Jun. 19th, 2017

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Brian suggested yesterday for Starbound, that the party visit a museum somewhere during their time in Great Britain. It only helps that where they'll end up upon leaving Magicant just so happens to be within vicinity of London, since I've only known musea to exist in cities.

While we still have yet to discuss the details of how they wind up there, or even in London itself, we did decide on an art museum when I showed him this entry from before, followed by some footage of Buster Buddies. Promised from there to bring my own copy of the Buster Bros. Collection after mentioning the PSX version having better audio than the arcade version I showed him a clip of, since he still has our original Playstation 2.

He went on to urge me to work on that scene, instead of trying to write stuff chronologically. Apparently, he thought it was only one particular scene I'm seemingly stuck on that's giving me a hard time, but I explained that, in truth, I'm just tired (again) of Lucky Star itself right now. He thinks the problem is that I bit off way more than I can chew ever since I started this whole project, but I asked for some time to think things over, and wrote him a great long email, starting with an analogy involving why I got into Mega Man five years ago, and then detailing everything from my writing of Starbound's first chapter a few months later, to my attempts to edit and re-host Blood's old works two years ago, to Yincira's decision not to provide fanfiction help and the lack of meaningful help I could find from anyone else, to Jake's constant failure to ghostwrite anything after I finally thought "fuck it" and revived Unwilling Service. The fact that I even did revive US should show how little I wanted to do with Lucky Star by the time I did so.

Needless to say, while necessary in context, dredging all that up managed to leave me all bitter and depressed for the rest of the day. I don't know how much to actually expect from Jake when I email him before we hit Virginia, but if he still has nothing whatsoever, I'm gonna be really pissed. Not because of any problems that might still arise, which he can share with me through email or Skype, but because he told me that he finally got an opportunity to begin, and has only had that one involving May's chapter so far. (I actually shared the full version of the draft upon checking my outbox again more carefully and actually finding it there just two days ago).

(As an aside, Brian has also decided just to download Suzune Magica from Amazon onto his computer when I come see him again, saying that $40 is too much for me or even Mom to be spending on paperback copies. Chances are, I'm gonna have to stay longer at his apartment than I would otherwise, unless we decide to postpone Popotan for another time in light of yesterday's discussion.)


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