May. 19th, 2017

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Before I spoke to Brian yesterday and wrote up my last entry, I used several Rust Promoters against Starmen, and they failed each time before I aborted the recording altogether to greet Brian. Went onto Wikibound later to look them up, clicked the wick to "metallic" enemies, and no Starmen are listed, but both versions of the Wooly Shambler are.

So far, both Jake and someone on inferred that 1) Starmen are made of non-rustible metals, and 2) Wooly Shamblers are already implied to be mechanical underneath their seemingly organic exteriors.

Even if it makes sense when you think about it, it still fails to from the outset. I learned before that Carefree Bombs are also metallic, but subtle as that may be, it still does make sense enough. Beams aside, and even if Itoi himself would have some kind of explanation for this, how is anyone supposed to guess that a cloak of wool with a pair of tentacles for arms is actually some kind of robot (especially if it "disappears" upon defeat instead of being "destroyed" or "totally scrapped")?

If I had any reason to assume that Wooly Shamblers are robots in disguise, I would've used up a bunch of Rust Promoters I had been carrying around after first arriving in Winters from Deep Darkness, instead of saving them for groups of supposedly vulnerable enemies beneath Stonehenge. For me, this is the last straw, combined with a number of other mistakes I made along the way. I am aborting this playthrough, and will come back to it after I complete the other two games (mainly for completion, also after having shown certain playthroughs to others besides Marie), not least of all to save at certain points when I should have (for clip-length) and to make more use of available businesses in each location and items that I buy therefrom.


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