Jan. 19th, 2017

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To begin with, manga does not usually interest me that much, unless it's anything specific. It was a much bigger deal for me back in the mid-'00s, back when Borders was in business, because as far as anime went, I was still in my comfort zone with Mon Colle Knights and barely had access to anything else.

This is why I tend not to seek it out at Savers. Never told Mom, though, because I still do enjoy it in passing. For that reason, she did tell me the other day that she had noticed three volumes of Fruits Basket (mingled with novels in general).

Just yesterday, I checked for some to pass the time with, noticed volume 1 of Et Cetera leaning out front, and read a few pages of that. Went over to put it away when Mom called me to leave, noticed three more volumes actually tucked in, and she met me where I found it. At first, I told her I wasn't actively interested in it, but she told me the store won't have it forever, and that it was also having sales for per-book discounts after a certain default price and freebies for each four purchased.

Ended up buying all four volumes, along with v. 2 of Dream Saga and 8 of Pokemon Adventures (first volume of the GSC saga). With that, she's agreed to include Dream Saga v. 1 for my birthday.

(As much as I'd like to move Parasitic Trio along, I could honestly use a breather from that after having found a good place to end the chapter I was on. It occurred to me only after we left the store, that this might be a good thing to switch to for just a day or so before I come back to PT.)


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