Jun. 27th, 2017

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Managed to write some dialogue to start Ellen's third chapter off on, thanks to certain thoughts that game manual had sparked in me. (The fact that Jake had shown me something I had never even heard of also suggests that he might already be getting back into Pokemon.)


Dad brought Grandma Ella out to say goodbye to me while I was mowing the frontyard, and took her to the airport afterwards.

Mom called while I had the house to myself, and I asked her if she had managed to pinpoint which day we'd be leaving for Virginia.

As it turns out, Dad would like me to stay home to mind the house and cat. From what Mom told me, Grandma Barbara recently had someone work on her kitchen cabinets, and the person she hired botched the paint job, so she would like Dad to come and re-paint it. Originally, Dad wasn't even gonna come with us, but given these circumstances, he cannot stand to leave the house vulnerable with no one looking after it.

It also turns out that Grandma's the only one who will be there (everyone else is out), nor will we be eating out or doing anything else together.

Would've enjoyed a change in pace, but all things considered, there really is not much incentive for me to come. Such an arrangement as this means that I have more time to get as far into Jamie's next chapter as I'll find myself able to, and to switch gears from Unwilling Service, I will probably have another go at Kanji in Context before trying out Magia Record.


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