Apr. 17th, 2017

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Brian went to Janine's place two days ago to help her unpack some boxes, and brought her to sleep over for both nights since.

First night, he put on an episode of this show called True Detectives, and we all watched the beginning, but only I sat through the whole thing while they put a shelf-case together. The three of us then ate dinner at Tikki Masala.

Yesterday, we watched an episode of Rick & Morty, before eating brunch for Easter at Dogwood. During our time there, we noticed a fire truck parked right outside the window for part of the time.

Stayed home afterwards while they went to a hardware store. Worked some more on my story outline, but found myself with a stomachache from lunch, which I could only ease up when Brian came home and suggested I have some ginger ale.

He and I then watched an episode of Dragon Ball GT, and he also let the beginning of the next one play before pausing it to take a bath. None of us watched anything since, and I eventually put on Lucky Star while he and Janine both slept. (They told me when I came into the room to get my blanket and pillows that they were simply having a nap, but Janine came out only briefly by herself after I had gone to sleep.)

Given how much earlier than usual we had all gone to bed, Brian might also wake up relatively early today. However, today is a workday, and the episode I put up had just lost its Chromecast connection for the second time (first being when I woke up and opened my laptop). Will probably have to set it up again when he actually does wake up, if he even has time to watch anything.


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