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From all the way over near the boathouse entrance, Dad noticed me near the fence ranting and raving about how dependable Jake has no longer been, and called me over to ask what was pissing me off. All I said to him was that I've been expecting stuff from Jake, how he has failed to deliver anything for an entire year at this point, and he asked why I give someone like him such power over my mood and allow him to make me feel bad. I told him that it's actually not that simple, but he only said "Nothing ever is," and suggested I rethink the value of my relationship with him.

Walked a few laps up and down Masem Court to think it over, before coming back inside and online to confront Jake on all his excuses, going as far as to ask if the PokeWalker has anything to do with his lack of work so far. He said that while he still doesn't like the PokeWalker or anything else from HGSS, it's actually more that he just hasn't been into Pokemon in general for a while.

In hopes of helping him get back into it, I later asked if he had ever obtained a new 3DS ever since his first one was stolen. While he indeed had a year ago, he does not have the money to buy any new games, and turned down an offer to help fund him, stating that he would prefer to start over with X on his own terms and has no interest in Sun or Moon.

He did tell me last night, though, that he had actually managed better than the previous two days, to ponder what I had brought up in particular with him two days ago. So there's something, but if he even does show me his ideas for Jamie's next chapter, that's probably as much further as I will go with it in the foreseeable future. I did draw a comparison between his failure to write anything and my own failure to derive any inspiration from the player's guides for BW2, X/Y, and ORAS, suggesting he re-read my entries tagged "Pokemon" from May 22 last year onward if it might help, but other than that, whether he actually tries to get back into it or not is all up to him.

In the meantime, I've read another chapter from You Are Not Special, mainly so that I can tell Brian if he asks that I at least made good use of my time instead of playing video games all month long. That actually came up between me and Mom last night, and when she asked, I had to admit that I'm not actually deriving any fulfillment from it. She suggested that, today, I look up some summer classes at Stonybrook and ask Matthew about some psychologist he used to go see.
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Drove Mom to Stop & Shop yesterday. Upon arriving, we noticed a bagel place listed on the store board that we assumed either was new or we didn't notice before. I went in to check it out, and it was still being renovated, to open sometime this week.

Went to Cafe Gia instead, and got myself a pepperoni pinwheel, a slice of chocolate/vanilla rum cake, and some chocolate milk. (Shouldn't get anything with alcohol; that cake tasted kinda bitter, and I only ate the top half.)


Asked Marie if she could look into arranging to have me over at Brian's place soon, whether she takes that class or not. Would like to focus on Lucky Star for a bit after having completed a fourth consecutive chapter of Parasitic Trio yet to be rewritten, and the first thing I want to do with that is watch the anime all the way through with him. (Gonna have him read the fic sometime after that, and I hope to actually get that back off the ground afterwards.)

(Only helps that David has agreed to outline a future arc, in which the party will visit Italy after Nurşen joins them in Greece. If he actually follows through with that, then I'll finally have some new story content to mull over.)


Out of curiosity, I actually found a copy of Starcomi on Ebay, but it is clearly not the same game depicted in that screenshot in Nintendo Power. Brought it up on the ROMhacking forum (as well as with the seller, who never got back to me), and one person told me that someone must have slipped up while putting that page together.

It's funny, because writing the above-linked entry is what cued me to watch the original Di Gi Charat anime, stopping just short of the last main episode (which is no longer on YouTube). For all I was able to find out online, though, the actual game depicted might have been a prototype of Digi Communication (whose title ironically would suggest a connection between the games), in which case could explain how someone might've confused them. (Similarly, I do understand that Jester was actually cancelled early in development, despite being advertised on one of those Sega posters I bought three months ago.)


Didn't mention this before, but to an extent, I kinda consider Parasitic Trio's version of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier something like Knuckles Chaotix, albeit with different ratios: Three main characters, five other participants that they are acquainted with (or could introduce to eachother), and six different facilities to battle in. (Even though tag battles could only be held canonically in the Battle Tower (the Battle Subway is canonically its own entity altogether), I always thought that it would be a lot more unique make them viable in all facilities (ditto for the Hoenn Frontier, save for the Pyramid and Pike).)

(I did wish even when writing the above-linked entry that I could mention it, but it didn't seem entirely practical at the time. Things were still a bit messy, what with the Subway set to travel between the Hoenn and Sinnoh Frontiers, which would make it a lot harder for Ellen, Jamie, and May specifically to spot Mira, Cheryl, and Riley respectively before introducing them to their fellow protagonists. However, I had since re-decided that it will travel instead to Veilstone City and back via a channel-tunnel.)

Here's something else I should've mentioned then, that I did add to TV Tropes: Hilarious in Hindsight: Video Games (for Battle Arena Toshinden 4):

[Puella's] theme could easily be a Battle Frontier facility theme in Pokémon (the Battle Subway seems arguably suitable). Listen to the bell notes, and then listen to the original Battle Frontier theme from Emerald and its subsequent remixes for the Battle Factory, Arcade, Hall, and Castle in Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

(And yes, quality differences between game systems (not least of all the Playstation vs the Nintendo DS) is something I'm already much more aware of than before I conceived Starbound, and some way to loop that song as naturally as possible would also help. But then again, I've also watched part of a Sinnoh anime episode that played an upgraded version of the Sandgem Town theme, and if I were to commission for an animation of Parasitic Trio (unlikely as that may be), I would base half its soundtrack on the anime's and commission for upgrades for all game-only songs.)


Along with all that and the Brain battle theme being one of my favorite songs from the games even in general, are the different poses both the Frontier Brains and the five stat Trainers (the latter whom you can fight in the Battleground in Platinum) strike when you fight them. This led me to think that maybe the protagonists should have their own poses, but while the Brains' battle animations made sense for who they were, there is no way I would have been able to think up what the stat Trainers do equivalently. Brought it up on the Serebii forum two days ago, but didn't get any replies.

(For context there, Blue is the character from Pokemon Adventures whom Jake renamed Ellen for her original story that went unwritten, and I would call the Johto lead Jimmy (as per The Legend of Thunder!) if he hadn't already objected to that. However, he would still assume Kenta, should I write a Japanese-names version (with Ellen also renamed Aoi) on, say, The Fanfiction Forum.)

