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Eh... Well, sometimes I watch them all in one go... but other times... ...well... don't you get this sad, empty sensation after you finish watching the final episode? Sometimes I can't help but feel depressed, knowing that the characters, who you have seen develop and grow over a period of time, will never be seen again.

-Hiyori, during chapter 44 of the Lucky Star fic A Cluster of Stars.

Such is exactly how I used to feel about Makeruna! Makendou years ago. It was during the summer of 2007 that I had officially stopped working on SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten, which I started writing in the first place in hopes of reviving main protagonist Mai Tsurugino (whom I mistakenly called Hikari at the time). Months after that is when I became actively interested in both the Makendou OVA and the third and last game in that short-lived franchise. Let's go back and see what it was that interested me about it:

1) I would like to see the Makendo OAV at least for myself. However, I'll also be sure to share it at least with TheNewX, and I do hope to also host it online.

Already fulfilled.

2) I wanted there to be more fanfiction of that series.

As it stands, there isn't even that much fanfiction for games that have been fan-translated. Mother 3 is a rare exception only because of its relationship to the already officially translated and highly popular Earthbound.

3) I would like to hear what the characters of Makeruna! Makendou Z would sound like if that game did get an English dub. (That's something I plan on making a reality myself, with both Project Mai and either a voice hack or a YouTube dub of MMZ.)

At this point, I have given up on Project Mai ages ago. Not to mention that the "Z" in the third game's title is specifically meant to indicate it as the end of canon. As far as a simple voice dub goes, I would be interested in hearing such a thing, but I'm not so actively interested in it now as I was back in 2008.

On that note, everything I fantasize about regarding a game adaptation of Starbound, including glossy graphics, CD-quality music and sound effects, voice acting, and even having all the main characters (including the lead character at any given point) actively talk (in direct contrast to the Earthbound trilogy)... It's all similar to what I had in mind for Project Mai, which I hoped to make the first 3D game, complete with exciting music and current-gen graphics. Considering how I've already lost interest in things like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mon Colle Knights (the latter which will probably get an entry someday), I just know that I'm bound to one day lose interest in Lucky Star in favor of something else.

4) A number of factors that led me to perceive this particular series as special. I didn't explain these to [Dr. Perret], but it started with me reading about "Kendo Rage" in Nintendo Power volume 48, and downloading the game months or a year later. Only several months after that, I made a list of anime-style games for the SNES/SFC, and found the second game in the series (Makeruna! Makendou 2: Kimero Youkai Souridaijin) right after the original Makeruna! Makendou (which turned out to be the real version of "Kendo Rage"). Then we have SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten, which I actually came up with several years before posting the first chapter on This was the fanfic with which I would use primarily to resurrect Mai (whom I called Hikari at the time). That also happened to be the time when I first read about Makeruna! Makendou Z, which I wasn't interested in until two more years later (one year ago).

Similar were the circumstances that formed my attachments to Mon Colle Knights, Pokemon (the games), and Lucky Star.

And finally, there was TheNewX, who drew [something with the Kendo Rage title but depicting Mai in the outfit introduced in MMZ; long gone with X himself]. I chatted with him through the comments section, and he said "Although a forgotten, briefly popular game mascot, I don't think her or the Kendo Rage/Makeruna Makendo series should ever be truly forgotten."

Given what X said right there, there you go.


All things considered, I would still like Makeruna! Makendou Z to have a translation. Link-NM, owner of Makendou Central, had even proposed creating some kind of wiki for it, and I had agreed to help her develop it. However, I think at this point that I'm going to call things off with Yoko, because after having thought about everything since yesterday, it's not really worth spending an exorbitant amount of money just for.

A major part of the reason why I wanted the whole thing done had to do with Jake's proposed version of the Yoshi's Island fic, and even more about a domestic sequel I would have commissioned him for, about fancharacter Joe coming to Japan to get together with Mai. However, originally planning for him to be a rival of Mai's for half the fic, Jake has told me yesterday that he doesn't like him all that much, and I'm not going to pressure him into applying him anyway, though I probably will ask that he not involve any of the bosses from MMZ either and just keep things relatively simple there.

