Jul. 18th, 2017

dmxrated: (Ultimate Girls)
Had to cut Kulsum loose. Didn't like her ideas or writing style.

Got some nice ideas for an Ultimate Girls fic, though, courtesy of Zecobo Zeakel, who has gone on to watch A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Considered getting him in on the Cibus project, but while he is willing to read online manga scans, buying actual manga itself is off the table for him. (Oriko Magica is still off the table until Sadness Prayer runs its course, Kazumi only has an inferior pre-localization scanlation online to its official translation, and Suzune was still nowhere online to be found last time I checked.)

In any case, I'm not in any actual hurry to write anything. The Cibus project and Unwilling Service will still take priority over this whenever possible, and this is really just a backup project with which to alternate with other stuff. Story ideas are all I really need for the time being, and I should probably begin whenever the inclination arises.


Marie went back to Boston last night.


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