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All right, I've already mentioned before that Jamie's fic is cancelled, Jake's not gonna ever be writing it, and most likely, neither am I. However, something about it still plagues me up until now, and I'm writing this strictly to get it off my chest.

So, the purpose of the fic was so that Jamie would be humiliated in front of people. However, one of the reasons why Jake did away with the project was because he sensed a vicious cycle forming. It seemed to him that in the end, after Jamie completed the Dragon's Den and lifted the curse off of himself and his female partners, the girls would then run off and he be even more humiliated, and get himself cursed again by fucking his mother just to meet them again. I told Jake that Jamie could fuck the girls *after* the ordeal ends, but it wasn't enough to salvage the project. Today, I was thinking of taking the project up myself to provide some relief at the end. Namely, he and his "girlfriends" would be uncursed just in time for the Johto League, and the girls would still at least be his friends instead of continuing to hate him.

(I know, sounds hypocritical, doesn't it? But then again, Love Hina was about humiliating the main character, but Keitaro in that series got at least a somewhat happy ending.)

I brought up what the fic was about with Zerodius, and he went berserk on me. I then told Jake not to be surprised if Zerodius told him about it (which he did before I came back to Jake), and Jake told me to admit that I'm turned on by the same stuff that disgusts me.

Later on, halfway on the way home, I told Mom about what I put myself through and what a hypocrite I am, and she said that in something like this, it's okay to make an exception to one's personal rule.

Anyway, I'd like you, the readers, to know that male-bashing itself isn't the problem I have with it; it's the imbalance between male-bashing and female-bashing that exists that I have a problem with.

Call me a me what you will. In fact, Jamie's fic, which was inspired from Love Hina, was an intentional exception to the rule.

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