May. 18th, 2017

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Brian is here since late last night. Just spoke to him about that recording and the purpose behind it, and he's practically talked me out of it. Just sent Marie an email asking how interested she actually is in watching any footage.

He's also wondered why I haven't started the next chapter of Starbound, thinking that I actually don't really want to write it all that much. I cleared that up, saying that I've had a whole bunch of other things to do ever since I got home, and that I'm not in any actual hurry to write anything, so much as tired of thinking about all the same things I've already got planned out in my head.

Thinking about it so far, yeah, maybe I should take a break from this (at least after I clear the Stonehenge base and can toss a pertaining index card). The more I play this (or any other RPG, for that matter), the more I wish I had new content for Starbound to mull over, which is exactly why I haven't played any RPGs at all since The Legend of Heroes II last year. For all this time, all I ever found myself thinking about was Peter's rescue in France, Miyuki adopting Tristan, the chimera laboratory, Hooters, the Miyakawa sisters, Akira's abudction by Ivo, Robin detaining the very team she will soon join, the New Year's festival, Saturn Valley, and the endgame.

In any case, when Marie actually is over, we'll just play things by ear and see how interested she actually remains as we watch along. (Planning the same with Yoshimizu, if we actually end up watching any footage; better to have and not need than vice versa, if you ask me. Still going to play the other two games for Brian.)


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