River than on the train, and eventually found a train station from which to find my way back to the apartment.


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