What a script translation had to do with any of this was mainly continuity purposes. However, I can honestly say that we know enough about Mai's real personality and powers, and there will probably be few or no references to canon. We already have a general idea of what went on in canon, and the actual details will most likely have little or no impact on anything.

Jake, you are finally free to proceed with the fic once and for all.
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Mom and Dad got Brian a bicycle yesterday. It's been years since me and Brian have last ridden our bikes as teens, and they got rid of those at some point since then. However, they said that it's very hilly in Ithaca, and a bike would help Brian get around more efficiently.

Anyway, to clear up a possible misunderstanding from my visit with Dr. Perret two days ago:

When I told Dr. Perret about my situation with Jake, he theorized that I felt betrayed because I let him in on something very sensitive. Actually, I am very open about my fetishes, as you can tell if you've been reading this blog long enough. What really shocked me, was that instances of Mai changing Baby Mario was exactly the reason why I've been formerly dying to read Jake's version of SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten, the reason why I started my own version in the first place, and the reason why I intend to start over with it myself at some point. It would have been the highlight if Jake hadn't decided not to include any in it.

Even so, I would have accepted Jake's decision not to include any in his version of the fic, if only he had told me outright that he didn't want to ever talk about diaper-changes again, instead of trying to be subtle about it at first.
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Makeruna! Makendou, the OAV!

I gotta say, the opening and ending themes aren't really as sad as I said they felt when I watched them the other day. They probably felt more depressing to watch because of the fact that I thought I would never see the entire OAV for myself. And, to make it even less drepressing to watch, there's an epilogue after the ending theme, which doubles as an advertisement for Makeruna! Makendou 2. (It also explains why Doro tied Mai up: Read more... )

One thing, though: Why, at the beginning, does it say "This video should NEVER be purchased or rented from an store", not to mention it's only in English? How were people supposed to get their hands on the video back then? Not as many people knew how to use the Internet back then, let alone use it to do shopping. Wierd, isn't it?


Anyway, I had an appointment with Dr. Perret yesterday, and I showed him some documents I wrote regarding my last conversation thus far with Jake, and a fic I wanted to write but was unable to get started with. So far, I haven't spoken to Jake for almost two weeks, but now that I have Martin back, the fic isn't so important anymore. Mind you, I do still intend to write it, but at the time, I wanted mainly to cope with my depression from both having no one else to talk to (before I regrouped with Martin), and from having only been able to see the opening and ending themes of the Makendou OAV.

Until I saw Dr. Perret yesterday, none of this made sense. The way Dr. Perret explained it, though, his tolerance for my fetishistic fantasies probably had reached a limit. Not that I expected Jake to actually enjoy my fantasies in the first place, but he did seem just fine with it for a year and a half, since the time I specifically came out with it all. But, looking back now that he mentions that possibility, Jake did tell me months ago that, thanks to an encounter with a certain pic for a certain anime series that he very much hates, one of the characters has already been burned into his fantasies. All things considered, I suppose it would make sense if he just didn't want my fetishes taking root on him too.

Actually, my real gripe wasn't the fact that he changed his mind about this whole thing. It was that he tried to make me figure out the fact first. When I asked him about Mai's and Joe's noses, he said he would answer the question next convo, before that part of the convo ended. (He never did answer.) Then, when we picked up where we had left off, I asked him how the two would keep Baby Mario clean, to which he responded "I don't know." Two more questions later, his response: "Maybe", and then "Do we really have to talk about this?" If he really didn't want to talk about it anymore, ever again, I wouldn't even have asked for a reason, but he could at least have been much more straightforward about it.

