Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Brian called yesterday, and said that he might be able to come either this weekend or next, but we'll only be able to watch maybe a few episodes before he goes back. To come up to his place would be more feasible in April, when he gets a new apartment, but I'm glad at least to have a chance to focus on Lucky Star instead of just Pokemon all the time.

Jake still hasn't been able to get his computer fixed, and he also told me that a million other things have also gotten him down, and that he doesn't know if he'll be able to do any ghostwriting in the foreseeable future. We've agreed to give him one more week to decide if he really still wants in on this or would be okay if I just hired someone on Upwork, where I've actually managed to find someone to write new Cibus stories and someone else to redraw a couple of images, both of whom have worked in a timely manner.

(Speaking of Cibi, kymyit is not able to continue her second pic that I had assigned her, due to the state of her program and other things going on in her life. I have suggested that we just start over another time, even if that's a whole year from now, since I would like that pic to match its lead-up aesthetically.)

Been playing Kiratto Kaiketsu to pass time after finishing Jamie's third chapter. Will probably continue until after this weekend, and then come back to Sonic Adventure DX and spend a week leveling my Chao up some more before finishing that up once and for all.


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