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EllenxJamie (Pokemon): Not related at all to my ficseries. Just something involving Ellen (Blue) and Jamie (Gold), but more focused on Ellen. Can become whatever it wants, but will at least involve Ellen getting her breasts and butt expanded. She might also somehow lose her clothes in front of Jamie, much to her embarrassment and his arousal.

(Jake had, only months ago, decided to write an embarrassment fic about Candice, and I did help him with that one. So far, I still have yet to help him come up with some kind of prologue for that fic.)

The Furrysitter's Club (Sonic the Hedgehog): First off, I already have four chapters written for this fic. If you're interested, here it is.

Right now, I'd like to come up with a situation where all five girls' noses inflate to the size and shape of balloons. Inconveniently, their supply of diapers runs out, and the babies are temporarily stuck wearing dirty ones. Big noses = enhanced sense of smell. Four babies and five sitters means that only one is free to go out and buy diapers. Does being out in public with a big nose sound embarrassing? It is!

(Just months ago, Jake did help me come up with a fic where Rouge gets her nose expanded. I am grateful for that, and I might still get around to writing it, but I would still like to create a situation for Amy, Cream, Lady Vanilla, and Tiara as well. As to how this happens, the best idea I've got so far is that the girls go to Tails' workshop and see if anything there can return the boys to their normal ages.)

SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten (Jake's version): Unlike in my version, Jake is planning for Joe to be a recurring mini-boss for the first two worlds. I did suggest that he appear wherever there's canonically a mid-level ring, but he rejected that for whatever reason, and would rather I just came up with some spots for him to appear on my own. In any case, the first of these would be that alcove towards the end of 1-3 (The Cave of Chomp Rock) where you collect the last bonus flower. Right on the slope leading outside the cave, the Chomp Rock there would roll backwards. Joe would reach down and help Mai climb up, and Mai would use the oncoming rock to prop herself up to the ledge. This is where their first fight could take place.

My first Ultimate Girls fic: Just an idea of what the last Kaiju would be. Think of him as an evil version of the original UFO-Man. Clad in dark gray spandex (UFO-Man wore red), wears an evil-looking mask (no mouth, angry eyes), and complete with horns and clawed hands. His core is a crystal ball located at his crotch. Like the Girls, this guy's spandex does disappear, but at a much slower rate. He is also mostly emotionless (save for his lust for Vivienne), which means that embarrassment is irrelevant to him. When holes form in his spandex outfit, they reveal rotting flesh, and worms can escape to attack his opponent.

That's right, this guy is undead. He and his armies had been slain by the real UFO-Man's race eons ago, and he had been dead ever since. However, his body had somehow been mostly preserved, and the revival of his... equivalent to the brain... had allowed him to create blobs from a distant planet, which in turn became the Kaiju that UFO-Man and the Girls had been fighting. His body, however, had remained dead until just recently, which is why he hadn't come out himself to wreak havoc until now.

His real power, however, is with the aforementioned crystal ball. After taking out first, Tsubomi, and then, Silk, the latter Girl is absorbed into the ball, where she is surrounded naked by an imaginary audience. Now it's Vivienne's turn to fight, but the demon-man that they're facing feeds off of Silk's M.O.E. by rubbing at his own core (his equivalent to masturbating). This is how he is able to lock up Vivienne's M.O.E., giving him full control over her body and mind.

Katsuo (Mon Colle Knights): We saved the worst for last. And it's also the longest of them all. If I were to compare this to an AVGN video, said video would be Part 1 of his Batman multi-review, and this fic description would be the equivalent to his long, scathing review for Batman Forever on the Super NES.

This cut will mention kidnapping and torture! Click at your own risk! )

Okay, after having just recently ranted about both Felidae and Magical Girl Control Act, you might think me to be hypocritical about wanting to write that. The difference, though, is that Katsuo does not run some corrupt government, and he and his cohorts do not make up an entire society. If someone wrote a story about a single individual or group who goes around killing Magical Girls, then I'd consider that better than an entire nation or society that persecutes them.

Oh, and before you say I seem to have a double-standard between what one sex can do to the other, it's not the fact itself of girls berating or abusing guys that I'm sick of; it's the fact that there's so many more instances of such a situation being that way, and hardly any instances where this is reversed. And that's what I'm trying to bastardize, not the Mon Colle Knights anime itself.
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Yesterday was Marie's birthday, and she's now 17 years old.

I'm all the way at the end of Grandia III, and I just have yet to beat Xorn. Let me tell you, though, that guy is way hard. Not sure how much time is worth spending trying to win this game, because after him, there are no more dungeons or towns to visit. Also, there aren't very many Grandia III fanfics on yet. A few, but not many.

Marie had Scott over at our house yesterday. For Marie's birthday this year, Mom got some Turkish food, and we went out on the catboat to eat dinner. Unfortunately, Mom forgot to bring plates, but we used paper towels to compensate. I only ate one la majune (is that how it's spelt?) and a Snapple. We spent less than an hour out on Patchogue River before heading back home.

