May. 24th, 2017

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I don't understand why Blood gradually stopped replying to me last summer, especially given the number of times he updated his stories since then. Ever since then, I had PM'ed him every couple of months about something or something else, and never heard back from him. Just sent him one last PM the other day, figuring that this might be the time when he's more socially active, given how so last year and two years earlier, but following that, I logged onto my secondary FanFiction account to unsubscribe from his continuation of I Was Kagami Hiiragi, so that I don't receive an email to drive it home that he's still not talking to me and can just forget about it all.

Normally, this would have been the time I started re-hosting The Loss of Innocence, from which point I would alert him in case he'd like to rewrite The Diary, and ask everyone reading if he's been aloof with them too. At this point, though, I've already lost all remaining interest in that, and that has nothing to do with the Cibus project. There were scenes I used to look back on, but not so much anymore. I don't even think about the unrelated Stars Above anymore.

Really, I have barely any inclination to read any fanfiction whatsoever. I thought I just wanted to focus on my own stories for now, but Unwilling Service is still a no-go, and even though I know what I want to happen in the current chapter for Starbound and how to go on about it, it starts to feel pointless when I'm focused on the same characters.

This would be time to switch gears, if only the circumstances would allow. Jake recently told me how hard it is to be enthused about a story focusing mainly on winning badges, and I asked him yesterday about ways to make things more interesting for him. He had also asked me for a trial of results of the Pal Park, and told me that would boost his morale should I write that up already.

Guess that might as well be today's focus instead of Starbound.


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