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Enough with Getter Love!! already.

To begin with, the whole point of playing it this week before Grandpa comes over was to take advantage of its availability and stave off the time that I play Mother. Honestly, though, it's not fun when it reminds me of the grand finale of a fic that I am having nothing to do with for a long time*, and it says something when the secondary thing I decided to alternate it with, which I was originally planning for right before Thanksgiving, overshadows that instead.

(*By that, I mean that each time a girl (one of the secondary characters) visits one of the players somewhere, and especially when someone lands a double date, that in particular reminds me of the potential times when one of Unwilling Service's main characters will either battle or team up with either eachother or someone they've befriended beforehand.)

In fact, Mother can also wait a bit longer. Even though it might motivate me to work on some of my Starbound files for a bit, any planning for the fic's next arc is still gonna have to wait until Brian's here and I can show him this past entry and discuss things in general with him (even before we watch Popotan, either then or over the holidays).

All things considered, I'm just gonna continue reviewing my vocabulary, revisit just Kanji in Context after that, and then ask Marie then to send me her phone, reviewing stuff just one more time with that on its way here. (Even though I've abstained otherwise from RPGs in general well over a year ago for aforementioned Starbound-related reasons, I would be glad to spend some time with Madoka for until I can get some ideas for that damn arc to mull over already.)
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Chapter 13 of Starcrossed Sisters:

Dad picked us up some Turkish takeout for Mom's birthday. While Mom and I were sorting the food out, I accidentally knocked over the container of red lentil soup by a ladle that Mom placed in it.

From now on, let's take care of that first, and set it aside before we manage everything else.


Let me be honest with myself as I continue putting my life back together:

My interest in Lucky Star has all but waned at this point.

Might come back to Starbound another day, but up until recently, I had simply been more interested in Pokemon. Just sent Jake another apology several days ago, after something dawned upon me and I figured he'd at least have had enough time to cool off, but I still have yet to hear from him. Even if he does, though, he still has yet to get his life back in order, and I still have next year's trip to save up for.

So, with even that off the table now, I mainly just wanna focus now on Madoka. I'm not even particularly interested in reading any fanfiction anymore, aside from what I commission for.

Speaking of which, since I no longer plan on writing anything personally like I did between uploading the original Cibus fic as it still remains to FanFiction and having Brian talk me out of rebooting it more than a year later, and with Starcrossed Sisters panning out so well as it is so far and looking fine even without her input, I gotta say that waiting for Yincira is also a moot point, at least as far as fanfiction goes. I did already mention hoping to discuss some terms for critiques whenever she does, but without my original reason for discussing fanfic possibilities, all that's left is commemoration and because I had already sent her Oriko (original and Extra Story), Kazumi, and Suzune Magica to read personally, and I'm sure she'd appreciate not having to brainstorm anything involving such fetishy subject matter inherent in the Cibus project. (Jake even told me in his last email thus far that Yincira might've been avoiding me because of that, and even though that's only an inference from a different person than her, I have no reason to doubt that might indeed have had partly to do with it.)
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Went with Brian to Bagel Lovers down the street yesterday. For the ride there, I suggested he check out Super Bomberman R as long as he intends to invest in a Switch, after having consumed music and footage of it on YouTube, and also described my Upwork situation and how that has improved to him.

During our actual time there, I asked him if he could place a finger on what it is about my wish to pay tribute to Konami's canon PSX library in some way with Day of the Beehive. He agreed that to buy so many games as it released in all three combined regions would be super-expensive, and suggested I just recommend them, providing information about each game and links to YouTube footage. (This is something I'd probably do, in release date order, on the day we release DotB online, although I'd be really hard-pressed to come up with anything for all its various sports games; seriously, how much different overall could Goal Storm be from ISS Pro Evolution? Soccer is soccer.)


Jake was never on Skype ever since I doubled down on him until just yesterday afternoon, upon having a partial sketch of Mai Tsurugino naked to show me for input. He is far from the first person I've ever commissioned whose skills don't even remotely amount to Yincira's or JessicaElwood's, and I gave the best input I could muster when he's not interested in anyone else's input and Yincira is still out to lunch and never will deal with anyone sporting such excessively large breasts as she's supposed to in the respective fanfic. From there, I've decided to let him revise and finish her before I decide whether to have him proceed with the Unwilling Service mains or do something else.

