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Well, 8th grade (1999/2000) was the year that I first became interested in Pokemon (after nearly everyone else already lost interest), and that Digimon first started airing here. During the middle of the year, I began to come up with my own version of Digimon, which would involve me and a bunch if kids I knew (mostly from summer camp, but a few not), and in which we'd also have Pokemon. (Well, yeah. The kids at the beginning of anime do start out at soccer camp, before finding themselves in the Digital World.) To start with, it all followed the same lines as in the anime, but there were some differences as well, such as the inclusion of a Gazimon and "Snowballmon" on the team, Gesomon's episode involving my uncle Robby and cousin Adam (an infant at the time) meeting the kids on a subway train, Raremon's episode involving a huge party to mark the end of summer camp before Raremon himself shows up, and the girls staying at the church with some of the younger girls in the next episode to create the Powerpuff Girls before Phantomon shows up (earlier than in canon). The second season was still consistent with that of the anime, but not as much, and more and more kids (and more Digimon than in canon) join the team as time goes on. By the end of Tamers, it ended up becoming convoluted and nothing like the anime, with all kinds of crazy stuff going on for no real reason.

Recently, after having finished the first draft of Ryouou All-Girls Sumo Tournament, chapter 2 (still awaiting a critique), I considered playing Sonic Adventure DX for a bit (instead of Candy Crush Saga). The thought of it, however, reminded me of the few times I played the original Dreamcast version with Matthew (which is awkward, since it's a one-player game, as were many of the other games we used to play together). In particular, the day after Thanksgiving of 2000, which falls on a time period to which I wish I could pay tribute regarding where Pokemon and Digimon were at the time.


With Pokemon, said tribute was going to be one of the purposes behind Parasitic Trio, particularly with Jamie's fic. Even if it was still working, simply playing a new game with Pokemon Silver would not have sufficed for me, especially given how utterly flawed the games in general are.

I already mentioned how unfeasible it is for me to "re-play" the games on a word processor, given how much more math is involved than I can handle. While PT was technically inspired from certain perverted fics Jake and I had discussed beforehand and part of the premise of Ultimate Girls, I then figured that, as long as I'm writing it, I might as well relive the games on my terms, breathing life into them while having everything run on my own variations of the rules. While Cyrus's goals in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are as apocalyptic as anything could be, though, that still didn't stop GameFreak from churning out more games, and even scaling the antagonists' goals in Pokemon Black and White back to simple conquest.

I honestly thought I'd be able to work on Parasitic Trio regularly, but even without a job, too many other things got in the way ever since I wrote the first draft to Ellen's first chapter. Kanji in Context, the Earthbound marathon, Starbound, Mother: The Original Story, learning Javascript, and so on. I considered working on another May chapter last summer, as a diversion from Lucky Star, but I just didn't have the will to do so by that point.

It had taken a total of two and a half years to write and upload a measly four chapters (nothing since May 27) of that ficseries. That's four out of fourteen chapters of anything (five Starbound chapters, one Starbound spinoff, two Sumo fic chapters, the revenge fic, and the Malcolm rant) since October 2011. Besides, there are only gonna be more and more games yet to come, probably even after I die, and I just can't possibly keep up with all of them. (And to think that, originally, Gold and Silver were going to be the franchise finale...)

To be honest, a lot of the focus of Parasitic Trio was going to be on various kinds of material gain. Obtaining new Pokemon, leveling said Pokemon up, shuffling between the parties and PC boxes, getting items and prizes, as well as having things beat eachother up with all kinds of stuff. Those are what I liked about the games, but they don't make for a very good story as a focal point. I hoped that a fanfic series would be a way to breathe life into the games' worlds and characters, but Jake and Yincira have both pointed out how I neglect more than a few things that really matter to a story, such as how I focus on what I want mentioned in a conversation more than who should be saying what.

Really, I have no more faith in RPGs in general. It's not like the characters ever grow onto me. All my interest is in what goes on during the gameplay, but fun as it may be to kill things, it all seems kinda pointless when things can't happen verbatim in any other format as they do in the game in question, and when you tend to forget most of what happened, and when all the variables that take place (and especially the decisions I roll dice to make) mean about as much in the end as "How many peas were on his plate?"