And then, when I tried to talk to him any further, he completely ignored me. That means he obviously wouldn't have answered me why he wanted to restart SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten in the first place. Whether it was because I overreacted to the whole thing or because he was pissed off in the first place, that really pissed me off, and I ended up not wanting anything more to do with him than he wanted to do with me. I'm not as annoyed now, but I think I'll be spending more time with Martin, and even see if I can regroup with Adalia as well.

Warning: Sexual connotations )
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I'm writing this here because I don't want to pester Jake any more than I already have last night, and because I have some term papers to focus on. The latter reason means that I can't be on MSN for at least this morning, for the sake of concentration.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a *mostly* nice conversation with Jake, about Makeruna! Makendou Z and his version of SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten. However, when I contacted him a second time last night, it just became slightly awkward.

What I brought up during the second part of the convo was some stuff related to the fanfic, about Baby Mario's diaper situation. Read more... )

Probably something that's best left to wait a few days or convos. We did chat plenty of times about my fantasies about girls' noses and some of said girls changing diapers, so I don't see why he would suddenly be turned away by it now (if that's even what it was). Probably, this is one of those times when he just wants a break from it. I do remember bringing up some stuff about one of his Pokemon fics when he wasn't in the mood to talk about fanfiction, and hopefully, this is also something temporary.
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EllenxJamie (Pokemon): Not related at all to my ficseries. Just something involving Ellen (Blue) and Jamie (Gold), but more focused on Ellen. Can become whatever it wants, but will at least involve Ellen getting her breasts and butt expanded. She might also somehow lose her clothes in front of Jamie, much to her embarrassment and his arousal.

(Jake had, only months ago, decided to write an embarrassment fic about Candice, and I did help him with that one. So far, I still have yet to help him come up with some kind of prologue for that fic.)

The Furrysitter's Club (Sonic the Hedgehog): First off, I already have four chapters written for this fic. If you're interested, here it is.

Right now, I'd like to come up with a situation where all five girls' noses inflate to the size and shape of balloons. Inconveniently, their supply of diapers runs out, and the babies are temporarily stuck wearing dirty ones. Big noses = enhanced sense of smell. Four babies and five sitters means that only one is free to go out and buy diapers. Does being out in public with a big nose sound embarrassing? It is!

(Just months ago, Jake did help me come up with a fic where Rouge gets her nose expanded. I am grateful for that, and I might still get around to writing it, but I would still like to create a situation for Amy, Cream, Lady Vanilla, and Tiara as well. As to how this happens, the best idea I've got so far is that the girls go to Tails' workshop and see if anything there can return the boys to their normal ages.)

SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten (Jake's version): Unlike in my version, Jake is planning for Joe to be a recurring mini-boss for the first two worlds. I did suggest that he appear wherever there's canonically a mid-level ring, but he rejected that for whatever reason, and would rather I just came up with some spots for him to appear on my own. In any case, the first of these would be that alcove towards the end of 1-3 (The Cave of Chomp Rock) where you collect the last bonus flower. Right on the slope leading outside the cave, the Chomp Rock there would roll backwards. Joe would reach down and help Mai climb up, and Mai would use the oncoming rock to prop herself up to the ledge. This is where their first fight could take place.

My first Ultimate Girls fic: Just an idea of what the last Kaiju would be. Think of him as an evil version of the original UFO-Man. Clad in dark gray spandex (UFO-Man wore red), wears an evil-looking mask (no mouth, angry eyes), and complete with horns and clawed hands. His core is a crystal ball located at his crotch. Like the Girls, this guy's spandex does disappear, but at a much slower rate. He is also mostly emotionless (save for his lust for Vivienne), which means that embarrassment is irrelevant to him. When holes form in his spandex outfit, they reveal rotting flesh, and worms can escape to attack his opponent.

That's right, this guy is undead. He and his armies had been slain by the real UFO-Man's race eons ago, and he had been dead ever since. However, his body had somehow been mostly preserved, and the revival of his... equivalent to the brain... had allowed him to create blobs from a distant planet, which in turn became the Kaiju that UFO-Man and the Girls had been fighting. His body, however, had remained dead until just recently, which is why he hadn't come out himself to wreak havoc until now.

