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For not the first time, Mom asked me yesterday what's been getting to me that she can't help but hear me rant and rave to myself. It has everything to do with my Upwork situation, which is what I later brought up with Brian when she put me on the phone with him.

I ended said call promising to fill him in on things when he and Marie come home next weekend, but I suppose I might as well just get shit out right now:

On the first day alone, five different people applied to work on Unwilling Service when I put that up. I started off by giving three of them the original and final drafts of Ellen and May's* chapters that are already up online, to give them an idea of what I'm looking for, before assigning them a chapter each to actually try their hand with. The other two and subsequent ones were put on hold, and I reassigned one of them to the giantess project for the time being.

To start with, I gave Ellen's second chapter to "Amanda", but all she ended up doing, even a second time from scratch, was give my original writing some touching up, and so I cut her loose and reassigned the chapter to "William". May's third chapter was originally assigned to "Eric", but he had to back out, citing a family tragedy, and I turned to "Stewart" for her. And Jimmy was originally given to "Heather", but like Amanda, all she did was polish up my original writing, and thinking I might not have communicated clearly enough what I actually wanted, I had Jake summarize in his own words what he actually did in the past. Ran that by both her and Amanda, and she backed out, citing it as much more than the job description specified and too much work for $12 a chapter.

I told her that I am willing to negotiate her pay, but also contacted three who had applied later on to take over. One of them never got back to me so far, but another, Kristen, took it up immediately and has promised to have the chapter done tomorrow. And Zecobo, the one I originally re-assigned to the giantess project, asked for some time to come up with ideas for a Little Snow Fairy Sugar story first.

In the meantime, I have asked Stewart for his progress a week ago, and warned him that his failure to get back to me will leave me to believe that he has abandoned the job (after a certain similar experience with Riamux from deviantArt years ago). If he still does not get back to me by the time Zecobo, Kristen, or even Paige does, I will give May's chapter to whoever does, while saying nothing to him and explaining things to them. If they finish up before I even hear back from him, I will let him know that he is officially off the project for ignoring me that whole time and will not receive payment for any work that he in fact might have done.

(*Jimmy's first chapter still has traces of something I explicitly asked Jake not to include, and I've decided to take advantage of his departure from the project to have that rewritten on my terms. And no, barring any further discussion with him, I am not calling him Jamie anymore.)


If Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive ever goes halfway through, with its progress to be hosted online, I might just buy myself an original Playstation and start recording playthroughs of Konami's different games for it to host at the end of each blog entry. (Will still use my second Playstation 2 to play Japanese games, including those published by other companies in the US. Will also record new playthroughs of the Earthbound trilogy (unrelated to either entity), and maybe even Dragon Warrior III first, on emulators, when the game is almost ready for launch.)
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