And then there's the Digimon fic. Not gonna talk today about what actual plot I came up with for it, maybe another day.

First of all, read this old entry. The ideas described here are a few of the first I hoped to utilize in the once-planned fic.

If such a site even existed back in the day, we did not know about Digidex, because we hardly even used the Internet at that time. With the Digimon ideas mentioned up top, I basically had to come up with my own mons wherever I wished to incorporate new ones. It was early in 2005 that I would discover Digidex, after randomly reading In the Shadow of Chaos for the very first time. That site is what allowed me to conceive my own fic, now that I was able to utilize official mons.

Of course, the main purpose of the fic, like with Parasitic Trio, was to have things fight eachother with various things. There were going to be 24 mains, each with three mons, though if I were working on it today, that first number would be halved. Lots of mons to fight with.

Really, though, the reason each kid throughout the Digimon anime has only one Digimon, is because the anime is mostly about friendship and bonding. Same reason why none of the main characters throughout Pokemon ever capture more than a handful of Pokemon (and also why you can only have six in your party even in the games), and ditto for Monster Rancher, etc. For anyone interested in lots of mons being used, that's where trading cards come in, which in turn is exactly the medium used in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardcaptor Sakura.

(Oh, yeah, there's Mon Colle Knights, in which the kid characters use trading cards to summon mons in the flesh. However, they tend to summon only one monster per episode (sometimes more, even many more).)

Now, I was hoping to utilize the trading card game as well as actual, sentient Digimon for the fic, just like in Digimon World 3 (which I bought specifically because of the planned fic), but frankly, I don't think I can do much with a card game by itself. I managed to think up all kinds of events to make happen regarding the real thing, but like I said, that's something I might cover another day.

And of course, like with Pokemon, there's the fact that it's an ongoing franchise that shows no sign of ever coming to an end. It's been years since I last visited Digidex, but I've only recently heard of "Cutemon" (via TV Tropes). If I ever actually do write a fic, there are bound to be more and more mons to come that I will never have gotten to utilize.


In general, I got into the art of fanfiction for all the wrong reasons. Gimmicky reason that I recently described to Jake, in a convo that I would then show Yincira. Some of said reasons might very well have to do with autism, but unlike Jake and Yincira (also both autistic), I'm not exactly character-oriented, and the reasons I got into fanfiction in the first place, ironically, is exactly why. Any plot I ever came up with for anything is mainly a way to make things interesting enough that people would actually want to read my shit. And if you'd like to know, this is why I write Starbound: To break away from this "gamer" mentality, even though that one was also initially founded on several gimmicks (those being my fetish for beehive hairdos and nostalgia for Earthbound). Nothing in that fic is gonna be determined through algorithms, just raw stuff happening.
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Origin: Dark Cloud. First shown in the prologue (see 4:08 in the video), as they perform a ritual to unseal the Dark Genie. Much later on, they're an enemy species in the Gallery of Time. Apparently, they are undead beings, because they move like molasses, and when you aim at them with Steve (a talking slingshot), it will tell you that there is no blood flowing through them.

Arguably the coolest enemy ever in a video game. I wish they would appear in the topmost section in the Demon Shaft.

But anyway, here are three fics where such a thing (or a variation thereof) will appear. (At Jake's request, though, it will be very much alive in one of them.)

Monster Collection Chronicles: During the first fic, Warp summons Katsuo into his chamber each night when everyone else is asleep, knowing of the resentment that he bears against his own family. During each session, Warp usually trains him to resist mind control, but at some point, he will also teach him the art of necromancy, and instructs him to find victims to capture, who will then be slain and turned into Curse Dancers. When enough Dancers have been gathered, a still-living being (either Katsuo himself or one captive who is lucky to still have his or her life) will lead the ritual, in order to release Warp from his prison.

Digimon Royale: In this fic, they are known as Ceremon. They are the only non-canon Armor Digimon, naturally digivolve into Matadormon, and might be the only digivolution obtainable from the Digimental of Darkness. (Matadormon associates with them perfectly because he's associated with dancing, also has similar long claws, and is classified as an "Undead" Digimon.)

