Apr. 1st, 2017

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Well, this is my last afternoon home before we head up to Boston, so in anticipation to a certain entry I would like translated later, let's fill the time in and get this out of the way:

It was throughout 1997 when I discovered the name, tied with such games as Zombies Ate My Neighbors, TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Super Castlevania IV, and Biker Mice from Mars. Given that, the name itself sounded cool and associable with badassery, but that's exactly what's ironic here. While that particular company is also renowned for other franchises like Suikoden, Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, it makes all kinds of games. Cases in point: I mentioned before, having watched Tommy Costa play Rocket Knight Adventures (mostly comical) on his Genesis once earlier on, but I didn't really pay attention to the legal info or even the title. Meanwhile, Japan has seen various moe franchises such as Di Gi Charat, Super Gals, and Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch associated with it, exactly what Lucky Star belongs with as a franchise.


Technically, I will mainly seek a translation of the description of the Day of the Beehive cover image, but the above-quoted entry is something I had linked to from there. If Yoshimizu becomes curious about the Economy logo when I show him the pic itself, I would want to provide an explanation regarding that as well.

With that, here is how I'd categorize all kinds of games and franchises published and/or owned by Konami itself:


-Airforce Delta
-Biker Mice from Mars
-Bomberman: Act Zero
-Dance Dance Revolution
-Deadly Arts
-Guitar Freaks
-Life Force
-Metal Gear
-Metal Warriors
-Metamorphic Force
-Monster In My Pocket
-Motocross Maniacs
-The Mummy
-Nightmare Creatures II
-Silent Hill
-Sunset Riders
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Violent Storm
-Zombies Ate My Neighbors
-Zone of the Enders

Not so badass:

-Azure Dreams
-Bomberman (Act Zero aside)
-Crash Bandicoot
-Death Jr.
-Ganbare Goemon
-The Grinch
-Holy Magic Century**
-Konami Krazy Racers
-Love Plus
-Mail de Cute
-Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
-Money in the Bank (a slot machine)
-Noah's Ark
-Rocket Knight Adventures
-The Simpsons
-Survival Kids
-Tiny Toon Adventures
-Track & Field
-Woody Woodpecker

(*Konami was responsible for such games as A Bug's Life (at least the Japanese PSX version) and the Disney Sports series around 2000.)

(**The PAL version of Eltale Monsters (Imagineer of Japan) and Quest 64 (THQ of America))

And, as I would discover later, Starcomi actually had nothing to do with Di Gi Charat, which in turn presumably never had anything to do with Konami. Broccoli was the real company responsible for the franchise's game division before and after its accidental depiction in Nintendo Power, having even released at least two games for the Game Boy Color.

If Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive were an actual game published by the real Konami, though, it would definitely make the bottom list above.


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