I also gave him permission to ask me for fanfic help again, but also requested a list of everything that bothered him about US that he supposedly never brought up with me (assuming until then that, by "75%", he meant of the fic throughout, most of which was only outlined so far, little in turn of which we ever even talked about). At first, he failed to understand how I failed to get anything he said, but until last night, he did leave some stuff a bit vague. After having previously started explaining his situation about Pokemon in general, he ran out of steam and just left it at the time at "half-measures", which he then only specified as "respecting eachother's wishes", which, as it now turns out, did in fact mean compromises. He explained just last night that, basically, he wanted freedom to do various things his way, but I wanted some level of control over what he does, and this went on to affect how subsequent scenes would play less to his liking than if I just let him do whatever. Along with how he wanted to picture Jamie, he also cited something Ellen originally did to her father (now her uncle) that I just rolled with at first but would later delete after he wrote up an expanded version of that. (Unless I misunderstood him last night, he thought I was talking about what she did, when I actually meant any sexual interactions with him, which I would equate with his aversion to Jasmine being sexualized in any way whatsoever. Not that I expect just that much to bring him back on board.)

(On a similar note, I am willing to allow Jake to reinstate the original metamorphoses, something I went out of my way to avoid originally, into the Yoshi's Island fic if he ever sees that through, given how inherent he specified they are as part of the original game.)

Well, Unwilling Service is and shall remain my project primarily, and to begin with, to have him expand upon it was his own idea back in 2011, based on his personal opinion of my writing style that I so happened to agree with for that particular story. So, yeah, I can kinda understand how much more fun he expected to have, to go wild with things, instead of having me tell him what he can and can't do, and I'm at fault for not making anything clear when we first agreed upon anything. Keep in mind that the closest I knew about to Upwork back then was to shop around on deviantArt and invite people on FanFiction through author's notes. I'd at least owe him points for trying to see things through anyway, even if I wouldn't have experienced such intense frustration trying to get anything out of Upwork if my attempts with Jake didn't drag out for so long as they did. Now that he's done writing anything to it, I do hope he still enjoys reading what goes up despite certain things he still disagrees with.


Last night, Mom actually managed to boot up my previous laptop, after talking with Brian about bringing it to Apple.

On the negative side, Marie's flight here has been delayed to tonight.
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For not the first time, Mom asked me yesterday what's been getting to me that she can't help but hear me rant and rave to myself. It has everything to do with my Upwork situation, which is what I later brought up with Brian when she put me on the phone with him.

I ended said call promising to fill him in on things when he and Marie come home next weekend, but I suppose I might as well just get shit out right now:

Read more... )

(*Jimmy's first chapter still has traces of something I explicitly asked Jake not to include, and I've decided to take advantage of his departure from the project to have that rewritten on my terms. And no, barring any further discussion with him, I am not calling him Jamie anymore.)


If Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive ever goes halfway through, with its progress to be hosted online, I might just buy myself an original Playstation and start recording playthroughs of Konami's different games for it to host at the end of each blog entry. (Will still use my second Playstation 2 to play Japanese games, including those published by other companies in the US. Will also record new playthroughs of the Earthbound trilogy (unrelated to either entity), and maybe even Dragon Warrior III first, on emulators, when the game is almost ready for launch.)
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Brian suggested yesterday for Starbound, that the party visit a museum somewhere during their time in Great Britain. It only helps that where they'll end up upon leaving Magicant just so happens to be within vicinity of London, since I've only known musea to exist in cities.

While we still have yet to discuss the details of how they wind up there, or even in London itself, we did decide on an art museum when I showed him this entry from before, followed by some footage of Buster Buddies. Promised from there to bring my own copy of the Buster Bros. Collection after mentioning the PSX version having better audio than the arcade version I showed him a clip of, since he still has our original Playstation 2.

He went on to urge me to work on that scene, instead of trying to write stuff chronologically. Apparently, he thought it was only one particular scene I'm seemingly stuck on that's giving me a hard time, but I explained that, in truth, I'm just tired (again) of Lucky Star itself right now. He thinks the problem is that I bit off way more than I can chew ever since I started this whole project, but I asked for some time to think things over, and wrote him a great long email, starting with an analogy involving why I got into Mega Man five years ago, and then detailing everything from my writing of Starbound's first chapter a few months later, to my attempts to edit and re-host Blood's old works two years ago, to Yincira's decision not to provide fanfiction help and the lack of meaningful help I could find from anyone else, to Jake's constant failure to ghostwrite anything after I finally thought "fuck it" and revived Unwilling Service. The fact that I even did revive US should show how little I wanted to do with Lucky Star by the time I did so.

Needless to say, while necessary in context, dredging all that up managed to leave me all bitter and depressed for the rest of the day. I don't know how much to actually expect from Jake when I email him before we hit Virginia, but if he still has nothing whatsoever, I'm gonna be really pissed. Not because of any problems that might still arise, which he can share with me through email or Skype, but because he told me that he finally got an opportunity to begin, and has only had that one involving May's chapter so far. (I actually shared the full version of the draft upon checking my outbox again more carefully and actually finding it there just two days ago).

