Mar. 10th, 2017

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Played Sonic Adventure DX rather minimally yesterday. It was a nice enough day to wash and vacuum Dad's van (too cold when he specified after I asked for some ways to make money a few days earlier) and walk up and down on Masem Court, and is supposed to be cold again for about a week starting today.


Posted on Upwork yesterday for a Japanese translation of Starbound. David had PM'ed me to ask to help him speak English should I go to Japan with him, and I'm thinking that if Yoshimizu is interested, it might help to have a version of the fic specifically for him. Even if he isn't, though, such a thing should still help me learn a few things (since I'll already know what they'll mean, barring any possible changes I allow made and would make note of) and reach new viewers through any equivalent sites Japan might have to FanFiction.

Brought up a particular issue with Brian, Marie, Jake, and Yincira, regarding Mondo. Marie has been the first so far to get back to me, and had also sent her reply to Brian for a second opinion. If neither of us hear back from him, I'll be sure to show both of them what she wrote, along with Yincira's response and my reply to her that they might also be interested in, when we're all together to celebrate my birthday (late) in Boston.

(As for the title, I'll probably just keep Starbound while adding the same thing in parentheses and katakana, for easy identification for anyone potentially interested. (Only helps that it will take on a whole new meaning in the endgame.) The subtitle Birthday of Destiny, co-parenthesized, would likely be written in kanji as "Unmei no Tanjoubi.")


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