His real power, however, is with the aforementioned crystal ball. After taking out first, Tsubomi, and then, Silk, the latter Girl is absorbed into the ball, where she is surrounded naked by an imaginary audience. Now it's Vivienne's turn to fight, but the demon-man that they're facing feeds off of Silk's M.O.E. by rubbing at his own core (his equivalent to masturbating). This is how he is able to lock up Vivienne's M.O.E., giving him full control over her body and mind.

Katsuo (Mon Colle Knights): We saved the worst for last. And it's also the longest of them all. If I were to compare this to an AVGN video, said video would be Part 1 of his Batman multi-review, and this fic description would be the equivalent to his long, scathing review for Batman Forever on the Super NES.

This cut will mention kidnapping and torture! Click at your own risk! )

Okay, after having just recently ranted about both Felidae and Magical Girl Control Act, you might think me to be hypocritical about wanting to write that. The difference, though, is that Katsuo does not run some corrupt government, and he and his cohorts do not make up an entire society. If someone wrote a story about a single individual or group who goes around killing Magical Girls, then I'd consider that better than an entire nation or society that persecutes them.

Oh, and before you say I seem to have a double-standard between what one sex can do to the other, it's not the fact itself of girls berating or abusing guys that I'm sick of; it's the fact that there's so many more instances of such a situation being that way, and hardly any instances where this is reversed. And that's what I'm trying to bastardize, not the Mon Colle Knights anime itself.
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My patience has worn thin. For the sake of both my potential MMZ YouTube dub and the prologue of Jake's version of SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten, I am going to see if anyone out there would be able to translate the main script of Makeruna! Makendou Z for me. It's not that I can't learn how to translate a language; it's that this is something I'd just like to get over with as soon as possible.

(In case any proof is necessary that I'm not just being lazy, I have already done a rough translation of the first few scenes in the game. I'm not sure how accurate they are, though, and there were some words and lines that I was just unable to translate. And, I've just started Japanese in Mangaland volume 2 today, after having read volume 1 all over again.)

No, I'm not gonna expect anyone to play through the whole game for me. Instead, Brian told me before that he has a program that allows one to type kana and even kanji. So, first thing is to play through the game, recording the main script into a notebook, and copy it onto the program in question. With text-only dialogue, I'm considering using some kind of video camera to record it and upload onto the computer. (We actually do have one that we used years and years ago, but we're not sure if it can connect to the hard drive.) Capturing the footage on tape or DVD will be crucial later, as will learning how to transfer the data to a PC, but for this, all I'm gonna need someone to do is to listen to the dialogue.
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For the past few days, me and Jake have been discussing a version of SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten that he's planning on writing.

Two days ago at work, I was upstairs reading a bookshelf to make sure all the books were in order. When I finished, I took a few minutes to surf the Internet, but Donna caught me right then and there. She doesn't approve of using the net during my shift, and I confessed to Sheryl, knowing that that would be better than if she found out first from Donna. Sheryl then said that she would have to report it to Virginia, and while it probably won't cost me my job, they probably wouldn't let me back upstairs to shelve books or read bookshelves.

(Where I really fucked up was getting caught. Excuse me for keeping myself occupied for two minutes while I'm letting my brain rest.)

Yesterday: First thing's first, the Internet and phone were both out during the hours before I had to go to school. What that meant was that I couldn't receive any mail from Jake, nor could I talk to him through MSN. I did spend much of my time reading one of my autism books for my Psychology paper, but do you think I would've spent four straight hours just reading? No. Instead, I got in some time with Pokemon FireRed, where I battled some trainers in the Silph Co.

My bus came at 10:00 A.M., and had to make a whole bunch of stops before dropping me off. I had only enough time to get something to eat before class started.

