Feb. 19th, 2017

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Drove Mom to Stop & Shop yesterday. Upon arriving, we noticed a bagel place listed on the store board that we assumed either was new or we didn't notice before. I went in to check it out, and it was still being renovated, to open sometime this week.

Went to Cafe Gia instead, and got myself a pepperoni pinwheel, a slice of chocolate/vanilla rum cake, and some chocolate milk. (Shouldn't get anything with alcohol; that cake tasted kinda bitter, and I only ate the top half.)


Asked Marie if she could look into arranging to have me over at Brian's place soon, whether she takes that class or not. Would like to focus on Lucky Star for a bit after having completed a fourth consecutive chapter of Parasitic Trio yet to be rewritten, and the first thing I want to do with that is watch the anime all the way through with him. (Gonna have him read the fic sometime after that, and I hope to actually get that back off the ground afterwards.)

(Only helps that David has agreed to outline a future arc, in which the party will visit Italy after Nurşen joins them in Greece. If he actually follows through with that, then I'll finally have some new story content to mull over.)



Out of curiosity, I actually found a copy of Starcomi on Ebay, but it is clearly not the same game depicted in that screenshot in Nintendo Power. Brought it up on the ROMhacking forum (as well as with the seller, who never got back to me), and one person told me that someone must have slipped up while putting that page together.

It's funny, because writing the above-linked entry is what cued me to watch the original Di Gi Charat anime, stopping just short of the last main episode (which is no longer on YouTube). For all I was able to find out online, though, the actual game depicted might have been a prototype of Digi Communication (whose title ironically would suggest a connection between the games), in which case could explain how someone might've confused them. (Similarly, I do understand that Jester was actually cancelled early in development, despite being advertised on one of those Sega posters I bought three months ago.)



Didn't mention this before, but to an extent, I kinda consider Parasitic Trio's version of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier something like Knuckles Chaotix, albeit with different ratios: Three main characters, five other participants that they are acquainted with (or could introduce to eachother), and six different facilities to battle in. (Even though tag battles could only be held canonically in the Battle Tower (the Battle Subway is canonically its own entity altogether), I always thought that it would be a lot more unique make them viable in all facilities (ditto for the Hoenn Frontier, save for the Pyramid and Pike).)

(I did wish even when writing the above-linked entry that I could mention it, but it didn't seem entirely practical at the time. Things were still a bit messy, what with the Subway set to travel between the Hoenn and Sinnoh Frontiers, which would make it a lot harder for Ellen, Jamie, and May specifically to spot Mira, Cheryl, and Riley respectively before introducing them to their fellow protagonists. However, I had since re-decided that it will travel instead to Veilstone City and back via a channel-tunnel.)

Here's something else I should've mentioned then, that I did add to TV Tropes: Hilarious in Hindsight: Video Games (for Battle Arena Toshinden 4):

[Puella's] theme could easily be a Battle Frontier facility theme in Pokémon (the Battle Subway seems arguably suitable). Listen to the bell notes, and then listen to the original Battle Frontier theme from Emerald and its subsequent remixes for the Battle Factory, Arcade, Hall, and Castle in Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

(And yes, quality differences between game systems (not least of all the Playstation vs the Nintendo DS) is something I'm already much more aware of than before I conceived Starbound, and some way to loop that song as naturally as possible would also help. But then again, I've also watched part of a Sinnoh anime episode that played an upgraded version of the Sandgem Town theme, and if I were to commission for an animation of Parasitic Trio (unlikely as that may be), I would base half its soundtrack on the anime's and commission for upgrades for all game-only songs.)


Along with all that and the Brain battle theme being one of my favorite songs from the games even in general, are the different poses both the Frontier Brains and the five stat Trainers (the latter whom you can fight in the Battleground in Platinum) strike when you fight them. This led me to think that maybe the protagonists should have their own poses, but while the Brains' battle animations made sense for who they were, there is no way I would have been able to think up what the stat Trainers do equivalently. Brought it up on the Serebii forum two days ago, but didn't get any replies.


(For context there, Blue is the character from Pokemon Adventures whom Jake renamed Ellen for her original story that went unwritten, and I would call the Johto lead Jimmy (as per The Legend of Thunder!) if he hadn't already objected to that. However, he would still assume Kenta, should I write a Japanese-names version (with Ellen also renamed Aoi) on, say, The Fanfiction Forum.)

What's also weird, as I would find out on YouTube, is that none of the Galactic Commanders had animations even in Platinum, and neither did any of the Rocket Executives in HGSS (although Jake did ask me not to incorporate them anyway), even though they were all highly significant to the plots while meeting each of the Stat Trainers is (mostly) optional.

While reading Bulbapedia: Stat Trainers, I read under Trivia that those five Trainers were the only ones prior to BW2 to have both pre-battle animations and the standard Trainer theme. I thought this whole time that Trainer animations were dropped altogether as of the original Black and White, seeing how Pokemon were first animated in Crystal, had that gimmick renewed in Emerald, retained it even through Diamond and Pearl, and went on to sport constant animations in Black/White where Trainers became static again. As it turns out, though, all Trainers strike poses in the sequels, and this has also been renewed as of the full-3D Sun and Moon.

So, all the more reason for either a webcomic or an animation, I guess. But then again, it's not like anyone's animations include sending their Pokemon out (even though even your opponents still get separate animations for that in Sun/Moon).


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