Aug. 5th, 2017

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Mom suggested that I not use people's full names here that I do business with on Upwork, citing that it might come off as aggressive. I used them because it just seemed more appropriate than anything else; these are people I'm only introducing for the first time, and since I'm talking about more than a few, it just seems more practical than to say "someone named this, someone named that". Doubtful that they'll ever find my blog anyway, short of googling their names for whatever reason or me linking them to anything.

[Edits made two days after this entry, following a response email by Yincira in agreement with her.]


Speaking of Upwork, I am now commissioning for a fic based on that swimsuit pic, to also feature Cibus versions of the main cast Suzune Magica (since they, too, got some official but non-canon swimsuit pics published of them).


Mom has just told me that Brian's here, currently asleep in Marie's old bedroom. (Marie told me two nights ago that she'd come over sometime late tonight.)


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