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I have just imported this blog from LiveJournal, in light of certain events involving its servers and TOS. Yincira is already preparing to delete her LiveJournal account, with Tumblr already providing an outlet for her fiction rants. (Despite instructions to delete my original blog as per LJ's new guidelines, I am still leaving everything there for traction, especially since this whole import has already been completed save for my still queued comments.)

Right now, I have more important things to do than to comb through everything these past twelve years. I might revise individual entries that either I revisit on my own or someone alerts me is to any extent broken or out of context, though. However, as a general rule, if I said "this site" on any day before April 9, 2017, I am referring to LiveJournal, not this site.

(Also, since this is likely to be the only time I post a sticky-entry, I suppose this is a good time now to start referring to my Pokemon ficseries, formerly Parasitic Trio, by its new title from over a year ago, Unwilling Service.)


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