I was also supposed to meet someone at Student Services to talk about registering for the Winter and Spring semesters. I ditched class to go do that, but even then, the line was just way too long. I couldn't get a hold of someone by the time it was time to start work.

On Tuesdays, I start work at 1:00, which is two hours earlier than on Mondays and Wednesdays. Typically, I am able to surf the net without anyone saying anything, because Peggy doesn't mind, Donna doesn't come in until 3, and Sheryl never was there yesterday. In fact, I even caught this girl named Ashley checking her mail briefly, and we promised not to tattle on each other. Not that I minded; in fact, I even told her that I often try to sneak Internet time too.

When Donna did come in, she actually asked me to go upstairs to read another bookshelf. How ironic, considering the events of the previous day.

This morning, Dad told me that there's a comic strip about me. At first, I thought it had something to do with autism, but when I sat down to read the comics, it turned out to be Zits. Mom or Dad (don't know which) erased Jeremy's name and wrote "Eric" in its place:

Read more... )

Speaking of Zits, you wanna know what my favorite strip has been so far? Here, I'll post a link:
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I haven't been able to speak to anyone for most of yesterday. I got started with the next chapter for SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten, but I don't feel like writing out the battle against Salvo the Slime.

Also, while I was on the phone with Grandma Barbara yesterday, I told her about the fanfiction that I've written and updated. She requested that I show her how to access my fanfiction. Here's how:

Read more... )

I told Mom and Marie yesterday about the Berry glitch in Pokemon Sapphire. I told them that I need either a second Game Boy Advance or a Nintendo DS to fix it, and Marie told me that Joe, unfortunately, gave his away. Mom told me to wait for the next week while I put some more thought into it, and see what I'd like to do. Read more... )

Last night was the first time I ever chatted with Brian through AIM. I also told him about my fanfiction, and then he asked me to put Dad on the phone before he had somewhere to go.

Finally, last night was an all-singing version of Scrubs. Mom told me about it, and said that the patient of the episode couldn't hear normal talking, only singing. She asked me to watch at least the first few minutes, but personally, I find musicals to be rather annoying. I went to bed, but a few minutes later, could overhear Mom herself tell Dad and Marie that she wouldn't be able to sit through it either.
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Chapter 5 of SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten has finally been uploaded after all these weeks, and chapter 6 will probably be uploaded today. In fact, I had yesterday off from studying for my upcoming Western Civilization exam so that I could update, and Dad also let me have off from moving firewood. What a coincidence it is, too, that my story is right next to Cursed Yoshi, my favorite Super Mario fanfic on the website.

Grandma Barbara called yesterday morning, and I spoke to her briefly before putting Dad on the phone with her. I told her about my new game, and also requested that she borrow volume one of Excel Saga from Cousin David and bring it with her.

Marie and I watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on both Channel 2 News and NBC4 yesterday. Some of the balloons included Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Pikachu, Chicken Little, Ronald McDonald, and Uncle Sam, along with others. I told Mom that it would be funny if there was a balloon of Osama bin Laden or Eminem. Later on during the parade, someone spoke of an M&M balloon knocking over a light from its post and injuring two people in the process.

Grandma Ella brought a lemon tart with her, and most of us (including myself) had a piece or two of it while I was watching All My Children.

We missed yesterday's episode of Boston Public, and after dinner, most of the family was in the middle of this movie called Ray. No big deal.
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First off, I've finally gotten a chance to update SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten, thanks to the Jewish holidays.

Anyway, I've continued reading In the Shadow of Chaos recently. If anything sucks, it's that each Digimon game for PSX or PS2 only features one human male character. I do understand that that particular fandom was aimed mainly to boys, but come on, there were female humans in the anime, plus you were able to choose your own gender in Pokemon Crystal. For god sakes, I'm a heterosexual male; I want to be able to choose a girl.

