Apr. 27th, 2017

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Spoke to Brian last night about Maria's situation in Starbound, and have seriously considered what to do about her, what's negotiable and what isn't.

For the most part, what I currently have planned for her would be basic enough to do away with. However, this "hip" image of Miyuki has been the basis for what she wears in the cover image, which pretty much renders that non-negotiable. To depict Miyuki in such an out-of-character pose and outfit in the manga was nothing more than a one-off gag in-between chapters, just like how Nyamo, the franchise mascot, would need some kind of pocket to appear in person somewhere in the main show.

It is no coincidence that I assigned that outfit to Maria, whom Yincira originally thought of something else for. Even before I read Bonds (more on that soon), Maria was already planned to start off as a socialite, and what Yincira thought up for her at the time was meant specifically to reflect that. What the cover image has her in has been planned to represent her rebellion against her parents and their expectations of her to inherit their company one day at the expense of her own desired path in life.

Brian equated that with certain things that went on between Marie and our parents, who are still on good terms, regarding past jobs she had. In truth, it's nothing like that. I already brought up the following points with Yincira before, and she said that Izumi's parents in Bonds are emotionally abusive:

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As for the kind of terms Maria leaves her parents on, I could see where Brian came from when he implored me to let things end much better between them. In Earthbound, only Pokey's parents are shown to be particularly abusive, and we only see them once throughout the entire game. Frank and Carpainter are the respective leaders of a youth gang and a cult, but get to reform themselves after you defeat them, as does corrupt businessman Geldegarde Monotoli after you destroy the Mani Mani statue in Fourside. Dr. Andonuts is mostly aloof as a father, but comes to recognize Jeff as his son in the endgame. This is all to keep the game relatively lighthearted, as are the only deaths being those of Buzz Buzz (whom Ness only knew for one night), the Flying Men (embodiments of Ness's courage), and Everdred (which is merely implied).

In stark contrast, though, Mother 3 has Lucas's mother, Hinawa, die (offscreen) in the very first chapter, and things only get worse from there. The same type of humor from both its prequels is still present throughout the game, but Tazmily gets corrupted and is eventually abandoned for a metropolis, Pokey and Fassad never repent for anything they do, and Lucas only gets a brief reunion with his twin brother Claus before the latter kills himself to avoid becoming the Masked Man again.

Back to Starbound, I already told Brian that such a toxic relationship Maria has with her parents would arguably make for a nice contrast to those of those already in the party. Ichirobei had expected Rokuna to step up while respecting any wishes of hers she might have had against that, Soujiro and his adult niece Yui also actively encourage Konata to do what she needs to do from the get-go, and Tadao, Miki, and Yukari also come to terms with their daughters' shared destiny with Rokuna after originally insisting that they remain. To have Maria directly sever ties with her parents, who then either disown her or pursue her on her initial quest to save her brother Peter from an abusive drug rehab center, would not only add to the variety, but show the others how much they had taken their types of relationships with their own parents for granted.

It could also line up with Avatar: The Last Airbender: Early in Book 2: Earth, Toph's parents insist on keeping her sheltered, and she flees them after meeting Aang and co., is subsequently pursued and captured by them, and is never shown to reconcile with them at any point after escaping. The show itself is similarly humorous in general to the Earthbound trilogy, and this particular situation is treated much more lightly than nearly anything directly involving Ozai.

But, that said, I am still open to anything Brian might actually suggest otherwise after we discuss how to go on about Magicant.


As of last night, after he failed to find anywhere to load it onto the TV, Brian and I have pretty much decided to hold off with Popotan until next time we're together, and focus on certain other things while I'm still here. Only helps that I still have it on DVD back at home.

We did watch that particular episode of Rick & Morty, though.


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