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Chapter 13 of Starcrossed Sisters:

Dad picked us up some Turkish takeout for Mom's birthday. While Mom and I were sorting the food out, I accidentally knocked over the container of red lentil soup by a ladle that Mom placed in it.

From now on, let's take care of that first, and set it aside before we manage everything else.


Let me be honest with myself as I continue putting my life back together:

My interest in Lucky Star has all but waned at this point.

Might come back to Starbound another day, but up until recently, I had simply been more interested in Pokemon. Just sent Jake another apology several days ago, after something dawned upon me and I figured he'd at least have had enough time to cool off, but I still have yet to hear from him. Even if he does, though, he still has yet to get his life back in order, and I still have next year's trip to save up for.

So, with even that off the table now, I mainly just wanna focus now on Madoka. I'm not even particularly interested in reading any fanfiction anymore, aside from what I commission for.

Speaking of which, since I no longer plan on writing anything personally like I did between uploading the original Cibus fic as it still remains to FanFiction and having Brian talk me out of rebooting it more than a year later, and with Starcrossed Sisters panning out so well as it is so far and looking fine even without her input, I gotta say that waiting for Yincira is also a moot point, at least as far as fanfiction goes. I did already mention hoping to discuss some terms for critiques whenever she does, but without my original reason for discussing fanfic possibilities, all that's left is commemoration and because I had already sent her Oriko (original and Extra Story), Kazumi, and Suzune Magica to read personally, and I'm sure she'd appreciate not having to brainstorm anything involving such fetishy subject matter inherent in the Cibus project. (Jake even told me in his last email thus far that Yincira might've been avoiding me because of that, and even though that's only an inference from a different person than her, I have no reason to doubt that might indeed have had partly to do with it.)
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All I wanted in the first place, was to have a meaningful break from Lucky Star after re-reading the prologue of Bonds. I wanted to start reading other people's Madoka fanfics, as the one who commissioned for and hosts Cibus Esculentus Madoka Magica, and under such conditions that they would actually interest me.

Sure, I was still focused on Starbound and some related material, but then Yincira left after a few months of worthwhile discussion, and no one I contacted afterwards offered real help with the Cibus project.

Now, I've already long forgotten about Blood's works from 2013, in favor of the since-revived Unwilling Service, but even that has ceased to matter, and I don't know where to go from here. It's hard to look forward to anything when the only things I've really succeeded with so far have been the ongoing Starcrossed Sisters and a line of pics from one other person in particular.

Jake, I'm sorry I gave you permission to disengage and then revoked it on you. I wasn't thinking.

We're still not done, though. I still value this relationship of ours, but it's your responsibility too. At the very least, I want to make sense of what actually led up to this latest disaster in such a long line as has been going on. I honestly thought we were on such good terms about things. You did realize how hard it is to be enthused about what's little more than a rehash of the games' plot, but that said nothing about any half-measures you'd later refer to.

I'll try not to be a sea lion. Just work with me, okay?
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In addition to what I wrote yesterday and deleted last night, I said some hurtful things to Jake the day and so before. All those few things were on impulse, because nothing seems to matter anymore. Every attempt I've made these past two years to derive fulfillment from something just ended in one more failure, like I was never meant to have some fandom legacy to leave behind when I die.

Two days ago, Mom and I were running some errands, starting with the library to pick up some books I had on hold. She was the one to bring that up first, when we were leaving the gym that morning, before I asked about it again several times later for the sake of planning. That much went smoothly, and then she made another stop to Savers. I hopped over to Stop & Shop to pick up some cookies, but after that, could only pace around in an aisle before she showed me some tupperwares she found for said cookies. By that point, I just wanted to go home and sleep everything off, she told me she wouldn't be long, and I replied that she always says that and then takes around half an hour, and she got annoyed in turn and gave me the keys back to the car. (She actually did take only five more minutes.)

(In fact, had I gone on to live independently after college, I might very well have disowned my parents for such disregard for my own agenda that they seemingly displayed, such as by never negotiating to have me take fewer than four classes each semester, although I would still have welcomed any attempts to reconcile. It's a good thing I had continued living with them, having only concluded things about that more than a year ago.)

