Apr. 4th, 2017

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Brian showed me an alternate route to Marie's apartment yesterday morning, since she, too, had moved last September. Made some small talk with Marie, her roommates, and Mom, before the two of us headed back.

Not long after, Marie rang me to come open the side-door of the building, so that we could move some more stuff in from the van. Once done with that, all of us except Brian (who stayed behind) went to some diner, where Mom and Dad got coffees while I got a sandwich and some orange juice for lunch. While I awaited said sandwich, Mom, Dad, and Marie continued their way to Boomerang, and I would catch up with them after eating, before we all headed back.

Brian had gone off to work, and the others stayed for only a few minutes before Mom and Dad headed home. I had a couple of naps and started re-reading volume 2 of Japanese in Mangaland while waiting for Brian to come back, and also invited Marie to eat out at this nearby restaurant called Dogwood with Brian. (Got myself some pork stickers and some pulled pork on a burger.)

When we got back, Brian and Marie took some time to put a couch together. Managed to watch one episode of Lucky Star w/ Brian after they were done.


Read The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past while waiting for Brian to wake up this morning. So far, due to the circumstances surrounding our wi-fi connection, the only computer I've been able to use was a desktop iMac right in front of his bed, and it's no coincidence that I'm finally writing this up after he's just woken up minutes ago.


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