Dad decided to leave his van at Patchogue for the night and come with the rest of us instead. He and Mom said that they'd retrieve it the next day. On the way home, we saw a snapping turtle on the side of the road, in front of someone's frontyard, and Mom backed up so we could all see it. Marie took a picture of it, and some of us asked if any of us should pick it up so it doesn't get run over, but Dad decided that we shouldn't.

Someone named Data Seeker PMed me to comment on The Furrysitter's Club. He told me that he likes to see at least one female character be de-aged in any fanfiction that involves characters becoming younger. He also likes said characters to retain their memories from their default age, and we sent each other Private Messages to discuss the fic. Read more... ) I think that's a pretty good idea to add into the plot, but I'm not going to use it the very next time I update the fic. After all, I would like the fic to be sufficiently long, so I still need more storylines in order to continue writing the fic. (I will be sure, though, to give Data Seeker credit for his help next time I update.)
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Dad replaced my bedroom door yesterday. I just noticed right now, though, that it can't shut all the way. I'll be sure to let him know when he's awake.

Grandma Ella replied to my (handwritten) thank you letter for the graduation check she sent me. She also sent Dad a Father's Day card, which happened to feature Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts. I guess she just didn't know that Dad doesn't like Peanuts. Oh well.

Adalia Glenys replied to my reply post in her Mon Colle Knights livejournal community post, which at the top read "Believe it or not, I am still around." I replied back to her, and I do hope I get to talk to her next time she's on AIM. She said she's reactivated her hotmail and AIM accounts, but she's had less time for the latter due to family and job issues.

Chapter 4 of The Furrysitters' Club is now up, but I won't be updating for a long time, until I get some outline for a real plot. I also forgot to include some author's notes that I've been meaning to add, so I need to get around to that. It's especially important that I give credit to Jake for helping me develop that particular chapter.
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Chapter 3 of The Furrysitter's Club has been posted yesterday. I've noticed that the chapters have been getting progressively shorter, and this one doesn't require much scrolling down to finish reading. Next time I update, I need to make sure I get a longer chapter in.

Mom had to drive me to the bank yesterday to drop off my paycheck from workstudy, and to do something about some card of hers. Right before we got to the bank, she noticed that the employees in McDonald's now wear red uniforms instead of blue ones. When we entered the bank, there was a long line where Mom needed to go, even though I didn't have to wait at all to drop off my check. However, we didn't stay very long, whether it was because of the line or because Mom was informed that nothing was wrong with her card.

After finding something out last night on Pokemon Emerald, I've decided that starting today, I'm gonna stop playing that game. What I found out was that, unlike the trainers from Pokemon Crystal, trainers from Emerald can be challenged an endless number of times, which allows you to cheat by collecting endless amounts of experience and money. However, if I still feel like playing any Pokemon game today, I'll most likely play Pokemon Sapphire all over again. I put the Sapphire game pak in before, and found out that all the data was already deleted. Sure, in some ways, Emerald was supposed to be better than Ruby and Sapphire, but there are still stuff that a lot of players would miss out on by only playing Emerald. Besides, I liked the Pokemon Contest tents, for example, better than the Battle tents that were introduced by Emerald.
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I updated The Furrysitter's Club yesterday, and got several reviews this morning. Special thanks goes to Jake for giving me at least one of the ideas in chapter 2; namely, with baby Sonic spilling an entire carton of milk all over himself.

Jake returned yesterday, but my chance to chat with him was very brief. He had no opinion about the fic.

Mom and Marie saw three deer in our frontyard, and I came out to see them as well. They were eating ivy from our ivy patch before they left. Marie took a picture of them.

Mom took me and Marie to the barber shop yesterday, and then took us out to Cold Stone. I got a medium bowl of sweet cream with Reese's Pieces, white chocolate chips, and crunched Heath bars.

And, last but not least, it's finally started snowing this morning. Dad just noticed while I was responding to the reviews I got this morning.
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I finally revised and posted the first chapter of the Sonic the Hedgehog babyfic onto It kinda sucks that it's already getting buried and I haven't gotten a single review yet, but what's worse is that I haven't been able to share it with anyone through AIM yet. Jake usually is online all the time, but said specifically that he won't be home until Thursday, which is tomorrow. Martin, who is more into babyfics than Jake and Carlos are, is only on every now and then (though more frequently than Adalia used to be before she disappeared altogether). As of right now, I have no idea what's going to happen beyond the prologue, and I'm hoping to obtain input from anyone who enjoys babyfics so that I can decide, first of all, whether it will be like Innocence (which features a single event for each chapter) or Project: Babysitting (which features a seamless continuity of plot).

By the way, I named the babyfic in question The Furrysitter's Club. That's the title Jake and I agreed upon when I gave him a list of sample titles before he decided to let me work on it myself.

Moving on, ever heard of this website called Sonic Heroines? It's this website that focuses exclusively on the female characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. That's exactly where I got that Cream pic which was hidden behind an lj-cut. Last night, I sent Slynn Apruzese (the owner of the site) information on Tiara, only to find out minutes later that he/she already had that character archived in the Deleted Heroines section. She did thank me anyway in an email I received this morning.

Finally, when I asked Mom last night about the difference between requesting help and whining "I can't do it," she said that people who do the latter never even begin what they plan to do (or have someone else do for them).


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