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Been mostly playing Grandia III. Right now, I've been fighting the Mother Breed for the past few days. Let me tell you, fighting that thing is like playing the endurance mode in any puzzle game that has one. It spawns monsters, you have to kill them before they kill you, and it's a constant problem. Your SP meter depletes quickly when you use moves like Whirlwind, Comet Spike, Ripple Shot, or Bigwheel, and it's really slow to recharge. The Gigas Thetas are the worst enemies you could fight; they take forever to take out, and you need to use magic or special attacks to take them out. If you're lucky, the Mother Breed will use Shockwave, which only reaches around itself; if you're not lucky, it will use Tremor or Quake, possibly killing everyone. And, you only get to use Yoat's Orb once, after you kill enough enemies.

To be honest, I was looking forward to this battle. However, I have not been looking forward to fighting the Melc Crystals. Somehow, both the Omega Breeds later in the game are considerably easier than this boss. But if there's one thing that would really make sense, why didn't I buy Alheal? That would save me a few recovery turns here and there.


I've also been planning out the first chapter for Magical Idol Ellen, with Jake's help, and also with Martin's as of yesterday. One problem, though, is that I don't know how to get started with Jamie's battle, which takes place only several paragraphs into the chapter.

Also, I am glad that Jake is willing to help me with the fic. However, even though he did tell me he's not interested in actually reading the fic, his requests of what to include or not include kinda suggested otherwise. Martin helped me come up with an entire scene to take place after Ellen watches Jamie for the first time, but Jake didn't like most of it.

spoilers and fanservice for a bad-luck fic )

Well, I've now got Martin to get help from, and it would help if I had more people to collaborate with. It's also confusing that Jake doesn't even intend to read this fic if he requested a "soak moment" (if you will) for Ellen, and disrequested both the dress-stealing Pokemon idea and an incident involving Ellen getting hit with a volleyball.


Meanwhile, I've also got a whole bunch of other things to do, and don't know which one to start with.
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Continued playing Dark Cloud 2 yesterday, though I have also read some books I took out from the library and started making outlines for my Sales Management project. The other day, Dad had to do something in my room, which required moving stuff around, and I had taken a break from the game from then on until yesterday.

After at least several consecutive absences from missing his ride, Ashton finally showed up for bowling, but only in time for the second game.

On the way home from bowling, Mom missed the exit coming home, and got lost for about an hour. I got bored, and decided to ask her why it is that whenever I ask Jake for help with a fic, he can pull stuff practically out of thin air, but whenever he asks me for ideas, I more than likely take practically forever. She said it's probably a matter of creative talent. She then asked me why I always plan to write fanfiction, but never actually get started with any. I explained to her that most of the time, I don't have enough plot to work with yet.

With that brought up, though, I should note that I am planning to get started with Magical Idol Ellen after school ends. For the first chapter, I need a string of mishaps to happen to Ellen; after that, I'm gonna need some stuff to make happen before she and Jamie go on their first date. With that whole fic, I have already started a walkthrough of what I have planned out, though I still haven't gotten past a scene where Jamie reprimands Ellen for something.
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Two years ago, shortly after I started going to Dowling, I saw some music video on the cafeteria TV that took place at a club. The video was mostly life-like, but the singer kinda resembled a Disney character. Ever since then, I had been curious as to what that video was, and I finally asked about it on Yahoo Answers just yesterday. Upon waking up this morning, Oh Wow confirmed the song in question to be Oh My God by Lily Allen. (Thanks!)

If this pertains to anything else, it's that recently, I was thinking of having this be something that Ellen might sing at the end of Magical Idol Ellen. Jake did advise me two days ago, though, not to bother writing out lyrics when writing fanfiction, and instead, to link to the song instead. So, a link it is, then.
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The only job hours I managed to get as of yesterday were 2 to 4 on Wednesdays at Arts & Humanitarian. Upon talking to Mom about it last night, she said that I have a class on Wednesdays that goes to 2:20. I also had a bus ride home at 3:00, which I was able to cancel, but I'm gonna have to let Patty know that I'll only be able to start working at 2:30 today.


On her way home from work yesterday, Mom brought home a cat from Dad's workshop that she mistook for Mabel's brother. She kept it inside a pet cage, and tried to introduce Mabel to him, but she only got agitated and hissed at him. Mom then called Grandma Barbara, and according to her, Sid Vicious and Smokey took a while to get along even though they were brothers. She also spoke to Dad, who suggested that he go back. It was probably a different cat, because if he were also stray, he wouldn't look or act so nicely as he did.


Last night, I went onto AIM for the first time in a while, hoping to talk to Martin and see if he would be interested in discussing Magical Idol Ellen. Even though Jake had been on MSN still so much, he hadn't contacted me from there, but he did talk to me on AIM the first chance he got.

Something I previously kept a secret from Jake (except for when I first mentioned the fic) was that I intended for it to compensate for what he'd be missing out on by avoiding Parasitic Trio. I was afraid that if I told him that that's what I intended of it (and also as thanks for whatever ideas and help he did contribute to PT before shunning it), he would avoid that fic as well, and I'd still feel bad that he'd be missing out on one of the few Pokemon fics to involve Ellen getting breast expansions other such fanservice. When I offered to show him my rough draft of Ellen in her non-canon, blue, low-cut dress, he declined because of its association with PT.