What's also weird, as I would find out on YouTube, is that none of the Galactic Commanders had animations even in Platinum, and neither did any of the Rocket Executives in HGSS (although Jake did ask me not to incorporate them anyway), even though they were all highly significant to the plots while meeting each of the Stat Trainers is (mostly) optional.

While reading Bulbapedia: Stat Trainers, I read under Trivia that those five Trainers were the only ones prior to BW2 to have both pre-battle animations and the standard Trainer theme. I thought this whole time that Trainer animations were dropped altogether as of the original Black and White, seeing how Pokemon were first animated in Crystal, had that gimmick renewed in Emerald, retained it even through Diamond and Pearl, and went on to sport constant animations in Black/White where Trainers became static again. As it turns out, though, all Trainers strike poses in the sequels, and this has also been renewed as of the full-3D Sun and Moon.

So, all the more reason for either a webcomic or an animation, I guess. But then again, it's not like anyone's animations include sending their Pokemon out (even though even your opponents still get separate animations for that in Sun/Moon).
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Mom dropped me off for a haircut while she went food shopping yesterday. Got a Numbers ticket at the gas station, and the numbers were 9-2-4. Funny. Those happen to comprise the first halves of our first phone number (from until we got Optimum Online when I was nearing 19) and GameStop's current one.

Didn't win, but fell just one short of my Lucky Sum, 15. Last night's winning numbers were 6-1-7, which add up to 14.


Ordered a new Pokemon X/Y guide on Amazon some time after we got home, after having already started re-reading the one for Black/White. Next time Dad gives me some money, I'll ask Mom if she can take me to BestBuy to pick up the one for Sun/Moon. (Just went to the bank yesterday after my haircut, so there's no point paying with debit now when I could've gone there with cash in the first place. BW2 can wait until I'm all caught up, since I already read that one the way through before.)
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Just tagged a total of 301 back-entries under "pokemon" under Jake's suggestion to chronicle everything that happened to lead me both through and out of the games. Having done that has rekindled my muse for Parasitic Trio, and I should be able to go over the chapter I left off on tomorrow when Mom's at work, if not today. (Can't believe that I failed to mention Nintendo tech support having told me that my original copy of Sapphire was fake when I had actually sent it out, though.)

Not sure what determines the size of my tags in the margin. I know this one has more uses than "starbound", "cult/mcc", and "parasitic trio" combined, but I seem to recall "crap unread" standing out somewhat despite being used only eight times. Now, only this tag is particularly large, while all the rest are tiny.

Anyway, for anyone who decides to go all the way back, October 15, 2005 wasn't the day I started a new game in Red. I had already reached the Silph Company beforehand, and had put the game down in anticipation to receiving Digimon World 3 upon winning that on eBay just a few days before being notified when that game actually got shipped.

In any case, it's quite possible that I might make tags in the future for Chronicles of 7th Grade and Getter Love!!, considering how important those also were. The latter, however, would be limited to the marathon of '09 and other actual milestones, not times when I randomly decide to play the game just to kill time.
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Well, I've managed to find some scripts and playthroughs covering all dialogue in the games, so the ones I wrote up might not really matter that much.

Not that I would've left things to chance with YouTube, although it should be obvious I won't be writing anything for beyond Gen IV even if I end up writing a second ficseries.

But anyway:





(Will be sure to find something of FireRed or LeafGreen once Ellen starts exploring the Sevii Islands.)
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Pulled that Trainer script I wrote when I was playing Pokemon Ruby and Emerald out from one of a dozen bookholders lining the bottom shelf on my bookcase today. Reading the quotes pertaining to Route 104 inspired something to happen when I continue May's third chapter tomorrow.

Looked all around, and even in the attic, for that for FireRed. That one used to be in the bottom-most left drawer in that desk we moved into my room months ago before we cleaned it out before moving it. That particular drawer used to be exclusively for stuff of mine, but Mom and I put all the stuff I decided to keep, along with some books from the bookcase, into a green bin and a cardboard box. Mom eventually found the box when she looked around in the attic by herself, and it was only after that that I remembered some other stuff from my top-middle dresser drawer that I had also stowed away. There was the FRLG script (although I did notice even in the past that the first few pages are missing), but not the one I wrote up while playing Diamond. (I never wrote one while playing SoulSilver, because there already exists one for Crystal on GameFAQs.)

(Before she got involved, I spotted some yellow envelopes in a box, one of which was labeled "DARE" (short for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, a program for 5th graders back in C.E.W. elementary), and took out what turned out to be Marie's DARE book to take back down.)

Right now, the only real leads I have regarding my Diamond/Pearl script are that I played the last of Diamond in the porch (Grandpa was here and occupying my room at the time), and I was using a clipboard to lean on whenever I wrote something. Since I didn't place that one in the same drawer as with my FRLG script, it seems most probable that I had since kept it tucked in my player's guide, which I don't have anymore. It's not even in a folder containing a trial of the second Battle Frontier arc that I wrote months earlier, which I've kept this whole time in a bin under my bed.

I don't remember putting it in some remote pocket of this house, and it's possible that I might have thrown it out by accident. But, what Lady Cindy on Hoenn Route 104 says before and after you battle her is just one of many things that could have inspired anything (not like I ever went out of my way to talk to most regular NPCs), and the scripts are really just a convenient alternative to pulling stuff up on YouTube. (I only dug up that RSE script because there were two Trainers that the player in the video I watched this morning didn't even bother with.)
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One of the things that still bothers me is the question of whether I really do care about my self-control and integrity or if this whole thing is really just a defense mechanism against dealing with everything I had missed out on.

Suppose I did come back to the games, though. What's to actually gain from it? I'd get into the games, micro-manage my gameplay just like I used to, enjoy each instance a Pokemon levels up... and get frustrated from losing more often than not, and this time, I would know that my opponents are more than likely cheating (especially at the Battle Subway or wherever). So... keep playing?