(As an aside, Brian has also decided just to download Suzune Magica from Amazon onto his computer when I come see him again, saying that $40 is too much for me or even Mom to be spending on paperback copies. Chances are, I'm gonna have to stay longer at his apartment than I would otherwise, unless we decide to postpone Popotan for another time in light of yesterday's discussion.)
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The weather cooled way down yesterday, allowing me to think properly when I walk down Masem Court, but I still can't put my mind to the Starbound chapter. I know the gist of what's gonna happen, but my mind is just too much further inclined towards Unwilling Service to ponder the details.

Filled Jake in, and he told me that he can't find my complete draft of May's pending chapter. I sent him what I had on my computer, only to discover that it was still an incomplete version; the finished version is presumably on my flash drive, which I accidentally forgot at Brian's, and I couldn't find it in my outbox either, which leads me to believe that I might have shared it instead through AIM, where nothing is backlogged like on Skype. (I suggested he switch to Jamie's chapters once he reaches where the file leaves off, promising to email him the full chapter once I'm back at Brian's and can access it.)

In the meantime, I have placed an order upon Barnes & Noble for all three volumes of Puella Magi Suzune Magica, to have Brian read on the train when I'm up with him. I was told that I'm only to pay when I come up to receive it, but if Brian does end up agreeing to this (ran it past him on Facebook, but still have yet to hear back from him), this might save me a third trip up to Boston.
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So far, it's only gonna be another week before I go up to see Brian again to discuss what should happen in Starbound after the upcoming battle, although he has yet to actually finalize a date or reply to that email, and Jake told me when I asked him yesterday, that he'll be able to start ghostwriting tomorrow. Removing the Cibus project from my agenda for the time being, I'm still more inclined towards Unwilling Service, but if things are finally lining up for Jake to actually do something with what I sent him, then maybe it would be better to wait until he shows me what and how much he actually manages to write, so that I can coordinate what I write next with that.

That leaves me back with just Starbound again, but at least having cleared my agenda of anything US-related for now helps. Still wanting to spend time with other characters, though, I think I might start playing Getter Love!! today, use the periods between playthroughs to figure out how to go on about the current chapter, and then actually work on the chapter when I'm up at Brian's but alone at the apartment.

This, however, would undermine an email exchange I've just had with Yincira following what I forwarded to her.

What happened, is that she replied by asking what kind of advice I want from her, and then asked if there's anything creative I can do that isn't writing. Rather impulsively, and assuming I'd assume the same strategy from before, I answered with coming back to drawing. From there, I attempted a Cibus version of Kagari, but then she got back to me and suggested I draw lots of crude, incomplete stuff and trace over pre-existing stuff before I actually master anything, instead of just setting myself to one thing at a time and aiming to perfect that. Needless to say, that only left me with effort shock.

Skipping through the rest of the exchange, I then asked Jake what that class he took years ago involved, to which he specified just copying stuff from a book. This sounded similar to my first few years of following instructions and copying stuff multiple times from How to Draw Manga, which I got when I was 16. Even though I didn't devote my life around it, I actually would spend days at a time trying to learn from it whenever I did get down to it, but even then, it never actually engaged me.

Mind you, I know that learning any skill at all is never all fun and games, but if you can't even appreciate the process of learning or the technique that goes into it, then it actually is pointless. This is why I commission people for stuff I want, better than I could ever hope to pull off even if I did commit myself.

If anything, I suppose I might take a class next fall. I decided not to take anything this past spring because I wanted to focus on Unwilling Service, but that was all assuming that Jake would actually get shit done on his end once he got his computer fixed, and I ended up writing only one further chapter so far.
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Stuff like this, to say nothing of my recent, unrelated playthrough of Earthbound on SNES9X, is exactly what makes me look forward to the development of Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive. Whenever I see games like those at Savers, I always imagine my own planned game being among them.

Really, this is exactly like when I used to imagine a modern, full-3D, English-voiced Makendou game for the Wii, Playstation 3, or Xbox 360 back in 2008, and one could just as easily imagine Freedom Planet being one of those much older games stored in a jewel case. I'll bet FP creator Steven DiDuro sure did while developing that game.

Right now, though, I still don't think I'm ready to continue Starbound, and I also have yet to hear back from Brian before we agree whether to keep focus on Popotan or postpone that in favor of Suzune. Should also help that Jake will finally have access to a computer on Friday, coinciding with his parents leaving home for a week, hopefully enabling him to finally start working on Unwilling Service while I focus on either that new Cibus installment or Starbound anyway, depending on what Brian and I actually cover for my upcoming visit.
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Brian and Marie stayed with Grandma Ella at a hotel following the wedding, and took her out for brunch yesterday. My parents and I met the three of them at this place called Cabela's, exchanged some luggage, and admitted Grandma into the car before they went back to Boston and we went directly home.


