Jul. 17th, 2017

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Marie and I went to Bagels Your Way Cafe (the one Brian doesn't like, near the DMV) for lunch yesterday while Mom put some chicken together to let sit in the fridge before frying.


Noticed Chester and Michelle next door along with their cat while walking up and down Masem Court later on. Went over to greet them and ask if they could pick the cat up for me. They couldn't, but we wound up chatting for more than a bit before they let me inside and helped me get their other cat, Butterball, the only kitten they didn't adopt out. I pressed both my cheeks against his belly, and Michelle told me that Nicole likes to do that too.

Chester and I sat down afterwards, and he let their dog Molly sit on my lap while we chatted, before they both headed out and I went back home.


During a side-stop at Target on our way home from lunch, Marie had told me that Mom planned on making waffle batter for this morning, after I asked about buying cereal there. Must have slipped her mind the previous day, but upon coming home from the Bernackis', I noticed that we only have a small amount of cranberry-grape juice and not enough lemon juice to make lemonade with. I headed out to 7-Eleven to buy some more juice, but all it had in jugs was orange, so I went the extra mile to Stop & Shop where I got limeade and a new bottle of lemon juice.

Just before I reached Long Island Avenue from Station Road, Marie drove up to me and picked me up, telling me that she and Mom were wondering where I was. She drove in a loop through Horseblock Road and Route 101 before coming back to L.I., and we chatted for a bit about my visit next door.


Found out on Facebook last night that yesterday is National Ice Cream Day. What a coincidence, that that was also the night Mom made milkshakes for us for Marie's birthday.

https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/national-ice-cream-day-2017 (Just found through Google. We should probably visit Carvel or something next year, having just found out there about freebies.)


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