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Chapter 2 of Ryouou All-Girls' Sumo Tournament is finally up:

Also up, on DeviantArt, is a bunch of different pics of various Lucky Star girls changing a baby boy's diaper. Asked at the help desk about the policy regarding that, after noticing that Kurochiko's account is now defunct (second one since Light-Destiny), and it turns out that that actually is allowed on the site.


Came with Mom to Savers yesterday morning, and she sent me over to Stop 'n' Shop to buy a newspaper to wipe some windows down with. Went to the scratchoff machines while I was there, and bought myself a Cash X20.

Noteworthy about this, is that I actually miscounted the number of different $2 games they had to offer. My original game of choice was The Walking Dead, which was the twelvth of fourteen different games currently listed under $2-3. Even on a same given machine, there are often more than one button for the same game, and so I counted out seven when there were really six different games for $2. Unlike those for candy or soda, vending machines for the lottery don't let you take your money back, so I decided to just go with the sixth game there was.

It later occurred to me that, really, that rule about counting is redundant. Probably, it's a leftover from when I stuck mostly with scratch cards (except whenever I received a 1 on RandomInteger). I think I thought that rule up so that I could pick any game for a given price in case a machine didn't have the game I chose beforehand. But, to begin with, the reason I decide on a game in advance, is so that I don't have to waste time counting games, since it's even less practical across a counter where I'd be dealing with an actual person. Plus I've long since made myself the option to default to a bi-weekly game in case the original game of choice isn't available where I happen to go, so that's even less reason to count games anywhere, at machines or across a counter.
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Returned all four disks of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 3: Fire to the library, and got a copy of volume 4 that I hope will work. Mom also had some shopping to do at a different shopping center nearby.


Asked Lance recently to come up with some ideas for the main four to do with Kou, Izumi, Tamaki, and Miku later in the sumo fic. After specifying that the purpose was to showcase how their newly-formed friendships w/ eachother would flourish, he told me that what's more important is good dialogue.

He also said that he'll support me once I show him what I come up with. This led to me asking him to read what I've already written, and he said he'll only read it to critique. So far, it's been mostly spelling and grammatical errors, but he also did suggest several things things which I rejected for various reasons. For example, he suggested that I create a filler chapter to precede the current one, in order to ease readers into the fic, and also to actually describe Tadao and Miki. I told him that Yincira had advised me against those, the former because both entire canons are normalcy, and the latter for being somewhat condescending given how familiar anyone should already be who's consumed the source material. (Sometimes, I do say something like "a certain" such-and-such for someone's first appearance in a story. For example, I am planning to say "a certain kitty-toothed girl" to refer to Misao when she first appears in the beginning of Starbound's fifth chapter.)

Speaking of which, Yincira often does point out how irrelevant it is to refer to someone by some trait or another of theirs (often their hair color) instead of their name, despite how common it is to the point of being normal. I've tried to do this less for the aforementioned Starbound chapter, at least trying to find some trait that's more relevant, but still focusing on not using their name when it would become tedious (similar to how we use pronouns to replace nouns after their first use or so).

Here's an example from chapter 3 of To Blossom In Winter:

The force of the turn had caused Yutaka's body to shift upright once more, and the force of this action caused her to be roused from her previously undisturbed nap. She blinked wearily as she fought to determine where she was. Her innocent eyes soon met Minami's and her mouth instantly spread into a mirthful grin.

"We're here, Minami-chan!" Minami could tell the salmon-haired girl could hardly contain her jubilation.

"The salmon-haired girl" = Yutaka. This is the trait used to address her in most fics that involve her. Irrelevant as her hair color may be, I'm not sure what would be more relevant to the context to address her by most of the time (in this context, maybe "her friend") while giving her actual name a rest for the sentence.
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Starbound naming note: Coming off from yesterday's post, I have just had a convo with Jake several hours ago, and he said that he's fine with his representing character having a purely Portuguese name. I decided to mention on a speaking-of-which basis, that the character whom I've been referring to as "M" (full-name: MROB-6720M; will be met in Germany) is now planned to be called "Robin", due to two other party members (and now three, now that Mondo and Desiré will become official members) having their names also begin with M.