Sent Brian a lengthy email when we got home, explaining my issues regarding both my main stories. Had previously considered re-buying Puella Magi Suzune Magica, focusing on that instead when I visit him, and watching Popotan another time, but something tells me that it might be even better to wait for another time, when I can hitch a ride with him by ferry and train and have him read at least some of it then. (Yincira told me only a month and a half ago that she can't so much as estimate when she'll be open for business again, but I wonder if I should send her a copy of the email just to gain any thoughts she might form.)

Brian did sort of pressure me into just writing something when I went over an email I had sent him before his last visit here, but as it since turned out, he thought I was going to seek Yoshimizu's active participation in the Starbound project. I did clear things up with him, though, regarding what I really seek by seeing him in half a year.

One way or another, I do hope that it isn't actually time just to let go of Lucky Star altogether. I only did that with Mon Colle Knights because what I had planned of Monster Collection Chronicles was just beyond fixing and I found myself with barely anything left to look forward to after scrapping everything beyond part I. Starbound might just be a matter of filling in remaining blanks, particularly for its immediate future, so there's something left.
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Found out only yesterday, but due to a total of 562 fangames receiving cease-&-desist orders by Nintendo two months ago, the team behind Mother 4 has dropped their game's title and will not include anything directly lifted from the Earthbound trilogy in the game itself.

If you ask me, maybe that's for the better. For one thing, they've already stated on their site's blog that it is not going to tie in storywise with the canon trilogy. For another thing, for something (formerly) bearing the specific title of Mother 4, I would've preferred to see original graphics and audio, instead of anything recycled from the official games (especially since Earthbound Zero's, being an 8-bit NES game, would not mesh with the other two games' like they do with eachother's).

The reasons for this (copyright law) are exactly the same reasons I would like to pay a visit to Kagami Yoshimizu, not so much to gain just his permission to create a certain Lucky Star game, but also to gain leads to those who own the rights to the franchise in order to gain theirs as well.


Spoke to Brian about certain things regarding Starbound. In a nutshell, he's told me to get started with the next chapter already, and as of this morning, I'm already a full page in with that after three years of nothing.

As for these planned playthroughs of mine, he also told me that while anything that might become relevant is one thing, he would rather not sit through a multi-hour playthrough. I told him that I only offered because he happens to like Earthbound, but he said that watching a playthrough isn't the same thing as playing it personally.

Right now, he's set on obtaining a Nintendo Switch with which to play Breath of the Wild, but he did agree to receiving my current Game Boy Advance and some translated cartridge copies I might buy of Mother 1+2 and 3 at some point. When I get around to buying the games for him, I'll be sure as well to write up a walkthrough of Mother 1 to enclose with the respective player's guide.

He also said some stuff about writing a rough draft of a player's guide, and I'm gonna need to ask him about that when he's awake. I would assume he actually means content, of which I've got plenty of in Dropbox to have translated, but even with what I already have online of the fic, he also said that we can have stuff translated anytime. The way I see it, though, we already have some stuff to share with Yoshimizu, and now is the time to commission for further translations (at least after I come home after my next visit to his apartment), because I don't know if I'll ever get a second chance to see Yoshimizu after the one time planned.
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Brian is here since late last night. Just spoke to him about that recording and the purpose behind it, and he's practically talked me out of it. Just sent Marie an email asking how interested she actually is in watching any footage.

He's also wondered why I haven't started the next chapter of Starbound, thinking that I actually don't really want to write it all that much. I cleared that up, saying that I've had a whole bunch of other things to do ever since I got home, and that I'm not in any actual hurry to write anything, so much as tired of thinking about all the same things I've already got planned out in my head.

Thinking about it so far, yeah, maybe I should take a break from this (at least after I clear the Stonehenge base and can toss a pertaining index card). The more I play this (or any other RPG, for that matter), the more I wish I had new content for Starbound to mull over, which is exactly why I haven't played any RPGs at all since The Legend of Heroes II last year. For all this time, all I ever found myself thinking about was Peter's rescue in France, Miyuki adopting Tristan, the chimera laboratory, Hooters, the Miyakawa sisters, Akira's abudction by Ivo, Robin detaining the very team she will soon join, the New Year's festival, Saturn Valley, and the endgame.

In any case, when Marie actually is over, we'll just play things by ear and see how interested she actually remains as we watch along. (Planning the same with Yoshimizu, if we actually end up watching any footage; better to have and not need than vice versa, if you ask me. Still going to play the other two games for Brian.)
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The translation is finally live on both FanFiction and deviantArt, although I had to cut the dA version in half (and have left its second half off for now) due to the site's file size limit of 64kb. (The chapter is only 36kb in English, but 129kb in Japanese.) Here's the complete FF version:
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Spoke to Brian last night about Maria's situation in Starbound, and have seriously considered what to do about her, what's negotiable and what isn't.

