May. 15th, 2017

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The other day, I untied some small trees lining the side of the garage, and Mom later noticed a robin dart out who turned out to have a few babies in a nest. She showed me on her iPad two days ago, and then the actual nest itself with the babies still inside the next day.


Dad has recently been watching Popeye on YouTube, and checked out some other Max Fleischer cartoons called Color Classics last night. Mom was watching with him, I joined for two shorts, and I distinctly recall watching those on video when I was little, when they were known as Cartoon Capers.


Mom just noticed this morning that, while we have the case for We Love Katamari, the disk is no longer inside. I'll be sure to bring the case and my PS2 plug to Brian's so that we can eject the disk tray and see if it's been in there the whole time ever since he took our first one up with him.


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