As it turns out, he has no real interest in MIE. Ellen w/ Jamie isn't a pairing he cares about, and fanservice wasn't the only factor that formerly interested him in PT. He did mention that he liked the embarrassment factor in PT, but not how it's used in MIE. Even more importantly, he did like the idea of a novelization of the games, which PT was almost going to be, but he didn't think that that it would be the same exact plot as said games.

I'm not begging him to open up to PT again. I just see fit to clear this up only because it's been brought up. But I did say before that, even though PT would've involved game-like elements such as levels, types, and some non-canon stuff such as gemstones that can be held by Pokemon, it wouldn't have been a series of down-to-the-detail text-based clones of the games. Rather, it would show how I would make such remixes of games, while feeling natural and fluid enough to also be an alternate anime or manga series.

Anyway, the other day, I had brought an expansion of a scene in MIE, but I didn't bother saving the convo because I didn't like how it went. I had since planned to summarize said scene here so that I wouldn't forget, and I even refined it slightly and added an aftermath to it.

Read more... )
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EllenxJamie (Pokemon): Not related at all to my ficseries. Just something involving Ellen (Blue) and Jamie (Gold), but more focused on Ellen. Can become whatever it wants, but will at least involve Ellen getting her breasts and butt expanded. She might also somehow lose her clothes in front of Jamie, much to her embarrassment and his arousal.

(Jake had, only months ago, decided to write an embarrassment fic about Candice, and I did help him with that one. So far, I still have yet to help him come up with some kind of prologue for that fic.)

The Furrysitter's Club (Sonic the Hedgehog): First off, I already have four chapters written for this fic. If you're interested, here it is.

Right now, I'd like to come up with a situation where all five girls' noses inflate to the size and shape of balloons. Inconveniently, their supply of diapers runs out, and the babies are temporarily stuck wearing dirty ones. Big noses = enhanced sense of smell. Four babies and five sitters means that only one is free to go out and buy diapers. Does being out in public with a big nose sound embarrassing? It is!

(Just months ago, Jake did help me come up with a fic where Rouge gets her nose expanded. I am grateful for that, and I might still get around to writing it, but I would still like to create a situation for Amy, Cream, Lady Vanilla, and Tiara as well. As to how this happens, the best idea I've got so far is that the girls go to Tails' workshop and see if anything there can return the boys to their normal ages.)

SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten (Jake's version): Unlike in my version, Jake is planning for Joe to be a recurring mini-boss for the first two worlds. I did suggest that he appear wherever there's canonically a mid-level ring, but he rejected that for whatever reason, and would rather I just came up with some spots for him to appear on my own. In any case, the first of these would be that alcove towards the end of 1-3 (The Cave of Chomp Rock) where you collect the last bonus flower. Right on the slope leading outside the cave, the Chomp Rock there would roll backwards. Joe would reach down and help Mai climb up, and Mai would use the oncoming rock to prop herself up to the ledge. This is where their first fight could take place.

My first Ultimate Girls fic: Just an idea of what the last Kaiju would be. Think of him as an evil version of the original UFO-Man. Clad in dark gray spandex (UFO-Man wore red), wears an evil-looking mask (no mouth, angry eyes), and complete with horns and clawed hands. His core is a crystal ball located at his crotch. Like the Girls, this guy's spandex does disappear, but at a much slower rate. He is also mostly emotionless (save for his lust for Vivienne), which means that embarrassment is irrelevant to him. When holes form in his spandex outfit, they reveal rotting flesh, and worms can escape to attack his opponent.

That's right, this guy is undead. He and his armies had been slain by the real UFO-Man's race eons ago, and he had been dead ever since. However, his body had somehow been mostly preserved, and the revival of his... equivalent to the brain... had allowed him to create blobs from a distant planet, which in turn became the Kaiju that UFO-Man and the Girls had been fighting. His body, however, had remained dead until just recently, which is why he hadn't come out himself to wreak havoc until now.

His real power, however, is with the aforementioned crystal ball. After taking out first, Tsubomi, and then, Silk, the latter Girl is absorbed into the ball, where she is surrounded naked by an imaginary audience. Now it's Vivienne's turn to fight, but the demon-man that they're facing feeds off of Silk's M.O.E. by rubbing at his own core (his equivalent to masturbating). This is how he is able to lock up Vivienne's M.O.E., giving him full control over her body and mind.

Katsuo (Mon Colle Knights): We saved the worst for last. And it's also the longest of them all. If I were to compare this to an AVGN video, said video would be Part 1 of his Batman multi-review, and this fic description would be the equivalent to his long, scathing review for Batman Forever on the Super NES.

This cut will mention kidnapping and torture! Click at your own risk! )

Okay, after having just recently ranted about both Felidae and Magical Girl Control Act, you might think me to be hypocritical about wanting to write that. The difference, though, is that Katsuo does not run some corrupt government, and he and his cohorts do not make up an entire society. If someone wrote a story about a single individual or group who goes around killing Magical Girls, then I'd consider that better than an entire nation or society that persecutes them.

Oh, and before you say I seem to have a double-standard between what one sex can do to the other, it's not the fact itself of girls berating or abusing guys that I'm sick of; it's the fact that there's so many more instances of such a situation being that way, and hardly any instances where this is reversed. And that's what I'm trying to bastardize, not the Mon Colle Knights anime itself.


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