Apr. 25th, 2017

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Got another revision of the chapter translation from Ryou Yonezawa, one of many others I had contacted on Upwork for a second opinion.


Rongho finished revising that pic-edit. As it turns out, though, Kickstarter does not allow users to run more than one campaign at a time. Seeing as I'm still waiting on Noxmoony for Pia's last pic that I already paid for months ago, I decided just to host this pic on deviantArt and use Pia to promote my planned Cibus campaign next month.



Paid Marie a visit in the afternoon, and we walked down to this lake in a park complex called the Emerald Necklace. Had a stroll through before leaving another part to visit this fabric store called J.P. Knit & Stitch.

It was closed, but being right next to CVS, we decided to do a little shopping there. Didn't actually get anything, though, because Marie basically talked me out of buying bottled water (what I usually went there for, until we figured something out with the water from Brian's kitchen sink), and I didn't see any candy that particularly interested me (used to get a few things they had for Easter not too long ago).


Marie came over to Brian's place with someone named John, and the two of them played chess together. I showed them that Madoka pic, and they thought pretty highly of it. (Brian also found it amusing after he came back, but said I could've shown him at a better time, and that he mainly likes my gallery as a collection of funny stuff, as opposed to anything in particular in its own right.)

I made a burger for each of us except John, who declined, and we all watched an episode of Silicon Valley before Marie and John left.

Spoke to Brian afterwards about what I wanted to accomplish during my time here, which isn't helped by Mom having already bought me a train ticket back home even though I told her I might have to stay a bit longer than next Sunday. For the record, it is still only practical for him to continue reading Starbound on his phone while commuting to and from work, given how little else he can do on the trains (aside from playing Super Mario Run). At this point, though, we've both agreed that it's seeming less and less practical to wait for him to finish that before going over the story outline, especially now that I've incorporated some summaries of each existing chapter into the beginning.

Today being Tuesday, though, it might be more practical instead to go over an email I had sent him before, before he goes out to drink with his friends. I'll run it by him when he wakes up and see what he thinks, though.


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