Jan. 16th, 2017

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[Random Encounters] were invented for tabletop RPGs and are reasonably common there. The original rationale was that as characters crossed a world map with each square representing half a day's march, they could reasonably expect to meet a pack of wild animals or band of highwaymen every few days or so (the practical reason was to get players Travelling at the Speed of Plot without obsessively checking behind literally every rock, shrub and chair that they might encounter on the way). But in some games it seems you can't walk ten feet down a narrow dungeon hallway without getting ambushed by a somewhat illogical combat encounter with nine mummy wizards.


Scale is an issue surrounding Parasitic Trio that I had already brought up before both with Jake and on Serebii.net. Right now, it's still early enough to settle things before I get too far into the story, and suddenly, I'm glad that Jake hasn't done much ghostwriting. I only wish I had taken some further time to settle it before I even got started, instead of assuming during the planning stage that all locations would be within walking distance from one another like in the games.

To begin with, I had decided (in general) that sixteen in-game steps would equal the average distance covered in an hour, and 256 steps would equal that covered in a day. (Obviously, this would not apply inside buildings or in small areas like Amity Square or the Battle Frontiers, where everything would instead be condensed to one-sixteenth of that.) To begin with, I could compare the regions of Kanto and Johto (both side-by-side on a single landmass) to Suffolk and Nassau Counties of Long Island, and assume that most towns in each game are about equivalent distance from one another from the real-life towns lining L.I. If that were the case, though, then why are there explorers in such a supposedly small desert on Hoenn Route 111? On the other hand, if they were all much further apart, then why isn't there a network of roadways throughout the region like there is in most of the real world (especially considering that we do see streets throughout major cities themselves, and even a moving truck (arriving at a quaint rural village without roads, no less) at the beginnings of the Hoenn games)? I even just watched part of the anime episode The Scheme Team the other day, and Ash mentions that he and his friends had spent months exploring Hoenn.

Jake had asked me the first time I brought it up, not to be so obsessively precise like that, and told me when I brought it up again just a few days ago that he still doesn't agree with that method. Considering that he doesn't usually apply "game mechanics" to his stories like I've planned this whole time to this one, I invited Brian onto Facebook to discuss with him instead. He mostly went on about how entertainment is generally more important than realism in video games (especially those aimed at young children), but had agreed to read what I have so far on FanFiction next time he comes home.

(As I write this entry, though, I've just looked up a certain map in Puella Magi Tart Magica, displaying the route Jeanne and her party travelled from Vancouleurs to Chinon, for comparison. According thereto, Jeanne and co. passed through a different city each single day from February 22 to March 4, 1429. If that's anything to go by, then maybe the scale I've been using (even tile-precision aside) would be appropriate after all. Will take some time to further consider what to do, although I will definitely show this entry to Brian next time he's online.)


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