Also, without the Dream World, without all the copies I used to own of everything, without any real personality... it all means nothing in the end. I'd play the whole game, put up with the games' dishonesty, make it to the Battle Subway, challenge it as much as I'd need to in order to buy whichever TMs I roll a double-5 for and teach them to some Pokemon or another, write the list up... and none of it means anything for all the time and money I invested in it.

Despite its modest beginning, this was supposed to be something grand, and it all came to an untimely end. The reason I even bought HeartGold, multiple copies of each Ranger game, and a Wii that I intended to play Pokemon Battle Revolution on, was to have Pokemon from all five main games to migrate to White from which I'd have gone back to playing just one game per pair. I made a point of obtaining Celebi, (Ash's) Pikachu, and the Shiny beast trio in all my Gen IV games early in 2011, only to limit how much more I'd play the games months later, swear myself off of them altogether the summer after, and eventually sell everything months even after Nintendo discontinued the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi service and killed any chance of me experiencing the Dream World should I have come back to it later. Had I stuck with the games past September '11, I would have rolled dice to decide which Pokemon would be Relocated from which games to White.

With half a year still remaining before I can possibly get a 3DS for Christmas, and before Pokemon Sun and Moon come out, I wonder whether I'd rather perpetuate this cycle at the cost of time and money, or just watch everything go by that I'd have fun with after different circumstances than what unfolded mid-'11.

But, I am not Marge Simpson, the one who gives Homer a second chance that he barely does anything to earn. I am Katy Perry, the one who looks back on the good times she had with her ex-boyfriend but burns up a half-hearted apology for cheating on her. Ditching the games was how I finally managed to get down to Kanji in Context only a few months later. There is no point throwing everything from there and everything I've cited all out the window now.

My former style of playing the games may have had been unique, but said games, in the end, are nothing more than games. I'll be sure to live life to the fullest, with other games and with actual accomplishments and real-life experiences, in exchange for everything I've already missed out on and will continue to miss out on.
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Only stuff that sounds really suspicious. Here goes:

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In addition to all that, those games made me obsessive-compulsive. I remember only too well during the months after completing SoulSilver, how much of a point I made out of the Ranger trilogy before playing Diamond. It was nothing but a relief not to be checking Bulbapedia every morning for events anymore after I lost it regarding my prize-Leafeon from, and I've also been spending my time and money so much better ever since. With both Parasitic Trio and Starbound on my plate, reviving a former addiction is the last thing I should ever do. And, even if I did, there wouldn't be any point to everything that goes on, unlike if I had continued past September 2011.

Would've been nice to have kept going with the series and made more lists beyond Diamond, but those in and of themselves aren't something to aim for, and those games aren't the source of my fond memories (which I've made with other games such as the 7th grade lineup, the Earthbound trilogy, and Dragon Warrior II); this blog is.
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Blood has started Bonds over just yesterday, as School Tradition (initially Classroom Confidential), and to also cover the origin of the Hunt Club and the events leading Izumi to shoot up Ryouou High. (Considering how badly Cries Unheard had already affected me two years ago, I will probably wait at least until this story is finished.)

Will ask him whenever he gets back to me if he also intends to rewrite The Loss of Innocence and Broken Dreams.


Jake cleared up with me that what I mentioned regarding Reshiram/Zekrom and Diancie has to do with two of the films. The former was a place in the Dream World to learn about the paired movie Victini & Reshiram/Zekrom and pick up a Victini Doll, while the latter had to do with Diancie having to create her own Mega Stone (something like that) in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.


Someone from Target got back to me, offering an early morning flow position that just opened up for 4 AM. That happens to be the time I normally start waking up, but Mom and I agreed to at least try waking up earlier, and set my cell phone alarm to go off at 3.

So far, I failed to wake up when it did go off, but I did go to bed later than usual last night, so we can give this some more time to work out.
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At this point, I think my muse for Parasitic Trio might be returning after all, what with Starbound and the Cibus project both off the table right now.

Tomorrow, I'll probably take that pedometer I bought a while ago and only opened recently and take a walk once and for all to determine how Jamie's first PokeWalker session unfolds. Upon finishing the chapter, I will look through the player's guide I just re-bought for Pokemon Black and White before starting another chapter (probably for Ellen). All goes well enough, I might very well re-buy those for BW2 and X/Y.

I actually remember back when I started the chapter months ago, discovering the three new berry species introduced in gen VI, and being able to fit them nicely in the story outline's section dealing with berries and Natural Gift, thanks specifically to the new 18th type Fairy. So, that's a good sign right there.


As for event-only Pokemon and items, there have been a good few from Gen V onward. At this point, the mons in question could be classified between unlocking full-fledged events, unlocking simple gimmicks, and netting items when shown to someone. However, certain individual mons and items alike are still worth noting:

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So, I've already mentioned my time playing Pokemon Pearl post-Elite Four during the summer of 2008 being the time at which I'd conceive the ficseries that would become known as Parasitic Trio. Just to be clear on one thing, I never started off with the intention to novelize and reconstruct the world that the games take place in, nor did I begin much earlier on with any intention to make a grand tradition out of anything, let alone Pokemon. People don't wake up one day and think "Let's start something to do every year or whatever, why don't we?" Such things are born from formerly mundane things that just so happen to snowball into importance. (I didn't have that many games back when I was playing Crystal in multiple playthroughs from Christmas of 2001 through '06, it was only months after Emerald was released here when I did beat it following my first, aborted playthrough of Sapphire, and the only other games out at that time until April '07 were FireRed and LeafGreen, albeit with Diamond and Pearl on the horizon.)

Furthermore, Parasitic Trio's purpose was not simply to novelize the games. The main gimmick was going to be three Trainers (who Jake and I just so happened to choose as the mains to sexualize in some stories that he never actually wrote*), who would find themselves appointed by the three legendary pixies of Sinnoh to help them in a rather... embarrassing way to fight against Teams Rocket, Magma, and Aqua, before all coming to Sinnoh itself to fight against Team Galactic. (Canonically, Jamie (known as Gold in the gen II games and Jimmy in The Legend of Thunder!) takes on Kanto, the region directly neighboring his own, while everything the mains in all the other games do is relatively minor.) Its immediate inspiration was a similarly-premised anime called Ultimate Girls (involving nudity-induced embarrassment as a form of Metaphysical Fuel), and the circumstances were ripe for it because I was already quite familiar with the games to that point and their overall setting, as well as because of the aforementioned, unrelated stories. The game-like side of things, as much more as it would interest me, only came afterwards as a while-I'm-at-it thing.

