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Had to cut Kulsum loose. Didn't like her ideas or writing style.

Got some nice ideas for an Ultimate Girls fic, though, courtesy of Zecobo Zeakel, who has gone on to watch A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Considered getting him in on the Cibus project, but while he is willing to read online manga scans, buying actual manga itself is off the table for him. (Oriko Magica is still off the table until Sadness Prayer runs its course, Kazumi only has an inferior pre-localization scanlation online to its official translation, and Suzune was still nowhere online to be found last time I checked.)

In any case, I'm not in any actual hurry to write anything. The Cibus project and Unwilling Service will still take priority over this whenever possible, and this is really just a backup project with which to alternate with other stuff. Story ideas are all I really need for the time being, and I should probably begin whenever the inclination arises.


Marie went back to Boston last night.
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Origin: Dark Cloud. First shown in the prologue (see 4:08 in the video), as they perform a ritual to unseal the Dark Genie. Much later on, they're an enemy species in the Gallery of Time. Apparently, they are undead beings, because they move like molasses, and when you aim at them with Steve (a talking slingshot), it will tell you that there is no blood flowing through them.

Arguably the coolest enemy ever in a video game. I wish they would appear in the topmost section in the Demon Shaft.

But anyway, here are three fics where such a thing (or a variation thereof) will appear. (At Jake's request, though, it will be very much alive in one of them.)

Monster Collection Chronicles: During the first fic, Warp summons Katsuo into his chamber each night when everyone else is asleep, knowing of the resentment that he bears against his own family. During each session, Warp usually trains him to resist mind control, but at some point, he will also teach him the art of necromancy, and instructs him to find victims to capture, who will then be slain and turned into Curse Dancers. When enough Dancers have been gathered, a still-living being (either Katsuo himself or one captive who is lucky to still have his or her life) will lead the ritual, in order to release Warp from his prison.

Digimon Royale: In this fic, they are known as Ceremon. They are the only non-canon Armor Digimon, naturally digivolve into Matadormon, and might be the only digivolution obtainable from the Digimental of Darkness. (Matadormon associates with them perfectly because he's associated with dancing, also has similar long claws, and is classified as an "Undead" Digimon.)

Early in the last main arc, Mondo and Rockna are captured during a huge fight in the real world, and brought to Lilithmon's castle. Once there, Lilithmon's ritual practitioner Matadormon leads the Ceremon to perform a hypnotic dance, intended to pit the two against each other. (Lilithmon will also speak to them, telling them why they should try to kill each other.)

At this time, though, this is when some of their friends are also visiting the Harmonious Ones, while others are on their way to saving them within the castle. The spell will be broken after everyone receives their Hybrid transformations.

Ultimate Girls II: Already described before, on the 18th of last March. Even though the monster in question is different in a number of ways, he was inspired from the Curse Dancer enemy nonetheless. Jake requested shortly after the post that he not be undead, since he has an aversion to that, so now he's just a sort of anti-UFO-Man.
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EllenxJamie (Pokemon): Not related at all to my ficseries. Just something involving Ellen (Blue) and Jamie (Gold), but more focused on Ellen. Can become whatever it wants, but will at least involve Ellen getting her breasts and butt expanded. She might also somehow lose her clothes in front of Jamie, much to her embarrassment and his arousal.

(Jake had, only months ago, decided to write an embarrassment fic about Candice, and I did help him with that one. So far, I still have yet to help him come up with some kind of prologue for that fic.)

The Furrysitter's Club (Sonic the Hedgehog): First off, I already have four chapters written for this fic. If you're interested, here it is.

Right now, I'd like to come up with a situation where all five girls' noses inflate to the size and shape of balloons. Inconveniently, their supply of diapers runs out, and the babies are temporarily stuck wearing dirty ones. Big noses = enhanced sense of smell. Four babies and five sitters means that only one is free to go out and buy diapers. Does being out in public with a big nose sound embarrassing? It is!

(Just months ago, Jake did help me come up with a fic where Rouge gets her nose expanded. I am grateful for that, and I might still get around to writing it, but I would still like to create a situation for Amy, Cream, Lady Vanilla, and Tiara as well. As to how this happens, the best idea I've got so far is that the girls go to Tails' workshop and see if anything there can return the boys to their normal ages.)

SMW2: Yoshi's Island rewritten (Jake's version): Unlike in my version, Jake is planning for Joe to be a recurring mini-boss for the first two worlds. I did suggest that he appear wherever there's canonically a mid-level ring, but he rejected that for whatever reason, and would rather I just came up with some spots for him to appear on my own. In any case, the first of these would be that alcove towards the end of 1-3 (The Cave of Chomp Rock) where you collect the last bonus flower. Right on the slope leading outside the cave, the Chomp Rock there would roll backwards. Joe would reach down and help Mai climb up, and Mai would use the oncoming rock to prop herself up to the ledge. This is where their first fight could take place.