Just wanted to draw special attention to the above point. That was actually the second half of said convo; the first half was about my continued obsession with that damn fanfic. Just gonna copy-and-paste it, since there's no real point re-writing it from scratch without any new details to cover.

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Just asked Dad if what I'm going through right now is some kind of mild trauma, and he suggested I have a bowl of cereal and read something until I fall asleep. Just did the former, and I gotta say, that convo I had with you last night also did it for me.
I did manage to do some editing of the first sumo chapter, but for most of the day, I've been rambling to myself about how Kai will inevitably get what's coming to him instead of focusing on my own story. Also lacked any appetite for dinner, and am unable to work up an
[censored] right now, what with my mind already full as I try to sleep.

DMXrated01 10:29 pm
Whether or not you've experienced anything like all that yourself, might you say I've been somewhat traumatized?

[Sexual details omitted]

videokillah 10:33 pm
Well, I won't say you're traumatized... but you're definitely obsessed right now.
If you can't think of anything except those stupid stories seriously.

DMXrated01 10:35 pm
Obsessed, obviously enough, yeah.
I think the reason The Loss of Innocence, Broken Dreams, and I Was Kagami Hiiragi weren't as big a deal was because the first two were already complete when I read them, and with the last one, I was more focused on seeing how
[Kagami] ends up in the building readers are led to believe she would die in than on the atrocities committed by Ryuji and Yuka.

Following the convo, I did start to feel a bit sleepy, but then another point struck me. Trying to keep it on mind to blog tomorrow morning made it hard to sleep again, but at the same time, I didn't have the energy to get up, and I started crying and repeating stuff like "I can't sleep!" and "Help me!" multiple alternating times. Even when I did manage to get up and turn my computer back on for the nth time, I could still only bring myself to check DeviantArt and my two email accounts (also need to stop checking that story for reviews; left one today under its newly-loaded ninth chapter to get some thoughts off my chest, and it didn't stop me from ranting about it). Had another crying fit, and then went to Mom and Dad's room and asked if there's anything I could take to force myself to sleep chemically. Dad suggested I listening to a calming music CD. I instead tried to deal with it, but later got the idea to run episode 1 of Kanon on YouTube while I lay in bed. That worked somewhat.

And finally, I have taken to sleeping on the couch for tonight, and I think it's working so far.


The aforementioned point I'd like to bring up, is about my issues with all and only the main four of Lucky Star canon suffering so badly (or at least the worst out of anyone else involved). This is actually something Jake sorta questioned when I alerted him about my list-post, and it applies to all kinds of character-groupings, unless it's the entire point of the characters in question (such as the decidedly-mentally-unstable EVA pilots in Neon Genesis Evangelion).

This nude-pic and this fat-pic of the Beehive Brigade are the main reasons why I decided months ago that, should I ever look into creating a game about them, it will probably be about them as a few of the most oppressed members of a dystopian society that they are appointed to fight against, as opposed to, say, a team of magical soldiers who protect humanity. The kind of blatant humiliation depicted in the latter image, or that episode of The Simpsons where Homer and Marge wind up in a football field completely nude after desperately trying to avoid being seen that way, are not things I'd want happening to Lucky Star's main four, or to Mondo and Rokuna from Mon Colle Knights, or to Shiori and Kaori Misaka from Kanon, or... well, get what I'm saying?

That is, unless either one or more respective person is absent from the situation, or there are others that aren't normally part of the group but going through the same thing, or, like I said above, it's one of the group's entire points in canon.

Regarding the fic, though, I don't think that's gonna be the case. Even though the description said "four ordinary high school girls", it's not likely that those boys, given their personalities, are gonna be any nicer to Yutaka (whom they already have captive) or Minami (who is also clearly a target, given her dog's fate courtesy of Satoshi).

