May. 17th, 2017

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Got this month's box of Universal Yums, from Japan. (Last month's was Austria, while I was still up in Boston.) Mom snapped a picture for Marie, since she had just come home from Japan a month ago.


So far, Active Presenter has been working just fine for what I wish to accomplish with Earthbound, I am not going back to ShareX, and I still intend to complete the playthrough I started of Yoshi's Island on SNES9X. After that, though, I am considering buying a DVD-recorder at some point, so that I can fire up my real Super NES to record just specific stuff in the game to showcase on Dailymotion. (Not YouTube, because DM has a bigger video window by default.) Once that's done, I might sell my SNES in order to buy a Genesis with which to record a playthrough of Knuckles Chaotix, and somewhere down the line, I might also invest in certain games that Steven used to own, just to share with Brian.

That, however, can all wait until I'm back home from my next trip to Boston.


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