For the most part, what I currently have planned for her would be basic enough to do away with. However, this "hip" image of Miyuki has been the basis for what she wears in the cover image, which pretty much renders that non-negotiable. To depict Miyuki in such an out-of-character pose and outfit in the manga was nothing more than a one-off gag in-between chapters, just like how Nyamo, the franchise mascot, would need some kind of pocket to appear in person somewhere in the main show.

It is no coincidence that I assigned that outfit to Maria, whom Yincira originally thought of something else for. Even before I read Bonds (more on that soon), Maria was already planned to start off as a socialite, and what Yincira thought up for her at the time was meant specifically to reflect that. What the cover image has her in has been planned to represent her rebellion against her parents and their expectations of her to inherit their company one day at the expense of her own desired path in life.

Brian equated that with certain things that went on between Marie and our parents, who are still on good terms, regarding past jobs she had. In truth, it's nothing like that. I already brought up the following points with Yincira before, and she said that Izumi's parents in Bonds are emotionally abusive:

Read more... )

As for the kind of terms Maria leaves her parents on, I could see where Brian came from when he implored me to let things end much better between them. In Earthbound, only Pokey's parents are shown to be particularly abusive, and we only see them once throughout the entire game. Frank and Carpainter are the respective leaders of a youth gang and a cult, but get to reform themselves after you defeat them, as does corrupt businessman Geldegarde Monotoli after you destroy the Mani Mani statue in Fourside. Dr. Andonuts is mostly aloof as a father, but comes to recognize Jeff as his son in the endgame. This is all to keep the game relatively lighthearted, as are the only deaths being those of Buzz Buzz (whom Ness only knew for one night), the Flying Men (embodiments of Ness's courage), and Everdred (which is merely implied).

In stark contrast, though, Mother 3 has Lucas's mother, Hinawa, die (offscreen) in the very first chapter, and things only get worse from there. The same type of humor from both its prequels is still present throughout the game, but Tazmily gets corrupted and is eventually abandoned for a metropolis, Pokey and Fassad never repent for anything they do, and Lucas only gets a brief reunion with his twin brother Claus before the latter kills himself to avoid becoming the Masked Man again.

Back to Starbound, I already told Brian that such a toxic relationship Maria has with her parents would arguably make for a nice contrast to those of those already in the party. Ichirobei had expected Rokuna to step up while respecting any wishes of hers she might have had against that, Soujiro and his adult niece Yui also actively encourage Konata to do what she needs to do from the get-go, and Tadao, Miki, and Yukari also come to terms with their daughters' shared destiny with Rokuna after originally insisting that they remain. To have Maria directly sever ties with her parents, who then either disown her or pursue her on her initial quest to save her brother Peter from an abusive drug rehab center, would not only add to the variety, but show the others how much they had taken their types of relationships with their own parents for granted.

It could also line up with Avatar: The Last Airbender: Early in Book 2: Earth, Toph's parents insist on keeping her sheltered, and she flees them after meeting Aang and co., is subsequently pursued and captured by them, and is never shown to reconcile with them at any point after escaping. The show itself is similarly humorous in general to the Earthbound trilogy, and this particular situation is treated much more lightly than nearly anything directly involving Ozai.

But, that said, I am still open to anything Brian might actually suggest otherwise after we discuss how to go on about Magicant.


As of last night, after he failed to find anywhere to load it onto the TV, Brian and I have pretty much decided to hold off with Popotan until next time we're together, and focus on certain other things while I'm still here. Only helps that I still have it on DVD back at home.

We did watch that particular episode of Rick & Morty, though.
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Got another revision of the chapter translation from Ryou Yonezawa, one of many others I had contacted on Upwork for a second opinion.


Rongho finished revising that pic-edit. As it turns out, though, Kickstarter does not allow users to run more than one campaign at a time. Seeing as I'm still waiting on Noxmoony for Pia's last pic that I already paid for months ago, I decided just to host this pic on deviantArt and use Pia to promote my planned Cibus campaign next month.


Paid Marie a visit in the afternoon, and we walked down to this lake in a park complex called the Emerald Necklace. Had a stroll through before leaving another part to visit this fabric store called J.P. Knit & Stitch.

It was closed, but being right next to CVS, we decided to do a little shopping there. Didn't actually get anything, though, because Marie basically talked me out of buying bottled water (what I usually went there for, until we figured something out with the water from Brian's kitchen sink), and I didn't see any candy that particularly interested me (used to get a few things they had for Easter not too long ago).