But anyway, is that some kind of autistic quirk, or are there others who also feel the same way?
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Just managed to complete the first draft of what's now going to be the first of several chapters comprising the Lucky Star sumo fic. The first two scenes came naturally enough, but the rest of it was a struggle to write. Yincira did tell me before, that not everything I write will flow naturally like the first three Starbound chapters and most of the Cult prologue, and for this, I did ask her to help me elaborate on pretty much everything I've written. Right now, though, I think my muse in general is just out, and I only bothered to write this because I don't know how else to occupy myself right now and it's gonna be a pretty short fic anyway.

While I await both a critique of the chapter and each girl planned in a series of related pics that I've commissioned agataylor for, I think I'll just spend some time with Getter Love!! for a short while. Still planning on starting Cult's main story once and for all, and some plot ideas for Starbound's upcoming arc have come to me without even thinking about it, but now is a time that my muse needs recharging.
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At this point, it seems reasonable to come clean about things now: The fic I've gotten started with is about an all-girls' sumo tournament to take place at Ryouou High School.

Well, the night before yesterday, I sent Yincira an email asking her if she'd be okay in giving tips regarding the better parts of something she'd find otherwise objectionable (or so I thought, in this case). Namely, with help easing readers' ways towards the beginning of things, just like I had asked Jake for. Turns out that's not even necessary, despite at least three other fanfic authors having done so as well. The discussion continued, and she did mention that she might be able to help with storybuilding in general.

That was the point at which I revealed the premise itself, along with certain details I had planned out. She did say that while she doesn't care for sumo all that much, she isn't really averse to it either, since rikishi are actually quite fit and healthy in general. She did object to what she correctly inferred as forced participation, which I will admit was meant partly to evoke some initial embarrassment from all appointed on such short notice. I reconsidered that aspect, and given how groups are emphasized over individuals in Japan, it seems likely enough that everyone would feel pressure anyway to compete alongside their classmates even if they'd rather not, rather than sit things out and consequently lose respect from them.

Yincira did say that I could leave most of the details I described out and just say "It's a tournament setup." Much simpler than Starbound as it'll still be, I'll admit that I *was* kinda hoping she'd be able to list some plotting suggestions, similar to the ones she suggested for Starbound (which were rather simple themselves, compared to what I actually seek for that fic). Of course, she probably doesn't watch sports anime (or sports in general), and neither do I, in fact. There's also the fact that only a handful of actual matches will be described during the actual tournament; too much of the same thing would get tedious. Most of the fic will be about building up towards it, similar to how certain scenes in the anime's 24th episode focused on building up towards Patricia's proposed dance number for the Arts Festival while the episode as a whole sampled preparations for said festival as a whole and the actual event itself.

Anyway, after the exchange pretty much ended, I sought to reconcile with Jake about the fic. He did say that he's still open to hearing my ideas out (which he also said the previous day), just not to requests to come up with anything.

For the record, I do have some scenes planned out already, and will likely list them separately. Jake did say that my reason for including non-students in the tournament was somewhat unsatisfactory, and suggested I make the reasoning some sort of valid joke or parody, since no one will take anything more sensible very seriously given the gist of things here. A scene where Nurse Fuyuki Amahara gets teamed up with Class 2-F would be a better point than any to establish that once either Kou Yasaka, Tamaki Yamanobe, or Miku Busujima asks why, given how little attention any of those characters get in fanfiction.

Finally, not limited to underused characters, I should mention that one thing I would also like to accomplish with this fic, is to make sure that all named characters appointed for the tournament have at least some post-transformation pagetime clad in their school uniforms (or in the teachers' cases, whatever they were wearing upon transformation). Most likely, this would be any time spent off of school grounds and during the moments before and after the tournament. Since regular education is most likely going to be put on the back burner, everyone will more than likely be clad in some sumo gear (I say gear, because each mawashi (belt) would also come with something to cover the bust with) at all times during school hours. Obviously, them exercizing, eating, and facing off in their school uniforms would be out of the question (there are reasons why students change clothes for regular P.E.), so while certain characters' return home after the first day will be depicted, the more obscure ones would probably have the best chance by meeting up with the mains after the tournament ends.


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