Early in the last main arc, Mondo and Rockna are captured during a huge fight in the real world, and brought to Lilithmon's castle. Once there, Lilithmon's ritual practitioner Matadormon leads the Ceremon to perform a hypnotic dance, intended to pit the two against each other. (Lilithmon will also speak to them, telling them why they should try to kill each other.)

At this time, though, this is when some of their friends are also visiting the Harmonious Ones, while others are on their way to saving them within the castle. The spell will be broken after everyone receives their Hybrid transformations.

Ultimate Girls II: Already described before, on the 18th of last March. Even though the monster in question is different in a number of ways, he was inspired from the Curse Dancer enemy nonetheless. Jake requested shortly after the post that he not be undead, since he has an aversion to that, so now he's just a sort of anti-UFO-Man.
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Yincira, thanks for all your input during the previous post.

To anyone else reading this, the most important thing I should clear up is why Jamison and Davis (both previously dropped) will be mentioned. The reason, is that Yincira pointed out that there should be more ethnic diversity among the Knights. While Greg and Kevin are both white, Jamison and Davis both have light-brown complexions.

For more information on potential changes that Yincira and I discussed, read the comment exchange that ensued in the previous post.


As a solution to my own question from the 14th of this month, I've decided that each Knight has a special power that only they can use the first time around. After that time, all Knights are free to use it at any time.

I did enlist Jake's help with this whole thing. He did come up with a respective ability for Thunder and Frost each, but unfortunately, I came up with something shortly afterwards, which I deemed better. He also did suggest that each Knight get a bonus when they use the ability that they first unlock. I'm not gonna get into that here, but since he did help me with this, I will keep it, and will mark them down as soon as I have something for everyone.

I should also note that even though the main idea of that post was to enable the Knights to explore or fight as giants (after Elena does this the first time), I've also decided that a certain other ability will enable them to just as easily become a two-inch fairy. Do consider that monsters in Mon World range from all sizes, from pint-sized ones like Lovestar or fairies, to human-sized ones such as elves, to the giant ones that comprise a good portion of the population. And yeah, while I do like girls who are or grow 30 meters tall, I also find tiny ones cute (not necessarily in a sexual way; after all, I did enjoy A Little Snow Fairy Sugar).

1) Speed
Unlocked by: Mondo
Allows the user to run extremely fast.

(I also mentioned on 12/14, something about a pair of bonded rings which might be held two people when running at such intense speed. This is what Mondo's hand-on-a-stick thing would become, if it will even appear.)

2) Healing
Unlocked by: Attiya
Heals wounds of self and/or party members, and can even revive a slain Knight. Resurrection can only be performed once a day, consuming half the energy usable for it.

3) Strength
Unlocked by: Kevin/Davis
Grants the user the strength to lift or push extremely heavy objects, or to send an opponent either into the air or away from oneself when landing a hit.

4) Aerial Strike
Unlocked by: Anneth
Allows the user to not only jump really high, but to stop in mid-air and land some extra hits upon an airborne enemy. Some Knights do not jump, but instead, can hit their target more easily. (Will describe everyone's air combos in a separate subsection.)

5) Purity
Unlocked by: Rockna
Whichever Knight uses this becomes a nudified, winged, adult-like version of him- or her-self. Nipples and genitals will not be visible. Personality is also altered, rendering the user serious and peaceful. While in this state, the transformed Knight can fly around, and can also enact an element-based sphere around him or her self. The sphere protects the user from all attacks and can move around to let him or her observe the battle, but the user cannot fight while enveloped. When need be, the sphere can either be dissolved, explode in hopes of ending the battle early, attack a giant opponent, or bring all allies inside it and fly to a distant spot. If the sphere is used to attack with, the user will revert back to his or her normal self, and will be too exhausted to fight.

6) Defilement
Unlocked by: Katsuo
Strips the user of not only their clothes, but also the flesh on some body parts (such as an arm), turning them into a mutated version of himself or herself. Personality-wise, despite still being good, the user will then sound ax-crazy. Each Knight has a different Dark form, and all of them are faster and stronger than their human forms.

7) Protect
Unlocked by: Drake
Creates a protective barrier around the user, which serves mainly in hand-to-hand combat. How this is used depends on the element that the user possesses.

