Apr. 12th, 2017

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Brian invited me yesterday to a free lunch that was taking place at his job. However, after getting my food, I just found the nearest spot to sit down at and waved to him from across the eatery. (He pointed this error out for me when I finished and finally came over to him, and even if it would've been awkward to try to chat while eating something messy like a pair of tacos, I will make note of that from now on.)

On the way back to the apartment, I stopped at this bookstore called The CoOp, where I had noticed some manga guides to various educational fields through the window upon arriving. Checked those out, along with some regular manga, but nothing interested me.

Also had to stop at this store called Primark to buy shorts and summer socks. Even though it was cold for my first few days here (Mom told me that it still is down on Long Island), it had since gotten hotter than Mom and I had anticipated. (Marie had even told us to bring my winter jacket, but I've barely had to use that so far.)


(Brian did ask me the other day not to say anything about Colleen or Janine due to concerns Marie had for him, but I had spoken to both him and Marie that evening. Brian told me that he knows what he's doing, and I had already asked that Marie keep to herself as long as Brian understands said concerns of hers.)

Janine came over last night, and she and Brian wound up chatting all episode long that we watched of Lucky Star together. Apparently, they were still able to follow along with the gist of things; Janine inferred that Kagami and Konata are "mean" to eachother (admittedly, Yincira also once inferred Kagami's jabs at Konata's height as "jerkish", along with Konata's comments about Kagami's weight concerns and Miyuki's "oversized" breasts), but Brian and I told her that they're more playful with one another, Brian going as far as to compare to how tiger cubs play.

That said, I did email Brian the online transcript for the episode (listed here), in case he'd like to comb over it on his way to work. Seeing how he seemed to have stuff to comment on, though, I did offer to come over for lunch, but might even just go with him as soon as he leaves the apartment, and settle down at a computer somewhere once we arrive. (Already finished re-reading Japanese in Mangaland yesterday, and the next thing will be the Starbound outline, which I have on my flash drive.)


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