Mar. 15th, 2017

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Found out yesterday that MyCokeRewards is ending in July, and there is only one more week to redeem codes. A new program is due to take its place, but learning this makes me glad to have hit Stop & Shop to deposit some cans the previous day and score a whole pocketful of bottlecaps while Mom shopped around at Savers.


After having let my former Hero Chao win as may races as it could, Amy managed to see its death through, although Knuckles would be the one to actually hatch the newly reformed egg, since he was the next one to have some animals to give to it.

As I had predicted, the other original Chao of the Mystic Ruins had concluded its own life cycle not long afterwards. Before seeing that through, though, I made sure to race it in the Beginner's Pearl and Amethyst Courses (it had already won the other three before), and then in all the Jewel Courses. It only managed to win the Ruby Course.

Swim: Lv. 37 (814)
Fly: Lv. 37 (589)
Run: Lv. 39 (718)
Power: Lv. 28 (525)
Stamina: Lv. 46 (1008)

Sapphire: 01:44:28
Ruby: 00:36:30, and then 00:35:55
Emerald: 03:31:65
Pearl: 00:27:76
Amethyst: 01:18:38

This morning, Amy was the one to both watch it reincarnate and hatch it. I also raced one of my Chao from the Egg Carrier garden after letting it take a nap first, and finally cleared the Jewel Emerald Course, unlocking Metal Sonic along with the remaining two games from Thanksgiving and proceeding to try him out on Red Mountain.

Now all that's left, is to race all my other Chao and see which races they can win. After that, I will probably start over with Japanese in Mangaland, now that I've got Gayner already started with Starbound's Japanese translation.


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