8) Hologram
Unlocked by: Greg/Jamison
The user creates a duplicate of himself or herself. When the real self is in motion, the duplicate stands in place. The duplicate is able to fight, but only when the real self concentrates on what it does. If the real self is knocked out, the duplicate will disappear. If the duplicate takes too much damage and disappears, the real self is left unharmed.

9) Growth
Unlocked by: Elena
Might be offensive, albeit not sexually. )

10) Fairy
Unlocked by: Rachael
Again, might be offensive )

11) Anticipate
Unlocked by: Kasumi
The user can tell what an enemy is going to do next, and can act to dodge or cancel out that move. Only works on any enemies that the user is actually focusing on.

12) Radar
Unlocked by: Derek
Can examine one's surroundings to identify people and objects within a given radius. Not to be confused with Rockna's sixth sense. Does identify what everything and everyone is, but not auras or intentions.


Aerial strike combos:

Mondo: Slashes an enemy four times with the Excalibur
Rockna: Stays put and charges a ball of light with the Acolyte, which will launch and hit the enemy in mid-air.
Katsuo/Ryo: Fires a barrage of bullets from the ground with the Menacer or Soul Breaker.
Attiya: Slices an enemy four times with the Serpent Knife, just like Mondo.
Kevin/Davis: Punches the enemy from underneath with the Diamond Gauntlet.
Anneth: Plants the Gale Flag into the enemy, plummeting back to the ground with them.
Drake: Brings the Metal Impact down on the enemy, bringing him back down.
Greg/Jamison: Spins four times in mid-air to land four slashes with the Voltslicer.
Elena: Four lashes with the Thorn Whip.
Rachael: Spins like a figure skater while jumping, hitting the enemy multiple times with the Arctic Haloes.
Kasumi: Spins a full 360 degrees, hitting the enemy once with the nightstick or Time Sword.
Derek: Throws the Star Shield at the enemy like a boomerang.


Digimon Royale: What to do with the Hybrid digivolutions?

Now that the number of Knights on the team has been reduced from 24 to 12, this raises an issue in the last main arc of Digimon Royale. After some of the characters pay a visit to the Harmonious Ones (known in Tamers as the Sovereigns), they are granted the power to become Digimon themselves. Originally, 20 of them would each have gotten either a H-Spirit or B-Spirit digivolution, and the remaining four would each receive the form of a Deva. H-Spirit Digimon would have equivalent power to a Champion, and B-Spirits would have equivalent power to Ultimates. The H- and B-Spirit Digimon of a matching element can also merge to evoke the final form, equivalently powerful to a Mega. (All Devas are Ultimate-level, but cannot Digivolve.)

Now that that's been explained, let me show you the entire roster, from before I finally decided to eliminate half of the team But first, a link to a page where you can look up all Digimon's info in question: (Hybrids) (Devas)

For those of you who won't otherwise understand this, here's how it works:

Element: H-Spirit form (Name of user) + B-Spirit form (Name of user) = Final form

Read more... )

Question: How do I make these digivolutions unique? I don't want the human characters to digivolve like regular Digimon, simply by stepping up one level periodically. Also, if they could just choose whether to take the H-spirit or B-spirit form, they would have no reason to bother with the H-spirit forms.

What to do with these now that half the team's human members have been scrapped?
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Okay, this morning, I stated that what I have to explain about the role of weapons in video games and my future fanfiction will have their own LiveJournal entry. Here are how they relate to certain video games and to my RPG-inspired future fanfiction:

Dark Cloud: Each of the six playable characters have their own type of weapons: Toan wields swords and knives, Xiao wields slingshots, Goro uses axes and war hammers, Ruby uses magical rings and armlets that fire balls of energy, Ungaga uses spears and staffs, and Osmond carries guns. Some weapons aren't exactly any of the aforementioned types but are used similarly. Such examples include the Kitchen Knife (actually a meat cleaver that Toan can use), the Turtle Shell (a turtle shell on a big stick, wielded by Goro), or the Cactus (a cactus on a stick, wielded by Ungaga). What's really interesting, though, is that unlike in real life (where weapons have to be manufactured) weapons can "evolve" into better weapons if they're used often enough. For example, the Swallow (a machine gun) becomes the G Crusher and then the Star Breaker if the stat requirements are fulfilled.