(*Technically, he had written the beginning of Ellen's standalone story and did eventually begin writing Jamie's, but the latter only as a role-play, and neither of those got past the beginning or found their way online.)

As for the whole Pal Park gimmick, along with how I considered gen III "the elemental generation" and later found out about the ill-fated SwordQuest promotion of old, I was pretty up-to-date with the Pokemon franchise at that time, courtesy of Bulbapedia, which was how I knew about various in-game events that had to be unlocked with Pokemon or items you could only obtain in real-life promotions. Corresponding with the five elements and the finale, there were exactly twelve items (including a certain Pokemon's egg) and six Pokemon at that time that carried such secondary purposes beyond battle in the games.


With that all out of the way, here is how much I really took from the player's guide for Black and White all those years ago:

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Two years later, I bought the player's guides for Black/White 2 and X/Y, but neither of them inspired anything like all that in me. It does help that at least Parasitic Trio had some meat (the actual premise) for the sauce (random things fighting eachother and chances to win prizes or fail to) to go with, but that's exactly what I sought the potential for. Not necessarily to actually write anything eventually, but come X and Y, you can pretty much guess that my favorite things about it (at least if I were still playing the games) would be the Battle Chateau (writs and titles like those sure seem interesting) and the Battle Maison, both to be the big payoff at the very end but pointless without everything preceding them.

And, like I've realized, the only reason I didn't actually have to play my copy of White was because I was still enthused about both Parasitic Trio and Monster Collection Chronicles. This was months before I would turn my attention to Starbound, for which I wouldn't even bother with any would-be game mechanics (although I did lightly consider that several times early on since), since that's eventually going to be an actual game anyway. The fact that Parasitic Trio, though not scrapped altogether like MCC, has sat on the back burner ever since tells me that even the grand finale (i.e. the Battle Frontier) and everything else I had already played around with for that story fails to maintain my interest in it, let alone in a second ficseries.

Really. I don't want just straight novelizations of all the games since gen IV, nor do I want something that focuses entirely on battles with only an Excuse Plot at best. I want to actually appreciate everything the games have to offer, without having to play against their crooked A.I., but at this point, I'm not exactly optimistic about anything here.
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Sent an email to Brian and Jake yesterday morning, and later to Marie when I happened to spot her on Gchat and bring up this whole issue as the main thing going on right now.

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Last night, I pretty much concluded that, if I really did still see Pokemon as anything special, I would not have made it my backup project in the first place. I remember thinking about it constantly all those years ago, and the following events in particular:

The Pal Park: Even though this was the reason I went back to play the remaining Gen III games between Pearl and Diamond, I would have done away with it if I hadn't learned about an old video game promotion called SwordQuest. Here, the mains would have participated in this after all challenging the Elite Four of Sinnoh, and the event itself would take place as a five-day contest to see who could catch the best six Pokemon each participant had yet to own each within a virtual environment corresponding to the elements of Fire (representing FireRed), Water (Sapphire), Earth (Ruby), Wind (Emerald), and Life (LeafGreen), as well as throughout the event overall.

While everyone scoring below would obtain a regular item of value corresponding to their place, those scoring 2nd or 3rd in each event would be awarded one of twelve items canonically obtainable only through past events (one of which would be absent). Normally, that is not something I would have gone out of my way to implement, but considering what happened to the SwordQuest campaign in real life, those are pretty much justified by those scoring 1st getting the prizes that were held then and, naturally, were never even canon to Pokemon.

-Fire: The chalice would summon a Pikachu-colored Pichu to bring to Ilex Forest in Johto and summon a spiky-eared Pichu.

-Water: The crown would summon Jirachi, who would unlock the PokeWalker route Night Sky's Edge, but more importantly, be able to grant wishes and befriend the wielder for one week before returning to its slumber. (At one time, it was specified on Bulbapedia that only an event Jirachi could unlock that route, but that was cleared up since then.)

-Earth: The philosopher's stone would summon a Regigigas, with which to access three different ruins throughout Sinnoh in which each of the lesser legendary golems reside.

-Wind: The talisman would summon a Shaymin that, unlike the one in Flower Paradise, could assume its Sky forme with a special Gracidea flower from someone residing in Floaroma Town. (Even though both forme and item were introduced only in Platinum, it did turn out at some point that even one caught within Diamond or Pearl could change forme when traded to Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver.)

-Life: A shield (my own invention) would summon a Celebi, with which to go back in time. Should any of the mains receive this, they would travel back to the past where they are to confront Cyrus at Lake Verity and battle him during the events leading up to those that began the story.

-And in the end, whoever scored the most points overall would receive the sword, with which to summon Arceus to bring to Sinjoh Ruins. (In the games, an Arceus obtained from the Hall of Origin from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum and traded off to HeartGold or SoulSilver was just as viable to unlock certain events at SR as one obtained directly in a real-life promotion, even though the Azure Flute never was distributed to enable legitimate access to the Hall.)

As I had based my former experiences with the games on luck, whatever the mains end up winning would be decided through various algorithms to determine everything that ends up happening.

The Battle Frontiers: Even though I didn't spend much time with the one in Emerald before starting my first playthrough in Diamond, this would become one of my favorite parts of the series between aborting said Diamond run and obtaining SoulSilver for my following birthday, in which I would seek mainly to raise points with which to exchange for stuff to bundle whichever mons I'd migrate from that game to SS and my second playthrough of Diamond with. (And to think that the Pokemon can't hold anything upon being migrated from gen IV onward, leaving my only purpose of the Frontier in SS left being to buy any TMs for which I land a double-5.)