Marie came over to Brian's place with someone named John, and the two of them played chess together. I showed them that Madoka pic, and they thought pretty highly of it. (Brian also found it amusing after he came back, but said I could've shown him at a better time, and that he mainly likes my gallery as a collection of funny stuff, as opposed to anything in particular in its own right.)

I made a burger for each of us except John, who declined, and we all watched an episode of Silicon Valley before Marie and John left.

Spoke to Brian afterwards about what I wanted to accomplish during my time here, which isn't helped by Mom having already bought me a train ticket back home even though I told her I might have to stay a bit longer than next Sunday. For the record, it is still only practical for him to continue reading Starbound on his phone while commuting to and from work, given how little else he can do on the trains (aside from playing Super Mario Run). At this point, though, we've both agreed that it's seeming less and less practical to wait for him to finish that before going over the story outline, especially now that I've incorporated some summaries of each existing chapter into the beginning.

Today being Tuesday, though, it might be more practical instead to go over an email I had sent him before, before he goes out to drink with his friends. I'll run it by him when he wakes up and see what he thinks, though.
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Being the only thing on my mind yesterday morning, I have gone ahead and submitted my Kickstarter campaign for the continuation of Starbound's Japanese translation.

(Also submitted another one for an animated Cibus clip, but that is still under review for the time being.)

Discovered along the way that I only had $187 in my checking account (although I had made a $60 withdrawal the previous day while out with Marie), and that my debit card is going to expire this coming month. For the record, I am due to return home on the 30th, but if I end up staying longer than that to tie up loose ends with Brian, I might consider withdrawing everything I have left in checking while my card is still usable.

Mom agreed to deposit $100 more into my account, and I will be sure to pay Gayner off once she translates a two-paragraph author's note about Rokuna (something I didn't show her originally, having wanted to sleep on it) before posting the chapter and using that to promote the campaign.
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Dad gave Brian a call yesterday morning. I overheard, asked to speak to him, and loaded Starbound: Birthday of Destiny onto the phone after we both hung up.

Accompanied Brian to the train station so that I could remind him to start reading, and also to get out of the house before looking over a translation critique I had received the previous afternoon. Before the train left, he suggested I look further around at Harvard Square for places of interest, but I told him I was already set on looking over that file I got. He's like "That's it!?" and said I could do that when I got back home, but to the contrary, I was already too burnt out to analyze the file when I came home that afternoon.

Took a walk down the street, and started applying Tomo's edit suggestions from across Upwork. That, combined with several naps I took along the way, took all the way until just shortly before Brian came back. Exactly why I sought only to focus on that for the day, but while I'm also tired of having to explain why I manage things the way I do to non-autistic people who can operate much more efficiently each day, it is true that my parents have been the only people until then that I ever had to. (I even had an email exchange with Mom about what Brian suggested to me, which I eventually showed to Brian himself when he came back.)


Brian told me he had read Birthday of Destiny the whole way through, even going as far as to suggest I explain how the box containing the Magé Stones suddenly turns empty. (I thought I mentioned Mondo and Ichirobei faintly noticing it produce a ripple, and figured it would become obvious in the main story when the Sapphire appears over Miyuki's head at school.)

The two of us watched the Lucky Star OVA, before buying something for dinner at Forest Hills Pizza. Originally, we were gonna wait to watch with Marie, now that she's back from her trip, but she had told Brian that she was too tired to come over. She isn't into anime anyway, but Brian told me that she had changed her mind at some point before we finished eating dinner, and so Marie let me spend the night at her place while she and Brian remained awake.


Marie drove me around town this morning after I woke up, and also gave me a small bag of stuff she got from Japan. We went back to Brian's place to come get him, she drove to her workplace to resign after having already told us how satisfied she no longer is with her job, and then around some more to drop Brian off at Google and return the car where she rented it.

We went back to Brian's place again, but this time, just so that I could get changed before we ate breakfast out at Forest Hills Diner. (I almost went into this coffee shop called Brassica, where I had eaten lunch several times so far, thinking that that was the diner she pointed out to me when I came up here, but she led me to the actual diner where breakfast is served all day.)


So the experts get the straight information, but are lost in the subtleties. Casual conversation, idioms, and jokes rely too much on complete cultural immersion for us to understand.