As interesting as that idea is, though, I won't be able to apply it into Monster Collection Chronicles, as that ficseries will use more realistic logic (such as one's body, not their weapons, getting stronger as he or she continues to fight).

Anima: I first heard of this game when I came across this pic of a fantasy-style sword collection. The person who drew that pic has other collection pics related to Anima, but that one naturally became my favorite of them all. It's too bad that Anima turned out to be completely life-like. It's not like one can see weapons so closely when playing Grandia III, although one could do so in Dark Cloud.

(On a side note relating to Monster Collection Chronicles: While Dark Cloud, Grandia III, and Anima do provide perfect examples of what weapons and other equipment would look like in Mon World, which represents the past, other games like Contra: Hard Corps or Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars would provide equivalent examples of weapons in the futuristic Mech World. Except, of course, that in Zone of the Enders, most weapons are built into mechs, not useable by people.)

Shadow the Hedgehog: Not an RPG, but still worth noting. This game is known for being the first Sonic game where you can use weapons, and a wide variety at that. That's one of the reasons I bought that game, although most useable things usually go unused. Some of the things Shadow can wield include pistols, uprooted signposts, electronic poles found in cyberspace, rocket launchers, ray guns, and more. In fact, even street lights can become weapons when freed from the ground, but of course, it's not possible in real life to swing something that long and heavy.

(This game inspired an entire story arc in Digimon Royale, not only because of its variety of weapons, but also because of Shadow's ability to break things and the fact that what stages you proceed to depend on whether you're good, evil, or neutral in the previous stage.)

Digimon Royale (and related games): I'm still personally debating whether or not I'll enable Digimon to use weapons that can be found or bought. On the one hand, this was an important part of Digimon World 3, and the cover art of Digimon World 4 depicts Agumon (a normally empty-handed Digimon) among several other Digimon carrying a short battle axe. However, being realistic, not all Digimon have arms with which to hold such weapons. On top of that, even though Digimon in the anime series usually digivolve into something quite similar to their current or previous form, this is not always the case (at least according to Digidex. For example, Agumon has a lot of Champion forms that he can digivolve into (including Garurumon, which was Gabumon's Champion form in Digimon Adventures 01). And finally, there are Digimon that carry miscellaneous weapons, such as giant Yo-yos (wielded by the Ultimate-level Yo!Yo!mon*), and even more formal weapons wouldn't look right on any Digimon species other than the one that carries them.

Maybe the weapons that might be bought in stores will be equipable by any Digimon whose anatomy would allow them to carry weapons. Those that can't carry weapons would have their own advantages, such as being able to battle underwater, or to be riden by their master like a horse. There are all kinds of Digimon, and one set of rules cannot possibly fit all of them.

Monster Collection Chronicles: Here it is: my #1 life project. While it is debatable as to whether or not I should apply weapons to Digimon Royale, there is no doubt that they will have a prominent role in this ficseries. Both this ficseries and DR have a combination of game-like and realistic logic (exactly why I plan to write them), DR will have more of the former while MCC will have more of the latter. That means that, unlike in most existing RPGs, one cannot simply buy upgraded weapons in stores, with the best weapons available only in the last few regions explored. Instead, each Knight will have only one novelty weapon (which in this case, is his or her respective Monster Weapon). Those are as follow:

Read more... )

In addition to their respective Monster Weapon, each Knight will also be trained to use other weapons and weapon types. Handguns (brought from Man World) are the most noteable example, as they are light, compact, don't need to be charged up (unlike magic spells), and don't require close combat.

Other: So, yeah. Weapons to choose between are a major reason why I play RPGs such as Chrono Trigger and Grandia III, and these RPGs are one of the main reasons why I plan to eventually write Monster Collection Chronicles. Makeruna Makendou Z, however, is a noteable exception; according to the review, there are no weapons or equipment to buy or choose between. In that game, that's actually a good thing, because it saves me quite a bit of translation work and allows me to have a break from all that dice rolling I normally do when customizing my characters. I played Grandia III because I previously enjoyed Grandia II and, at the time when I ordered it, I needed a break from playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for so many weeks on end. On the other hand, the reason why I want to play Makeruna Makendou Z (even though I still have quite a bit left from Pokemon Pearl) is because I've been fond of Mai ever since I played Kendo Rage, and I want to spend some time with her in particular.