As I sought only to see how far I could get in each facility (along with the Battle Towers in Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl for a perfect 10 with the seven comprising the gen III Frontier) during only the time that I intended to spend at each Frontier, the mains would only be given a week for each of their Frontier visits before they'd have to pay to continue battling there, and the actual outcomes are not set for them to ultimately win all the gold prints. Originally, while all three mains would take on the gen IV Frontier during the final chapters of the story, only May would have taken on the one from gen III before travelling to Sinnoh. However, then came Black and White to introduce the Battle Subway, which, while much simpler like the standalone Battle Towers in Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl, appealed to me as a nice concept to supplement the gen IV frontier with, but I could only think of to double as a means between both Frontiers, essentially making them into just one. (Isn't the actual purpose of a subway to commute? Wouldn't it have been practical in canon for there to be multiple places at which to access or leave, moving to the next stop after each battle, which I gather it was in the anime?)

More importantly, these were where all the focus would be on battling all manner of other Trainers' Pokemon, to be decided via RandomInteger. Also adding to this would be the potential for the mains to run into and team up with any of the five characters that join you at different points in DPP, and unlike in the games (where they can only aide you in the Battle Tower), the mains could enlist them (as well as eachother) to fight double-battles in any facility of their choice.


While those two whole things were what I looked forward to the most, they would have been pretty meaningless were they to stand alone, apart from everything else that would have happened throughout the story. Nowadays, though, they seem kinda meaningless anyway, since this whole thing is about material gain and reflecting how I used to play the games. Brian even did once describe such stuff as happens after the Elite Four in each game as anticlimactic (first paragraph in cut).

(And, at this point, I'm feeling a bit burnt out to go on about what actually appealed to me when I read the player's guide for Black/White through and what I proceeded to imagine from there. So, maybe later today, so that I can show Brian both these entries on the same page.)
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Brian called last night, and I filled him in on my dilemma regarding Pokemon. At one point, he asked me to think about what excites me, and I asked him to explain what he means by that.

The example he used was if I ever saw an action movie and wished I was the one in the middle of everything going on. I ruled that out, saying that movies tend not to interest me in the first place.

I then went on to explain that, with Pokemon, I appreciate all the different parts of the world and their mons that the games all have to offer, and how I hope to put those of the first four generations into prose. This he found nothing short of moving.

Moving on, I also told him that I probably wouldn't be coming over to see him, and he agreed that now isn't the most convenient time for him to have me over, due to having recently been let go from his job. He should be coming over next month, though, and also agreed to have me show him an episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


At this point, I'm thinking that, if anything, the next best thing to actually playing the games again might be to watch other people's playthroughs on YouTube. Even with four more dungeons left in Link's Awakening (which I've even slowed down with lately), something like that would be viable right about now.
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I'm also afraid that if I did get back into a series of games that I abandoned for good reasons in the first place, I might also lose control of my impulses in general and give Cries Unheard an unwarranted second chance. I don't look for every little thing wrong with something, which is why I rely on Yincira to beta-read stuff I write or commission for, and also why it took me so damn long to realize everything wrong with Pokemon and still a good few chapters into CU to find even more stuff wrong with that fic than I posted in those first three reviews. However, I do expect at least some level of integrity in what I consume, and there was a fic I ditched right away upon noticing Miyuki saying "yeah," a word that her vocabulary does not include.

-Just three months ago

Yes, it was the removal of that fic that soon led me to check the discussion page under that trope I found the games under. That probably would have occurred to me all the way back then if I was in a better mindset to begin with, which I most likely would have been if either Leafeon had remained on longer than it did, I actually read some instructions carefully (assuming it even did specify a deadline to obtain it) or otherwise made a point of setting up the Global Link in White earlier than I did*, or if I wasn't stupid enough to default back to Pokemon in the first place following my disappointment with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, which I played in search of a more standard RPG that would have a definitive end and wouldn't cost real-life money for in-game features after trying out Gardens of Time and DDTank on Facebook.

(*Could have done that during our week upstate in May that year, but the amount of time I had to myself there was a lot more conducive for how complicated things had gotten where I already was in Diamond than what relatively little time we had spent in Virginia four months later.)

Just googled "Pokemon A.I. cheats", and there are all kinds of experiences people have shared in several different fora, and even one video showcasing how broken the RNG in the Battle Maison in X/Y really is. However, there are certain detractors, one of which explains how the A.I. really works (Sept. 3, 2014), but the video pauses the footage after some pretty damning evidence starting here. How does one explain the use of an Ice move against a resistant Water-type Pokemon with more than half its HP left, instead of a super-effective electrical move more than likely also in its moveset, when Earth and Dragon are just two of now eighteen types of Pokemon that anyone can have, along with the Ice-resistant Ice and Metal types that would still be vulnerable to electricity and would still take normal damage (as opposed to less-than-effective) from water? Not to mention that not only could Azumarill not be frozen after having just been paralyzed, but Lanturn is part-Thunder, and whatever matching moves it had would have been even stronger due to something called the Same-Type Attack Bonus.

If I was in a better frame of mind when I read about A.I. cheating in Pokemon, I would have at least tested things out in the Battle Tower in Diamond, recording my battles, and examining everything that would go on. This, however... is just inexcusable.

On top of that, there were also two people who described their experiences when they tested things out using savestates. Don't getting me started on everything else people have had to say. It's pretty much safe to say that these games really are dishonest.

So, maybe abandoning and eventually selling all those games really was the right thing to do, and buying Black just the other day was indeed a mistake.

Funny, though. A paradox consisting of bullshit like this and worlds and events to enjoy was what fueled my inspiration for Parasitic Trio. I've only lightly considered any plans for a second ficseries, though, and I don't have the drive anymore to write PT.

So, fuck the games, and this isn't the first time I've declared the ficseries dead. Pokemon itself is dead to me.
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Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2: An intended continuation of everything I had done in Red. Bought Stadium 1 and two transfer paks, and still couldn't transfer any of my mons onto the game. In hindsight, I suppose I could have bought a second copy of the game, even if it was later on, but after having paid for that many things already, I decided not to make any bigger a deal out of it.

