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First off, click the lj-cut to read a summary of the new plot to Jamie's fic that Jake and I have agreed upon when we revived it.

In Johto, there is a myth that if one travels across the land naked, he or she will find five people his or her own age, with their breasts, butts, or genitals expanded. After starting his quest, Jamie visits the Sprout Tower, and talks to the sages to see whether this is true or not. They tell him that once he decides he wants the five girls, he will be forbidden to wear clothes until he finds the girls, wins all eight badges, and completes a rite at the Dragons' Den. Jamie agrees to this, and as a result, five girls who await their "naked prince" suddenly find their breasts and butts magically enlarged. (His own genitals are also enlarged the same way at the same time.)

Before I told him that plot, Jake suggested something different. What he suggested was that Jamie, in fact, is able to wear or put on clothes, but the girls prefer that he be naked instead. When they become overly happy, "off his clothes go".

Jake said he doesn't remember coming up with such an idea when I spoke to him the other day, but I have the convo containing the ideas stored on my computer. Although we decided on the plot in the lj-cut (my ideas) after sharing our respective plot suggestions, the words "off his clothes go" had been of particular interest to me. For one thing, any given character's embarrassment is one of the factors that arouses me when said character is naked, and if Jamie is able to wear clothes most of the time, he's more likely to become more self-conscious each time his clothes come off. Whereas, if he was forced to be naked constantly, he'd more likely become less and less embarrassed about it as time goes on, though still uncomfortable nonetheless.

That said, one can tell that this isn't even about the girls becoming cheerful. In fact, before Jake came up with that idea, I suggested that Jamie's clothes turn to ashes each time one of the girls becomes nearby, which would be a cue for him to look for them. However, I do know two things: One is that I don't want Jamie's nakedness to last into adulthood, which is what calls for the Dragon's Den rite. (Everyone's expansions are permanent, though.) The other thing is that if he were part-time naked with the first four girls, but constantly naked after recruiting the fifth girl... well, I guess it would be fair enough since that girl would spend the least amount of time in Jamie's group before the Dragon's Den rite.

Will Jamie be constantly naked, or will he be clothed part of the time in the fic? I'm not sure what I want, and I'll have to talk to Jake further about it when he's ready to talk about it.
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