Jun. 6th, 2017

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As long as we're on the topic of actually writing other fanfiction besides Starbound and Unwilling Service myself, during my time up in Boston last time, I brought up a possible Makendou duology with Jake, dealing with the girls' adulthoods.

Both fics are likely going to be twelve chapters long (something that a novelization of Makeruna! Makendou Z could span for). The first of those will see them living normal lives at some point after the natural deaths of their parents and Sabi. Primary focus will be on Mai and a son she gives birth to and raises alone (her husband is probably dead before said son, Sho, is born), but will definitely involve Hikari and Saya as well.

As for what they're doing as adults, we've decided that Mai might have taken to teaching in a grade school somewhere, Hikari might be a phys ed teacher in the high school she and Mai used to attend (rebuilt since the events of MMZ), and Saya is likely a scientist working for an American corporation such as NASA or Microsoft. I suggested NEC, but while he wasn't entirely against it, he did say it would be kind of a waste for a genius like her to work there. Then again, it still kinda does take genius to develop products or conduct research for any company. Better yet, maybe she could even start her own company or institute or what-have-you, and the next point below would have that much more of an impact on her as a result when it happens in front of her employees.

And that point, is the end of the first fic, and the basis of the second: Mai turns fat! Read more... )

As it stands, it is highly unlikely that I'll actually start this anytime soon. Jake is the only person I'll be able to discuss the story with, after having already given him my PC-FX, but his current life with his family hasn't been conducive to trying that out, and is the same reason overall why he hasn't been able to do any ghostwriting for me. I only brought it up again yesterday out of boredom from not being able to do anything meaningful while I'm still sick.
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Already feeling a lot better at this point, though I've still been taking it easy today. Should be able to start revising the Unwilling Service outline tomorrow.

Also decided just today that, if any of the mains win the shield at the Pal Park, they will each receive a shiny beast egg after going to Ilex Forest to part with Celebi at the shrine. So, there's a step back in the right direction.

As for our plans in a couple of weeks, Brian would like just to stick with Popotan for now. Busy as he's gonna be this week, though, he still promised to get back to me about that email I sent him.


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