The Battle Tower in Crystal: Tried out during my '03 playthrough (prior to my startover in Red), and found it way too hard. (Also tried out the one in Sapphire after completing its main game, but it initially didn't interest me that much either, and it wasn't until I got serious about the Battle Frontier in Emerald that I would come back to it.)

And, in lieu of Bill's time machine, if migrating had been introduced during gen II instead of IV, I might have made use of it then (not so much before '06, though). But then again, maybe not, considering how I sought other people at school to help me fix up Sapphire before sending that game to get repaired instead of buying a second Game Boy Advance (which Mom did, and then returned). Didn't know at the time, either, that the Game Boy Advance was compatible with GBC games. (Not that that would've helped with the berry glitch even if that copy of Sapphire was legitimate.)

And finally, if I decide not to play any further games since Diamond, this whole mess might be all the more reason to come back to Parasitic Trio. Someone in Emerald even mentions the Battle Frontier as a place where people come from around the world, and the one in PT (combining those from both Emerald and Platinum/HGSS, with the Battle Subway to boot) would be a better place than any to showcase such a vast variety of mons from gen V and beyond. (May, beforehand, will probably visit the Battle Resort, complete with the Battle Maison, before heading to Sinnoh.)
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Had my doctor's appointment yesterday. While waiting in the lobby, Mom and I saw on the news that Dowling College is closing.

Not sure if I should bother visiting that place one last time. Not exactly three of the best years of my life back when I was going there, even though those did have some fond memories along the way. If I have any real reason to go back, it would be to see Vincent one more time and talk about everything that's happened since my dropout of the Dowling Project.


No matter how I look at it, I still can't get over how everything had fallen apart regarding my track record of Pokemon, and certain events I'll be missing out on in Black. I mean, true, I never meant for those games to become a long-running campaign, but that doesn't change the fact that they did so.

So, skipping everything that could have unfolded differently from beforehand and resulted in those lists never being made, let's look at said record until the end:

Red: Played only as a way to justify starting a new game in Crystal, after having already reached Mt. Mortar in that game two years earlier (the furthest I had ever gotten in any of the Gen II games). Little did I know about the death of that copy, whenever it had happened, until I eventually sold all my games.

Crystal: The only other game besides Silver that I happened to own before buying my first of two Game Boy Advances. Played most of the way through early in 2006, but lost interest when it came time to capturing Entei (I had already captured Raikou beforehand). Only came back to it after aborting my first copy of Sapphire (see below), as a way to pass time before getting Emerald for Christmas that year.

Sapphire: Only bothered playing late in '06 as a result of trying to read some fanfiction and not being able to tell what mons were what from Gen III. This was just the most obvious way to familiarize myself. Aborted mid-game due to the berry glitch, found out after obtaining Emerald that my data had deleted itself, and later still from a repair service (after something that happened for me to decide to abort my first playthrough of Emerald) that it was a bootleg before getting a real copy in exchange. Had I seen this through the first time, I would have instead gotten FireRed or LeafGreen for Christmas and might never have created those old lists or experienced the Battle Frontier in Emerald.

LeafGreen: Just another game... at least when I was playing it during '07.

Pearl: The game to re-introduce the concept of migrating Pokemon, and also the point at which I finally catch up with the games for a while. I used the Pal Park in this game to migrate some otherwise unobtainable mons that I hacked with a GameShark, which is something I sort of regretted doing, and those few things combined are why I went back to play the other three Gen III games before originally intending to play Platinum. (Let's also keep in mind that I had beaten this game only shortly after first conceiving Parasitic Trio, too early to actually get started with that.)

FireRed, Ruby, Emerald: The games in which I'd hack the event-only locations as a personal "reward" for having already played Sapphire and LeafGreen through. How quick I was to start playing Ruby, and then Emerald, after completing FireRed around Christmas of '08, ought to say something about how addicted I really was to these games at the time. Took a break from Emerald very late in the main game, and it was several months after Platinum came out that I finally got back to it, beat the Elite Four, and experienced the Battle Frontier for the very first time.

Diamond, first playthrough: Even though I already had gotten Platinum for my birthday, I decided to buy a copy of this from GameStop to play instead, as a way to make up for what I had done with the Pal Park in Pearl and use it right when it came time to using it. Too bad I'd go on to abort this playthrough following something that happened involving trading.

SoulSilver: Played right after receiving this for my birthday of 2010. It is after this game and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs that I would start to fall behind with the games.

Diamond, starting over: Started off by making a damn point of playing the Deoxys mission in Guardian Signs, expecting to take care of that a lot sooner than I was able to. That whole fiasco is the reason I bought a second Nintendo DS.

This is also where things begin to fall apart, once I start to notice any number of things that I happened not to agree with and grow gradually frustrated. Learning that I missed out by one month on a Leafeon I won in Play to Befriend a Pokemon is what actually tips me off, although it wouldn't have if not for how I was already feeling at the time. Not a coincidence, though, that a three-day trip to Virginia late in September '11 was the time that I decided to establish the Global Link in White, since things were still early and simple enough in that game compared to where I was in Diamond. Can't remember if it was before or after that that I finished everything to do on Sinnoh's mainland in Diamond and decided to have a break from that, but it wasn't until summer the following year that I would eventually come back to finish it off.

And then... I read on TV Tropes that the facilities (supposedly) cheat, only to find out recently that this probably was never true. Had I not learned of that, I might have eventually bounced back and continued with HeartGold, instead of eventually selling all my games. From there, I would have bought secondary copies of all five gen III games from which to migrate Pokemon onto that and Platinum, before eventually playing just White and one of its two sequels and migrating six Pokemon each from my original gen IV games onto each of those.

Now, after all that buildup, unlike between gens III and IV, I have nothing to migrate onto Black and whichever of its sequels I might end up playing.

Considering how far away Christmas still is, though, it's possible that I might buy a new copy each of HeartGold and Platinum, from which to migrate Pokemon onto whichever sequel I buy after getting my 3DS. But then again, considering how long it took to complete some of my former games, that could result in me falling behind again, and really, would it actually be necessary to experience the Relocator in Black, or was the Pal Park something I just happened to have the resources with which to take advantage of (Pearl notwithstanding)?

