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Got a sketch yesterday of all five main Sailor Senshi, naked, with their hair updone (except for Ami). Only two problems, though:

First, is that SilaO-o (the person who worked on it) told me that she'd be traveling for the rest of the week, and wouldn't be home to continue working on it until Sunday.

More importantly, though, is a flaw I've noticed with the hair. Granted, there should still be hair over the forehead. However, on the sides, and especially on the back, it should flow upwards, not downwards. This is especially noticeable with Rei, since we can see her head diagonally. I sent a note to Sila pointing it out, but it might've already been too late to fix it. (If the colored version is still like that, I might ask Yincira to fix it up instead, and maybe digitize it so that it isn't too noticeable, in exchange for some DeviantArt points. It does help that their breasts and butts are not expanded for this pic, nor are they doing anything provocative.)

In any case, I have just asked one new person to work on Hatsune and/or Sarah, and plan on asking more members in case this one rejects it or doesn't get back to me.


Jamie's stats for the RP:

Strength: 7
Constitution: 4
Dexterity: 7
Agility: 11
Intelligence: 12
Willpower: 12
Perception: 6
Charisma: 6

(Jake, if there is anything else I was supposed to include, please remind me. Okay?)
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First off, click the lj-cut to read a summary of the new plot to Jamie's fic that Jake and I have agreed upon when we revived it.

Read more... )

Before I told him that plot, Jake suggested something different. What he suggested was that Jamie, in fact, is able to wear or put on clothes, but the girls prefer that he be naked instead. When they become overly happy, "off his clothes go".

Jake said he doesn't remember coming up with such an idea when I spoke to him the other day, but I have the convo containing the ideas stored on my computer. Although we decided on the plot in the lj-cut (my ideas) after sharing our respective plot suggestions, the words "off his clothes go" had been of particular interest to me. For one thing, any given character's embarrassment is one of the factors that arouses me when said character is naked, and if Jamie is able to wear clothes most of the time, he's more likely to become more self-conscious each time his clothes come off. Whereas, if he was forced to be naked constantly, he'd more likely become less and less embarrassed about it as time goes on, though still uncomfortable nonetheless.

That said, one can tell that this isn't even about the girls becoming cheerful. In fact, before Jake came up with that idea, I suggested that Jamie's clothes turn to ashes each time one of the girls becomes nearby, which would be a cue for him to look for them. However, I do know two things: One is that I don't want Jamie's nakedness to last into adulthood, which is what calls for the Dragon's Den rite. (Everyone's expansions are permanent, though.) The other thing is that if he were part-time naked with the first four girls, but constantly naked after recruiting the fifth girl... well, I guess it would be fair enough since that girl would spend the least amount of time in Jamie's group before the Dragon's Den rite.

Will Jamie be constantly naked, or will he be clothed part of the time in the fic? I'm not sure what I want, and I'll have to talk to Jake further about it when he's ready to talk about it.
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Yesterday, I've had the longest online conversation I've ever had with anyone in my life. When I finished, I noticed that the total length of the convo reached 15 pages on Microsoft Word.

First of all, Jake says that the new idea for Jamie's fic is better than that of the original version. He didn't exactly say that he'll try to work on it again. I might work on it myself sometime, but I might not because my Mon Colle Knights ficseries is more of a priority, and my Digimon fanfic already has similar rules and elements to a Pokemon game. (And, I do acknowledge that Jake's main fic is another Pokemon fanfic titled Three dots, which is to go on for as long as he can come up with plot ideas for it. That's one of the reasons he was unable to work on most of the fics we've discussed.)

Jake also corrected me on one thing in yesterday's entry: Ellen is not so much horny or sex-crazed, but she needs sexual pleasure within a maximum of nine hours, or else she will begin to feel physical pain.

Speaking of Ellen, I also got started with a pic of Ellen, which would depict her after her encounter with the Cursing Genie. Like with my Tiara pic, I'm going to be using Microsoft Paint to make the pic. I'm not sure yet if her clothes would expand to fit her new bust- and butt-size, or if they'd just be too small for her. Either way, though, the back of her skirt won't be enough to cover her butt, which would mean that either her butt or the back of her panties (depending on whether or not her clothes expanded) is visible to people.

I put some thought into Jamie's fic last night, while I was asleep. What I think should happen, is that Jamie talks with the sages in the Sprout Tower about finding Ten Big Breasts and Five Big Bottoms. The deal is this: If you fantasize about someone of the opposite sex whose breasts, butts, or genitals are unusually large, one of two things could happen. If you wait and would rather have sex with that person rather than protect yourself from him or her, you won't be naked, but your body will be altered to that person's liking, and only one will enter your life. But if you consult the sages about it, you'll be forced to find them without bringing a stitch of clothing with you, along with having your body parts expanded, but you'll find five of them to accompany you. Your state of forced nakedness will be cured only by winning eight badges and going through a rite in the Dragon's Den. Jamie decides that he'd rather find the girls while being naked than wait for the unlikely event that one girl will find him, though he will still be embarrassed about being naked in public.
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All right, I've already mentioned before that Jamie's fic is cancelled, Jake's not gonna ever be writing it, and most likely, neither am I. However, something about it still plagues me up until now, and I'm writing this strictly to get it off my chest.

So, the purpose of the fic was so that Jamie would be humiliated in front of people. However, one of the reasons why Jake did away with the project was because he sensed a vicious cycle forming. It seemed to him that in the end, after Jamie completed the Dragon's Den and lifted the curse off of himself and his female partners, the girls would then run off and he be even more humiliated, and get himself cursed again by fucking his mother just to meet them again. I told Jake that Jamie could fuck the girls *after* the ordeal ends, but it wasn't enough to salvage the project. Today, I was thinking of taking the project up myself to provide some relief at the end. Namely, he and his "girlfriends" would be uncursed just in time for the Johto League, and the girls would still at least be his friends instead of continuing to hate him.

(I know, sounds hypocritical, doesn't it? But then again, Love Hina was about humiliating the main character, but Keitaro in that series got at least a somewhat happy ending.)

I brought up what the fic was about with Zerodius, and he went berserk on me. I then told Jake not to be surprised if Zerodius told him about it (which he did before I came back to Jake), and Jake told me to admit that I'm turned on by the same stuff that disgusts me.

Later on, halfway on the way home, I told Mom about what I put myself through and what a hypocrite I am, and she said that in something like this, it's okay to make an exception to one's personal rule.

Anyway, I'd like you, the readers, to know that male-bashing itself isn't the problem I have with it; it's the imbalance between male-bashing and female-bashing that exists that I have a problem with.

Call me a me what you will. In fact, Jamie's fic, which was inspired from Love Hina, was an intentional exception to the rule.
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Jake told me yesterday that he has decided to cancel Jamie's fic altogether, so now I've posted a challenge on for people to make suggestions for the fic or to role-play with me. I will write most of the fic according to my own ideals, and the general premise will be the same, but the fic will probably focus on an original character rather than the male lead from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. Jake says I'm even more of a hypocrite for suggesting yesterday that we stop talking about it for at least a while, and then bring it up again hours later. However, if anything is consistent, it's that when I first suggested the fic for him to start planning, I told him specifically that he is free to reject or cancel it, and I still respect his decision from yesterday.
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I left a note yesterday on Paul's door stating that I won't be working for him anymore. I already spoke to Sylvia about getting a job delivering flyers, which I will be starting today.

Yesterday, Jake told me how hypocritical it is that someone like me who's against men-bashing has requested such a fanfic as Jamie's fic. Cut for sexual innuendos )


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