Nov. 20th, 2015

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Jake and I thought up some new names for various fics of mine. Mom, however, suggested I not try to keep that low of a profile, so I reverted some stuff back and restored my userpic (which I changed only recently beforehand anyway).

I'll admit that I got carried away with things; the real point was to make sure Blood doesn't recognize my stuff just at first glance. However, he himself was going to have a grown Kagami do something similar with her family, who then wants nothing to do with her, in the epilogue he never got to write for I Was Kagami Hiiragi (by having her keep her motorcycle helmet on and only disclose her marital surname Orihara to them), only for Tsukasa to unhappily recognize her anyway after they part. (Bound to happen, though, because Junichi did tell her during the main story about his acquaintanceship with her family.)

Anyway, here's what you need to know:

-I am now SeaRover1986. (Only the third time I've taken a third username; the first two times were for accounts I created on DeviantArt (to give a llama badge to someone was offering thousands of points for but couldn't actually receive) and TV Tropes (after blowing through two accounts over the Dethroning Moment of Suck pages).)

-Everything in my profile to date has been deleted.

-Parasitic Trio is now Unwilling Service. (The tag for it here will remain the same, though, as will that for Cries Unheard/Crap Unread.)

-SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten is now Mai & Joe: Yoshi's Island rewritten. (The actual game was known simply as Super Mario: Yoshi's Island on the Super Famicom, and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 on the Game Boy Advance.)

-The image for Starbound is now supposed to be an official one of Miyuki that Yincira once photoshopped. That for Birthday of Destiny is supposed to be of Rokuna in her canonical street clothes (as opposed to that pink dress she receives in the fic).

-The only fics that I didn't assign an image to were The Furrysitters' Club and Life Is Short!

Regarding those last two items, yeah, the site's recently been having this problem with displaying images correctly or at all. It's been common for stories to default to the user's image instead of the ones assigned specifically to them, and for user images to fail to appear either in the respective profiles or under any fics not given their own image. I've been experiencing both of the Starbound fics alternating between their original and new images, and the only reason that didn't happen with my profile image is because I took care of deleting its original pic (the very first Beehive Brigade pic) from storage. Even my current pic kept showing up after I deleted that as well, though that's now a moot point.

Before you ask, I've already reported it, but so should you in order to ensure that the staff actually do something about it.


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