There's also that issue of the Dream World no longer being accessible (even though it does occupy half the Gen V folder under TV Tropes: Scrappy Mechanic: Pokemon).

So, I'll need to decide once I complete Link's Awakening, and also based on my actual agenda, where to go from there. Part of coming back to this in the first place also has to do with Parasitic Trio, something I've already started and have considered coming back to mainly due to still getting nowhere fast with Starbound or the Cibus project.

I did bring this up with Jake last night, and he did say that I could just as easily try something new, before suggesting this game called Rabi-Ribi.

It's also possible that I might just forget about all this should I actually do immerse myself in Black, and just enjoy what I'm still able to.
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Dad and I saw a family of ducks on Station Road on our way to the gym yesterday, and both I and someone behind me were sure enough to come to a stop right before them to let them cross.


Mom got me a flyer for openings at the Target store in South Setauket, which is less than half an hour to drive from here. While I would be glad to start making some money again, this presents a dilemma regarding Pokemon Black.

To start with, while I have already forfeited a lot of stuff by abandoning the games before playing White beyond the first gym, one thing that might slightly make up for that is the potential to visit Black City at its fullest. I already had no chance of seeing much at White Forest, having started the game for the sake of giveaways while I still had yet to transfer Deoxys from Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs to Pokemon Diamond, and also planned at the time to play Pokemon Battle Revolution and Pokemon HeartGold and Platinum after seeing Diamond through (not to mention the need for local friends (of which I only had one at the time, who hasn't even said anything to me in years) to provide BC or WF to visit in order to get people to come there in one's own game).

Here's the deal with Black City and White Forest: There are Trainers who technically live there when the game begins, and also return when you visit the opposite equivalent place in someone else's game, but they leave after a point system pertaining to them reaches 0. So, from the start of the game, they'd leave after 4, 6, 14, or 16 days (to the minute) after you begin. (Thankfully, only three leave after the 4-day mark, but there are many more that do so after day 6.)

Even though I already have the game and player's guide, now is not a good time to start playing. My Pokedex is currently in Indiana, there's bound to be more brush to clean up, and now Mom has to arrange a doctor's appointment due to an ailment on my foot that's acted up for the second time only a few days ago and has gotten pretty bad by now. I would also like not to rush myself through Link's Awakening or abandon it midgame, and while I'm now at the fourth dungeon in that game, I don't know how much time will remain before our trip to Pennsylvania after I complete it.

Whenever I decide to start playing Pokemon Black, I intend to take one day to get some stuff done before actually starting early the next morning, so that I can have as much time to myself as humanly possible for at least four days straight. From there, I hope to defeat at least two or three gym leaders each day (counting the Elite Four as one), and will determine after each day whether I should relax or step up my game.


Today's hot sauce: Gecko Joe's Teriyaki
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Finally beat Zelda II: The Adventure of Link yesterday. Had to incur a total of 13 game overs (not counting some that I didn't save); one after each of the lesser palaces, one before saving inside the Great Palace (turns out you can only restart at its entry point by selecting Continue), and the remaining six just yesterday.

That player's guide I bought, even Japanese aside, wasn't as reliable as I expected it would be. Since there apparently weren't any that were published here, Jake and I can only assume that original players could only find everything by word of mouth, trial and error, and whatever extent was covered by Nintendo Power.


Already contacted Blood regarding Bonds the other day, and I'm still waiting to hear back from him or even see when he'll do something on That story, while originally planned as my break before Link's Awakening, is gonna have to wait until then, but then again, I could say that I've had enough of a break by focusing on everything involved around the yard and not playing Zelda II as much, so I might play LA soon as Mom's week-long vacation from work ends and I can finally settle down.

(Speaking of Blood, Mom did advise me before not to bring up what I had brought up two years ago with him. While she did have some good tips in general when I restarted with him (such as keeping things short and sweet to start with and trying not to seem "ready to pounce"), she seemed to take what I had told her before at face value, as if the questions I had raised with him were problematic for him in and of themselves. The whole point of starting over with him was to see how things could have unfolded if I was somewhat more reasonable about certain things, and I've had plenty of reason each step of the way to assume that things would go a lot smoother. Could analyze the exchange so far, but Yincira has called me out before for detailing my personal interactions with others so publicly as on this mostly open blog, so I'll probably do so privately if at all. Right now, though, it's possible that he's only read my second-to-last PM to him so far and decided whether or not to read certain things I linked him to upon uploading chapter 35 (second of part II) of I Was Kagami Hiiragi, and will get back to me whenever he comes back to check his inbox.)


Spoke to Brian last night after overhearing Mom on the phone with him, and brought up our planned Father's Day trip among other things. He told me that he and Marie could at least consider whether to visit us all in Pennsylvania.

Regarding stuff to go over, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to print up a past email exchange I had with Yincira regarding Magicant, since that's the second half of what the next chapter is due to cover. The overall outline should probably wait until Yincira's ready to critique that, before I can make any possible changes to it before printing that whole thing up. Not sure how much longer that will be, but if Brian and I can go over that email exchange in Pennsylvania, that would negate any need for the time being to go visit him at his place.


Right now, I am pretty much set on buying a copy of Pokemon Black and a new player's guide and Pokedex for after I finish Link's Awakening. Nothing like following a Game Boy game up with a DS game (the latter system being Nintendo's first handheld to drop the former's moniker), something I also did four years ago by finishing off Pokemon Diamond shortly after playing Super Mario Land 2.