Finally, the title of this blog entry was (not by coincidence) also the title of a certain episode of Popeye. I purposely saved it for the end so that only those that actually bothered to read this entry would find out (assuming they didn't already watch that cartoon before).
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Yesterday, I beat the main part of Dark Cloud. Previously, I stated that I wasn't going to play the Demon Shaft. I changed my mind about that. It's the only way to give Osmond a fair chance to evolve his weapons, and it also more than compensates for the absence of backfloor keys in the Gallery of Time (which in that case, were supposed to be the Flapping Duster). Speaking of backfloor keys, I got two of them (Crystal Eyeballs) on the first floor last night, and I've got quite a few gemstones so far as I've continued playing the game this morning.

Also, even though there is no canon plot pertaining to the Demon Shaft, that particular dungeon is mentioned in chapter 6 (if I'm right) Atlamillia, Darksbane's novelization of the game. This suggests that maybe, just *maybe*, the author might apply some kind of plot to it (or at least some rationale for Toan and co to explore it).


Last week, when I wrote about playing this game, I mentioned in particular the idea of using birthstones. I've been meaning to go into detail about how I'd apply them to future fanfiction, but first, let's have a look at their real origin.

Read more... )

Now, here's how I'd apply the birthstones to the following fanfics:

Read more... )

There. Glad to finally have all of that off my chest.
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I just had a look at Wikipedia's list of MMORPGs. For the sake of my Digimon fanfic, I intend to find a few (anime-style) MMORPGs to start playing. This should help me develop some plot for the first half of the fic.

According to Wikipedia, any version of Phantasy Star Online is prone to get shut down, so I'm going to avoid that. Ragnarok Online 2, on the other hand, is still under development, so I'll probably be ready to get into it when it's finished. If I can find any other anime MMORPGs, I would hope that I can develop my character's build and hairstyle. (.Hack New World allows you to do that, but is not an option since it is text-based.) If so, I would choose a female character and customize her to have very large breasts and buttocks, even though the game would require that she be clothed.

In the meantime, I've also done research on MapleStory, and it, too, sounds promising as a holdover game.
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Yesterday, I registered an account for the following website, and wasted much of my time trying to actually play the game.

What's the point of playing an MMORPG if you're only going to write what happens? That only means you just make stuff up as you go along, so really, there's no point writing down how things work in the "game." I was hoping to play a genuine .Hack game instead of .Hack//Infection, but it looks like I might as well buy Infection from Ebay.

What I really want is to experience using the Chaos Gates, to get an idea of how they work. Not just to read about it, but to actually use them. Actually, it relates to my future Digimon fanfic. Read more... )

On the plus side, I found a place to harvest character personalities and backgrounds, so that saves me the trouble of writing a sample autobiography and having other people write their own ABs for me. You can find it through the System Character Files forum.
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I finally got my game yesterday, but only ran a test play on it to make sure it was working. I did read the instructions manual, but still have yet to learn more from walkthroughs. (Gee, gotta remember to do my homework, but now that I've already immersed myself in Pokemon, I'm not so desperate to play DW3 that I'd lose focus at school.)

I understand that there are only seven elements in that game: Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Machine, and Dark. I also understand that Digimon World 2 only features Fire (red), Water (blue), Nature (green), Machine (gold), and Dark (black). I would expect gold to represent light. If I were to make that game, I would apply the following elements: Fire (red), Water (blue), Thunder (yellow), Nature (green), Ice (light blue), Earth (brown), Wind (white), Dark (black), Metal/Machine (silver), Light (gold), and Physics (undecided).

Here's an idea for a fanfic: 22 players, each with three rookie Digimon of a given element (from Pokemon, minus Normal and Dragon, plus Light, Plasma, Wood, Wind, Cutter, Gold, and Machine). For example, the one with the Ice pack might get Gabumon, Snow Agumon, and Penguinmon, while the Dark pack would consist of Demidevimon, Impmon, and Tapirmon. But since all rookies have so many digivolved forms in the games, their elements would branch out as well. As for the plot, who knows what will unfold.

(Joke of the day: During a traffic jam, all the honking horns put together would form Jingle Bells.)


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