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Went with Brian to Bagel Lovers down the street yesterday. For the ride there, I suggested he check out Super Bomberman R as long as he intends to invest in a Switch, after having consumed music and footage of it on YouTube, and also described my Upwork situation and how that has improved to him.

During our actual time there, I asked him if he could place a finger on what it is about my wish to pay tribute to Konami's canon PSX library in some way with Day of the Beehive. He agreed that to buy so many games as it released in all three combined regions would be super-expensive, and suggested I just recommend them, providing information about each game and links to YouTube footage. (This is something I'd probably do, in release date order, on the day we release DotB online, although I'd be really hard-pressed to come up with anything for all its various sports games; seriously, how much different overall could Goal Storm be from ISS Pro Evolution? Soccer is soccer.)


Jake was never on Skype ever since I doubled down on him until just yesterday afternoon, upon having a partial sketch of Mai Tsurugino naked to show me for input. He is far from the first person I've ever commissioned whose skills don't even remotely amount to Yincira's or JessicaElwood's, and I gave the best input I could muster when he's not interested in anyone else's input and Yincira is still out to lunch and never will deal with anyone sporting such excessively large breasts as she's supposed to in the respective fanfic. From there, I've decided to let him revise and finish her before I decide whether to have him proceed with the Unwilling Service mains or do something else.

I also gave him permission to ask me for fanfic help again, but also requested a list of everything that bothered him about US that he supposedly never brought up with me (assuming until then that, by "75%", he meant of the fic throughout, most of which was only outlined so far, little in turn of which we ever even talked about). At first, he failed to understand how I failed to get anything he said, but until last night, he did leave some stuff a bit vague. After having previously started explaining his situation about Pokemon in general, he ran out of steam and just left it at the time at "half-measures", which he then only specified as "respecting eachother's wishes", which, as it now turns out, did in fact mean compromises. He explained just last night that, basically, he wanted freedom to do various things his way, but I wanted some level of control over what he does, and this went on to affect how subsequent scenes would play less to his liking than if I just let him do whatever. Along with how he wanted to picture Jamie, he also cited something Ellen originally did to her father (now her uncle) that I just rolled with at first but would later delete after he wrote up an expanded version of that. (Unless I misunderstood him last night, he thought I was talking about what she did, when I actually meant any sexual interactions with him, which I would equate with his aversion to Jasmine being sexualized in any way whatsoever. Not that I expect just that much to bring him back on board.)

(On a similar note, I am willing to allow Jake to reinstate the original metamorphoses, something I went out of my way to avoid originally, into the Yoshi's Island fic if he ever sees that through, given how inherent he specified they are as part of the original game.)

Well, Unwilling Service is and shall remain my project primarily, and to begin with, to have him expand upon it was his own idea back in 2011, based on his personal opinion of my writing style that I so happened to agree with for that particular story. So, yeah, I can kinda understand how much more fun he expected to have, to go wild with things, instead of having me tell him what he can and can't do, and I'm at fault for not making anything clear when we first agreed upon anything. Keep in mind that the closest I knew about to Upwork back then was to shop around on deviantArt and invite people on FanFiction through author's notes. I'd at least owe him points for trying to see things through anyway, even if I wouldn't have experienced such intense frustration trying to get anything out of Upwork if my attempts with Jake didn't drag out for so long as they did. Now that he's done writing anything to it, I do hope he still enjoys reading what goes up despite certain things he still disagrees with.


Last night, Mom actually managed to boot up my previous laptop, after talking with Brian about bringing it to Apple.

On the negative side, Marie's flight here has been delayed to tonight.
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