This is an issue I would like to raise with Brian when he has time before I talk any further with Gayner. It's addressed early in that Earthbound book, and I also have my last exchange so far with her to show him. My main concern is about having stuff sound natural enough to maintain readers' interest, instead of having its status as a translation being overly obvious, and I'm pretty sure that would come more naturally to someone who takes it upon himself to translate something than to someone who just wants to get the job done and get their payment. I even distinctly recall translating a particular line from the manual for Chip-chan Kick! as "Get 'em while they're down!" (Even though deadlines are also a thing, anime and manga are different because of the added task of ensuring what everyone says to fit exactly along the motions of their mouths and body language or within appropriate spaces in each panel while still maintaining everyone's speech patterns consistently. Earthbound's localizers, given what they had to work with, had the luxury of reprogramming text to allow for more translative freedom than most other games at the time had.)
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Gaynor has finally finished translating Starbound, chapter 1. I successfully made a deal with her to pay half the remainder of what I would owe her, and the rest of it when I come home in a week or so. Mom already chewed me out the other day upon finding out about such an expensive translation I've commissioned for when I'm already planning to stay at Brian's, but I went on to explain what my plan overall is, citing this as a way to promote my planned Kickstarter campaign. (Speaking of which, having slept on it, I will probably host both the chapter and the campaign when Marie comes home from her own upcoming trip to Japan, so as to let her decide if she's interested once she has no more travelling expenses to manage.)

Having just started to proofread it, here are the first few main lines of the story as Gaynor wrote them:

Read more... )

What they say does provide a clearer idea of what they're supposed to be doing, but 摘む, if read as "tsumu", according to both Google and The Learner's Kanji Dictionary, can also translate into "pick" or "pluck". The same character combination can also be read as "tsumamu", meaning "pinch" (according to Google, which provides no other translations but only converts the romaji to hiragana) or "pick up or hold between the thumb and fingers" (according to that dictionary), but even if Yoshimizu is smart enough to picture things correctly, it would be awkward if some blind idiot mistranslated it into any subsequent language. (Good thing the game will present this through mugshots instead.)

Well, Gaynor already advised me not to rely on a dictionary, lest anything seem unnatural, and Japanese in Mangaland does show how messily Japanese can translate at face value, when phrases like "Feel drunk!" (酔った!) and "Twice mouth take out!"(二度と口に出すな!) are meant in context to translate respectively into "Gonna puke!" and "Don't mention it again!"
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Contacted Izumi Thorn, one of several Upwork members who previously offered to summarize the main-game cutscenes in the Madoka Magica mobile game, yesterday, to see if he'd be up for Starbound's Japanese translation in case no one else offers. Brought up what I had previously emailed everyone while discussion that first phase of the job, but he failed to understand where I was getting at. Should probably contact the others from before, to see if they're already familiar with Lucky Star or would understand my point better.

Also asked Marie if she'd be willing to fund this, and she offered to PayPal me $100 for my birthday to start with. I offered in turn to show her the fruits of her investment once I have something ready, and also to show her the exchanges between me, Jake, and Yincira that followed her one-way reply, since I've decided at this point to show everything to Brian once we watch Lucky Star first.

As far as other business goes, I've got Rongho working on a Tart Magica scene redraw, and someone else on a side-story about Kyoko and Yuma that I intend to post only upon completion (hence the first thing I hired Rongho for). After those, though, I will put things on hold with both of them in order to focus my budget on this translation project.
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Played Sonic Adventure DX rather minimally yesterday. It was a nice enough day to wash and vacuum Dad's van (too cold when he specified after I asked for some ways to make money a few days earlier) and walk up and down on Masem Court, and is supposed to be cold again for about a week starting today.


Posted on Upwork yesterday for a Japanese translation of Starbound. David had PM'ed me to ask to help him speak English should I go to Japan with him, and I'm thinking that if Yoshimizu is interested, it might help to have a version of the fic specifically for him. Even if he isn't, though, such a thing should still help me learn a few things (since I'll already know what they'll mean, barring any possible changes I allow made and would make note of) and reach new viewers through any equivalent sites Japan might have to FanFiction.

Brought up a particular issue with Brian, Marie, Jake, and Yincira, regarding Mondo. Marie has been the first so far to get back to me, and had also sent her reply to Brian for a second opinion. If neither of us hear back from him, I'll be sure to show both of them what she wrote, along with Yincira's response and my reply to her that they might also be interested in, when we're all together to celebrate my birthday (late) in Boston.

(As for the title, I'll probably just keep Starbound while adding the same thing in parentheses and katakana, for easy identification for anyone potentially interested. (Only helps that it will take on a whole new meaning in the endgame.) The subtitle Birthday of Destiny, co-parenthesized, would likely be written in kanji as "Unmei no Tanjoubi.")
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Drove Mom to Stop & Shop yesterday. Upon arriving, we noticed a bagel place listed on the store board that we assumed either was new or we didn't notice before. I went in to check it out, and it was still being renovated, to open sometime this week.

Went to Cafe Gia instead, and got myself a pepperoni pinwheel, a slice of chocolate/vanilla rum cake, and some chocolate milk. (Shouldn't get anything with alcohol; that cake tasted kinda bitter, and I only ate the top half.)