My first Ultimate Girls fic: Just an idea of what the last Kaiju would be. Think of him as an evil version of the original UFO-Man. Clad in dark gray spandex (UFO-Man wore red), wears an evil-looking mask (no mouth, angry eyes), and complete with horns and clawed hands. His core is a crystal ball located at his crotch. Like the Girls, this guy's spandex does disappear, but at a much slower rate. He is also mostly emotionless (save for his lust for Vivienne), which means that embarrassment is irrelevant to him. When holes form in his spandex outfit, they reveal rotting flesh, and worms can escape to attack his opponent.

That's right, this guy is undead. He and his armies had been slain by the real UFO-Man's race eons ago, and he had been dead ever since. However, his body had somehow been mostly preserved, and the revival of his... equivalent to the brain... had allowed him to create blobs from a distant planet, which in turn became the Kaiju that UFO-Man and the Girls had been fighting. His body, however, had remained dead until just recently, which is why he hadn't come out himself to wreak havoc until now.

His real power, however, is with the aforementioned crystal ball. After taking out first, Tsubomi, and then, Silk, the latter Girl is absorbed into the ball, where she is surrounded naked by an imaginary audience. Now it's Vivienne's turn to fight, but the demon-man that they're facing feeds off of Silk's M.O.E. by rubbing at his own core (his equivalent to masturbating). This is how he is able to lock up Vivienne's M.O.E., giving him full control over her body and mind.

Katsuo (Mon Colle Knights): We saved the worst for last. And it's also the longest of them all. If I were to compare this to an AVGN video, said video would be Part 1 of his Batman multi-review, and this fic description would be the equivalent to his long, scathing review for Batman Forever on the Super NES.

This cut will mention kidnapping and torture! Click at your own risk! )

Okay, after having just recently ranted about both Felidae and Magical Girl Control Act, you might think me to be hypocritical about wanting to write that. The difference, though, is that Katsuo does not run some corrupt government, and he and his cohorts do not make up an entire society. If someone wrote a story about a single individual or group who goes around killing Magical Girls, then I'd consider that better than an entire nation or society that persecutes them.

Oh, and before you say I seem to have a double-standard between what one sex can do to the other, it's not the fact itself of girls berating or abusing guys that I'm sick of; it's the fact that there's so many more instances of such a situation being that way, and hardly any instances where this is reversed. And that's what I'm trying to bastardize, not the Mon Colle Knights anime itself.
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Well, I promised to re-upload those ideas under a revised edition, and, here it is:

Sexual innuendoes, and anime/fanfic spoilers )
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Marie came home yesterday.

In other news, I've been playing Dark Cloud 2 for the past week. According to some walkthrough on GameFAQs, the Sun Badge is supposed to make monster transformations stronger and more durable. I got it yesterday, but all it did was add four points to my transformation time limits. So now, before I can go for the rest of the Monster Transformation medals, I'm gonna need to play through every regular floor in Mount Gundor (or at least until I can upgrade my reptile transformation).

Playing Getter Love!! on a different emulator (in my case, Daedalus) doesn't change anything about that graphics glitch. There's even a webpage that points it out on Project64 I asked about it on the forum, and someone suggested that I download something called Glide64 Napalm (a graphics plugin), and I got it while at the school computer lab. I still have yet to try it out and see if it works.

I also have yet to download AppLocale from school to use on Mednafen, so that I can play Makeruna! Makendou Z without any sound glitches when I get around to translating it.

I've also been trying to print up a pic that I worked on but never posted on DeviantArt, but some of the colors have been coming out wrong. I had Mom have a look at it, and even after Deep Cleaning the printer, this problem still persists. Mom did previously print up a photograph, which came out properly, so we don't know if something's wrong with the printer or if it's because I'm trying to print something I made with Paint.

As for the Ultimate Girls fanfic... well, I haven't thought up any real plot past what I already have yet, but I decided that my OC will be named Toshi. I also thought up several inventions that he's either completed or is working on. One is a brand new way to expand breasts (more sophisticated than the expansion gun in Fuyuki's Hot Night. The other is a device that is supposed to allow someone to experience a battle as if they were one of the Ultimate Girls. As in, you're aware that it isn't real, but you're seeing it through the Girl's eyes and feeling things through her body.
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First, here's that picture I took yesterday:


Anyway, the job fair started at 12:00 Noon yesterday. I went there, but there weren't that many things to sign up for.

The ideas (regarding the Ultimate Girls fic) the following lj-cut deals with homosexuality and bisexuality. It isn't explicit, but read it if this doesn't offend you:

Read more... )


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