Apr. 13th, 2017

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Went with Brian to his job to buy a Chromecast at BestBuy yesterday, so that we can watch Lucky Star on his TV set instead of on his iMac or having to hook up a player.

On the way there, I told him about the email I sent him, and he asked if there were episode summaries anywhere instead. I suggested Wikipedia's episode list, but he wound up instead on the one episode's page on Lucky Star Wiki.

We also saw a train run parallel to ours. I used to noticed something like that happen once in a while back when we rode the bus to school (our street happens to run parallel to a railroad), but Brian suggested that something like that happen at some point in Starbound. Will probably apply it in conjunction with other things (kinda like Tsukasa hugging a cat against her cheek at the pet store where the girls go to buy koi pond equipment and end up fighting a Mook).

During lunch, he suggested I write up some chapter summaries for Starbound. Took care of that upon returning to the apartment, but lost the will to pull up my plot summary for the rest of the story. Wound up chatting with Jake instead about that Makendou story, before eventually going to bed and failing to notice when Brian came back.


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