After that, though, I will probably make a point of getting a 3DS for Christmas in half a year before playing the rest of the series to date. Me having mentioned that in a comment yesterday under my previous entry, Jake recommended on AIM that I also check out Stella Glow and Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven once I have that. (Before the convo gets buried, I should also make a note to register accounts for My Nintendo and Miitomo before playing or buying anything, in order to get points for each purchase I make.)
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According to ShinyMoogle in the discussion page for TV Tropes: The Computer is a Cheating Bastard:

I think all of the current battle facility entries are questionable at best. Accusations of cheating regarding the institutions generally reek extremely heavily of confirmation bias. The very system is designed to stack the odds against the player. Many, many things can go wrong - a critical hit at the wrong time, a status inflicted, a move missing, a poor Pokemon matchup - and the player has to deal with these chances in an extensive string of battles. On top of all that, players have only a limited number of Pokemon to use for dealing with a multitude of possible threats, and many battle facility Pokemon also pack luck-based items. But losing to that is a result of randomness at work, not a cheating AI. The AI doesn't need to cheat in the actual gameplay, because the system is designed so that any stretch of bad luck in any form can ruin a winning streak - and there are many situations where luck is a factor.

People have cracked open the code of the game and found no conclusive proof of any RNG rigging nor Pokemon counter-picking. The Pokemon that show up in the facilities in each generation are drawn from predetermined pools which have been fully explored on sites like Smogon, and it's not just possible, but probable that any weaknesses in a team will eventually find themselves exposed.

There is one - a single individual one - properly documented instance of the computer being a cheating bastard in Pokemon Emerald's Battle Frontier: a Shuckle with a 252/0/0/106/252/0 EV distribution, which exceeds the maximum EV limit a Pokemon can have (510).

But aside from that, I think the current battle facility entries should be removed unless someone can dredge up a proper analysis or code examination that doesn't depend entirely on anecdotal evidence.

If that be the case, I think I might get back into Pokemon after all. Granted, there were other things that bothered me about the games since less than a year earlier, but I never experienced (or at least perceived) actual cheating on the AI's part personally. Having not played any of them since then, except briefly just shortly before calling BS on it, due to everything I listed shortly prior still, it is natural enough that I'd believe what was likely in retrospect just someone's perception skewed by frustration. Having just reread everything else listed on both TV Tropes and the hyperlinked entry, I'd say that what I felt, while valid enough, wasn't any more significant than what I only felt when I was playing Silver during December '01.

Right now, though, I still plan on beating the two Zelda games and possibly re-hosting Bonds before arranging my stay at Brian's apartment, since I'm too close to beating Zelda II to stop playing it now and am planning to leave my Super NES at his place and won't be able to play the copy I just bought of Link's Awakening afterwards. However, while I was able to fill in most of my time since Starbound's last update two years ago, something like Pokemon could have come in more handy than ever for the same reasons I got back into Zelda. In a way, maybe it's a good thing I ditched Pokemon four years ago, since I'll now have five games and counting (one from each pair since Black/White) to fill any empty time with. Regaining inspiration for Parasitic Trio would also help a great deal during times like this.
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Had a civil service exam last Saturday. Was set on unwinding from my stay at Brian's with Getter Love!! afterwards, but I didn't want to get started right before going to the gym with Mom, and it was already evening when we came home.

Fell sick the next day, but attempted two rounds. First ended with a failed attempt to confess my love to Kiiro. In the second, I was supposed to meet Makoto at the Game Corner in the second morning, but ended up hitting the Karaoke Corner instead even after double-checking (they both comprise the Panda Amusement Center together), and just turned the game off before she could chew me out. Never played any further rounds, given how poorly I could keep it together in such a frame of mind as I was in.

(Funny, isn't it? That I start feeling ill from pollen just days after me and Brian watched that episode of Lucky Star where Soujiro struggles with a pollen-induced allergy attack.)

Spent the rest of that day and the next reading the rest of my Pokemon ORAS guide. Nothing ever came to mind for Parasitic Trio, but I might chalk that up to trying to digest everything it has to offer at once.

I also began wondering if I should get back into Pokemon after all. I mean, while the concept of Mega Evolution did interest me, certain other things like O-Powers and Pokemon-Amie just seem rather convoluted without any actual gameplay experience. However, this issue has only ever come up whenever Pokemon itself becomes relevant in any way, the last time being months ago when Marie ordered me to write something in exchange for writing help, and the previous time almost a year earlier after I sold all my Pokemon stuff, and the answer has been no each time. There is no point trying to build up a team and set a battle record if the game is gonna hijack itself to make sure you lose at some point before you do so naturally. That's not a challenge; that's just a fucking insult, as if the game is sitting perched upon a ledge looking down on you and shouting "Sucker!" Plus, I've been so much better off ever since I abandoned the games, with more time and money to devote to other things, and there are at least six other (existing) games I've got plans for right now.

And yes, this does extend back to Gen I, via Pokemon Stadium. I bought that game specifically to utilize everything I had captured and raised in Red, but ended up barely playing it even without all that, because neither transfer pak that I bought for it worked and I wasn't sure if buying another copy would have made any difference either. That, in turn, is also why I never bothered with Pokemon Stadium 2 after completing Crystal a year later.

I'm also afraid that if I did get back into a series of games that I abandoned for good reasons in the first place, I might also lose control of my impulses in general and give Cries Unheard an unwarranted second chance. I don't look for every little thing wrong with something, which is why I rely on Yincira to beta-read stuff I write or commission for, and also why it took me so damn long to realize everything wrong with Pokemon and still a good few chapters into CU to find even more stuff wrong with that fic than I posted in those first three reviews. However, I do expect at least some level of integrity in what I consume, and there was a fic I ditched right away upon noticing Miyuki saying "yeah," a word that her vocabulary does not include. (Kagami is still guilty of exactly the first thing presented here, Miyuki herself even mentions that she overheard certain things from her father that Satoshi so decided to ask her for, and the whole thing makes about as much sense as Disney's Pinnochio.)

Like, if you were related to, I dunno, Michael Jordan, would that automatically mean that you're good at basketball?

-The Angry Video Game Nerd, barely five minutes into his Hong Kong '97 video. And yes, I've also taken some time yesterday to (almost) catch up on that, leaving off on that one. Good thing I haven't been on top of that so much ever since he announced a break to focus on his movie following his Spielberg games video, especially given how relatively few of them he's been putting out ever since. If I were feeling a lot better right now than I still am, I'd already be down to business with my Starbound agenda, although I would count these days of barely doing anything enough as decompression from my time at Brian's place.
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