Jan. 26th, 2017

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Yesterday would've been a good day to spend playing Kiratto Kaiketsu. I seriously considered it at 2, called Mom on her cell to see if she planned on going to the gym (in which case, I wouldn't have bothered), and she told me that she was already on her way home. More on that soon, but today also seems like a good time for that.


So anyway, just two nights ago, I sent Jake an email regarding my plans for Parasitic Trio. Namely, assuming he hasn't made any headway with Jamie yet, I would like him to re-focus on May while I switch gears and write him another chapter. (The other day, I had requested he work on Jamie while I was still busy with May.) Despite my expectations, he never replied, and I never saw him on AIM. Not sure how often he's on in general, since I usually sign right back off if I don't see him, but yesterday, I left the program on for most of the day and he was just never there. It's possible he wasn't even able to use his computer (especially given what he already told me about its functionality and unrelated events that recently cost him sleep), but as a result, I don't know whether or not he's already made some progress with Jamie, or would like to keep things simple and just stick with him for now, and I would like not to proceed until all plans are finalized.


Yesterday morning, I posted a job onto Upwork for an animated version of Cibus Esculentus Madoka Magica, just to get an idea of how much something like that would actually cost. Half an hour later, I went back online to take it down, and found that someone named Adde Kela already offered to take it up for $89/hr and invited me to Skype with him. Archived him before taking it down, and then posted a new job for muggle-to-Cibus transformation gifs and invited him to that, only to find out later that the site only archives new jobs at certain hours in the morning (the newest jobs listed under Design & Creative: Animation the first time I checked were from 12 hours earlier). Never heard from Adde until this morning, and even then, he was already off and wanted me to establish a meeting (I scheduled 9:30 AM tomorrow), and my job listing is now buried three pages in under Animation.

(I knew from the start that I would not be able to afford such a thing. Planning to use Kickstarter and tap into other people's potential interest to cover the costs, but in any case, I think it might be best to pull this off once I figure out with Brian how to rework Kyoko's first scene and account for Homura's actions throughout the fic. (Also need to ask him when he usually finds himself at his most creative.) A fic in which Mami survives longer to meet Nagisa would also help, considering how little pagetime she has in the one fic still up.)

(Here's the job listing, in case anyone else is interested.)

Of what I've already had others draw up for me, this is my favorite image to look at (even though something does look off with Homura), but I still crave more than just that. Like, I want to see actual scenes play out (also true with Starbound), but they would mean more as part of a whole than individually (ditto with certain scenes I like from bloodscorpion4ever's past works), and I also want consistency and enough talent that I don't have to point out anatomical errors (such as the lack of a fold between the thighs and buttocks) or mismatched poses and facial expressions.

I also mentioned my general preference for anime over manga only a few days ago. However, I think the inferior appeal of manga to me would have something to do with the lack of coloration that gets for some reason, and how inferior to anime it would still look even if it were colored due to the type of paper used (barring a few each at the beginning and end of each volume, which use a more suitable type for coloration, depending on the series). Just last night, I remembered this feature that Nintendo Power had between '99 and '01, called PokeCenter, which dealt exclusively with Pokemon and featured episodes of the anime adapted into western-style comics, and even today, I wouldn't consider that any less visually appealing than the actual anime. If something like that would fulfill what I really want out of all this, then that would cut the need for animation and audio, thus saving me a good chunk of time and money that could go towards other things.


Spent the first few hours of the day playing Cutie Riot, but honestly, that game just sucks. It's underchallenging, repetitive, and during battle, all you do as the player is wait for your characters' SP to fill up before tapping them to release their special attack. I've seen gameplay videos of the original Madoka mobile game, in which the characters fight automatically, but the wiki page also mentions purchasable cards with which to unlock new attacks and items, and that it becomes increasingly necessary to team up with other players to defeat powerful enemies. (As far as Magia Record goes, I'll still have new Magical Girls and their dialogue to save in screenshots for the sake of the Cibus project.)


So anyway, I asked Mom if I could have the day off from the gym, lest I do the same old routine while thinking about how poorly things were panning out. We did need to do some shopping, Mom also had to go to one of the libraries, and I was open enough to just leaving the house in general. After getting a few things at Target, we decided to hit the library in Bellport, and precede our actual visit there with a walk down Bellport Lane in lieu of the gym (having a change in pace from that had appealed to me).

Took out Little Busters! again during our actual time in the library. That should help me save that manga I bought for later (already read volume 1 of Et Cetera through).

Mom had also told me that we should be able to see Brian in a month, when she goes up to Boston to bring Marie a sewing machine.


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