Asked Marie if she could look into arranging to have me over at Brian's place soon, whether she takes that class or not. Would like to focus on Lucky Star for a bit after having completed a fourth consecutive chapter of Parasitic Trio yet to be rewritten, and the first thing I want to do with that is watch the anime all the way through with him. (Gonna have him read the fic sometime after that, and I hope to actually get that back off the ground afterwards.)

(Only helps that David has agreed to outline a future arc, in which the party will visit Italy after Nurşen joins them in Greece. If he actually follows through with that, then I'll finally have some new story content to mull over.)


Out of curiosity, I actually found a copy of Starcomi on Ebay, but it is clearly not the same game depicted in that screenshot in Nintendo Power. Brought it up on the ROMhacking forum (as well as with the seller, who never got back to me), and one person told me that someone must have slipped up while putting that page together.

It's funny, because writing the above-linked entry is what cued me to watch the original Di Gi Charat anime, stopping just short of the last main episode (which is no longer on YouTube). For all I was able to find out online, though, the actual game depicted might have been a prototype of Digi Communication (whose title ironically would suggest a connection between the games), in which case could explain how someone might've confused them. (Similarly, I do understand that Jester was actually cancelled early in development, despite being advertised on one of those Sega posters I bought three months ago.)


Didn't mention this before, but to an extent, I kinda consider Parasitic Trio's version of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier something like Knuckles Chaotix, albeit with different ratios: Three main characters, five other participants that they are acquainted with (or could introduce to eachother), and six different facilities to battle in. (Even though tag battles could only be held canonically in the Battle Tower (the Battle Subway is canonically its own entity altogether), I always thought that it would be a lot more unique make them viable in all facilities (ditto for the Hoenn Frontier, save for the Pyramid and Pike).)

(I did wish even when writing the above-linked entry that I could mention it, but it didn't seem entirely practical at the time. Things were still a bit messy, what with the Subway set to travel between the Hoenn and Sinnoh Frontiers, which would make it a lot harder for Ellen, Jamie, and May specifically to spot Mira, Cheryl, and Riley respectively before introducing them to their fellow protagonists. However, I had since re-decided that it will travel instead to Veilstone City and back via a channel-tunnel.)

Here's something else I should've mentioned then, that I did add to TV Tropes: Hilarious in Hindsight: Video Games (for Battle Arena Toshinden 4):

[Puella's] theme could easily be a Battle Frontier facility theme in Pokémon (the Battle Subway seems arguably suitable). Listen to the bell notes, and then listen to the original Battle Frontier theme from Emerald and its subsequent remixes for the Battle Factory, Arcade, Hall, and Castle in Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

(And yes, quality differences between game systems (not least of all the Playstation vs the Nintendo DS) is something I'm already much more aware of than before I conceived Starbound, and some way to loop that song as naturally as possible would also help. But then again, I've also watched part of a Sinnoh anime episode that played an upgraded version of the Sandgem Town theme, and if I were to commission for an animation of Parasitic Trio (unlikely as that may be), I would base half its soundtrack on the anime's and commission for upgrades for all game-only songs.)


Along with all that and the Brain battle theme being one of my favorite songs from the games even in general, are the different poses both the Frontier Brains and the five stat Trainers (the latter whom you can fight in the Battleground in Platinum) strike when you fight them. This led me to think that maybe the protagonists should have their own poses, but while the Brains' battle animations made sense for who they were, there is no way I would have been able to think up what the stat Trainers do equivalently. Brought it up on the Serebii forum two days ago, but didn't get any replies.

(For context there, Blue is the character from Pokemon Adventures whom Jake renamed Ellen for her original story that went unwritten, and I would call the Johto lead Jimmy (as per The Legend of Thunder!) if he hadn't already objected to that. However, he would still assume Kenta, should I write a Japanese-names version (with Ellen also renamed Aoi) on, say, The Fanfiction Forum.)

What's also weird, as I would find out on YouTube, is that none of the Galactic Commanders had animations even in Platinum, and neither did any of the Rocket Executives in HGSS (although Jake did ask me not to incorporate them anyway), even though they were all highly significant to the plots while meeting each of the Stat Trainers is (mostly) optional.

While reading Bulbapedia: Stat Trainers, I read under Trivia that those five Trainers were the only ones prior to BW2 to have both pre-battle animations and the standard Trainer theme. I thought this whole time that Trainer animations were dropped altogether as of the original Black and White, seeing how Pokemon were first animated in Crystal, had that gimmick renewed in Emerald, retained it even through Diamond and Pearl, and went on to sport constant animations in Black/White where Trainers became static again. As it turns out, though, all Trainers strike poses in the sequels, and this has also been renewed as of the full-3D Sun and Moon.

So, all the more reason for either a webcomic or an animation, I guess. But then again, it's not like anyone's animations include sending their Pokemon out (even though even your opponents still get separate animations for that in Sun/Moon).
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