As long as a given fandom features some human females, I can deal with it, but at least in the first Digimon game, you're pretty much the only human in the entire game. (And no, this isn't about fanservice; it's just one of my preferences regardless of audience age.)
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Well, last Tuesday was my first day of school. I'm currently taking Western Civilization, Political Thought, Intro to Computers, and Elementary Spanish. Let me tell you, at the end of the first day, I was so exhausted that I wanted to do absolutely nothing most of the next day except for reading whatever I was assigned and checking my emails every so often.

Anyone here ever read Blondie? For the past week, the writers of Blondie have been celebrating the comic strip's 75th Anniversary by crossing over with every other comic strip in Newsday and other newspapers. In fact, yesterday was Blondie and Dagwood's big day, where characters from Baby Blues, The Lockhorns, Zits, Hagar the Horrible, The Wizard of Id, Superman, Dick Tracy, B.C., Dennis the Menace, Ziggy, For Better or For Worse, Mutts, Popeye, and just about every other comic strip one could think of. (Coincidentally, McDonald's is currently celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse.)

I just uploaded chapter 3 of SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten this morning. I've spent half my free time yesterday working on it, and hopefully, will continue updating on a weekly basis. In fact, today, I'm planning on writing a letter to Fallen Pheniox to keep in touch with her, while also including tips on how to update consistently. Please note that my family might be planning another boat trip, so as to when I start writing it depends on what time we're leaving and if I even decide to go with them.

Meanwhile, here's the pictures of Joe that I promised the other day:

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Yesterday, I finally wrote the first chapter of my Mario fanfic, which I just uploaded this morning.

Let me tell you, it took a bit of effort to focus while having everyone in the house. I even explained that to Mom and Grandma, and Grandma told me that that's part of growing up, and why we all want to move out at some point. Maybe that explains a little bit more why Fallen Phoenix has been on such a long hiatus.

Be sure to read the warning on the top after you click the following link, if you do so:

Here's a link to a webpage concerning differences between Kendo Rage and Makeruna Makendo:

And to a page that features the many sprite versions of Hikari/Jo, along with an actual illustration of Hikari's transformed version:

(Images of Joe to come soon.)
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I've already started playing Super Mario RPG, just as I predicted yesterday.

Well anyway, I'm almost finished what's currently posted of the Mario fanfic Cursed Yoshi. Remember that fanfic idea I wrote about on May 24th? After having read CY yesterday, I wasn't sure whether to be true to the original Yoshi's Island or to make some things more realistic. Then again, Kendo Rage (a.k.a. Makeruna Makendo) was exactly the same comical nature as the entire Mario series, which could have been a reason why I chose Hikari as the main character.

Then again, idea similar to Mario being turned into an infant wouldn't ever appear on Cursed Yoshi.

Note: I haven't even started writing this fanfic yet, so don't get your hopes up about it. If I decide to work on it, I'll probably focus on the stages rather than any plot development that will probably take place.

On a final note, for those of you who check and are wondering why no new categories are being inserted, it's because the Solaris, the author of the FAQ How to Request New Categories, is on vacation until August 11th. Meanwhile, I finally requested Beavis and Butthead for when she does come back for the "big payoff."
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Here's an idea for a Mario fanfic:

SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten. Instead of Yoshi, the one taking care of Baby Mario is Hikari Tsurugino, the main character of the SNES game Kendo Rage (Makeruna Makendo in Japan). When Mario was twelve, he never even knew Princess Peach, and Hikari was his then-girlfriend. One day, Kamek the Magikoopa came along and turned Mario into a baby, and now, the only way to return him to normal is to find Peach, who is trapped in Bowser's Castle and has the power to reverse the spell. Along the way, she is joined by another boy named Joe (named after her own American name). Now all I need is some kind of a plot.

Okay, I've been a little picky as to choosing which fanfics to read so far, but if anyone's got ideas, please share them with me, I'd appreciate it. Also, ebay is an obvious place to find both games, but for those who want to save a buck or two, you can also download it from ROMNation. It does require you to vote, but so far, it has always worked for me.
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