I also asked Yincira the other day how her mental recovery is going so far. That was on impulse, and I knew she still wouldn't have any real timeframe planned out, but I figured that maybe learning about the details would help me draw some kind of estimate. It does help that she mentioned to someone on Tumblr, having the spoons to read others' fanfiction and try out new shows again, from which I went on to remind her of Stars Above and suggest Divine Gate, but there are still things surrounding a certain subject that she told me only last week that she's tired of at this point, mostly in relation to what she might be willing to critique when she's ready in general. (Yincira, just hear me out when I do bring it up. I'm not gonna bombard you with this and that. I've got things drafted up for that point, since now still isn't the time, which is why I didn't contact you directly.)

I had also pulled the plug on what's gonna be my last attempt to recruit anyone for Unwilling Service. Only two people even bothered to apply (although Heather did come back, long after I stopped expecting to hear from her), which tells me that there aren't that many people left who might still be interested in the project. The fact that I even had to upload it a third time, because of nearly everyone I hire fizzling out and half of those I put on hold obviously moving on (evident from their lack of a response when I call them up), should speak volumes how well that's all gone.

In addition to that, there's not even any fulfillment left to derive from the story itself. All it is now is a reminder of how badly Jake had alienated me. To his credit, he did deny his own feelings as an excuse for having left such trust and consideration as mine unfulfilled. However, when I asked him what he meant about half-measures, among other things, he specified my ban on muscles being one of them. How he felt is up to him, but that just left me the impression of a six-year-old who ignores some instructions given to him and does things his own way, and then upon being called out, decides that he hates whatever involves them. Like he just decided not to take me seriously in the first place when I laid out a simple rule.

(In addition to all that, I can't help but also remember various other moments that didn't go so well between me and him. Not gonna take him on a guilt trip, though; I'm only mentioning that to explain what led me to treat him in such a way that he'd tell me off just last night.)

My decision to stop dealing with the story altogether also has to do with that still-planned trip to Japan, from which the story would also suck funding for as I pay others to flesh out each chapter I write. However, at the same time, I have also gone on to fish for OC-oriented Cibus fics, built around the Cibus/Esuriens dynamic itself instead of reworking canon characters around said dynamic (which can still wait until Yincira's back). So far, no one has bitten, and John is still busy with Starcrossed Sisters, but I'll be sure to ask it of him when he's done. Meanwhile, while I am not going to write anything as a Christmas gift, I did also ask Brian if he'd write anything for me as such.

Right now, I've just asked Link-NM, the owner of Makendou Central, if he'd be willing to help me plan out my Makendou story, but I'm done getting my hopes up about anything at this point. I'd be grateful if he actually did show some interest, but the only reason I haven't commissioned anyone for that is because barely anyone is familiar with Makeruna! Makendou, and obesity as a fetish is also a niche interest.

Basically, I've been at wit's end, and Jake had at least half to do with it. That's why I became increasingly hostile to him and even quick to assume that he had decided to disengage with me when I tried to reach an understanding with him, despite having given him permission in the first place to come back to it later. (If anything, though, I should have started my following email to him with "On second thought" or something.)

I hope Jake will forgive me for that while still accepting responsibility for his failure and doing whatever he can, whenever he can, to make up for that, especially since he himself had treated me similarly before for similar reasons that he'd explain years later on LiveJournal. If he does, maybe we can have another go with Unwilling Service and some kind of agreement surrounding that whenever he's got his life back in order, especially if that's within a year from now before I head to Japan. If not, that would be all the more reason just to leave it behind.
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Here is chapter 12 of Starcrossed Sisters:


Unfortunately, Jason had to back out of Unwilling Service due to family issues going on in his life, so I think the story might very well become something of a round robin as beta-writers come and go.

Went to someone else who I initially promised Ellen's chapter (only to give that to someone else by mistake; I apologized and she accepted) for May's, and also contacted another contractor who happened to be online at the moment for Jimmy's third. The latter of those took it up immediately, but I still have yet to hear back from the former, and will likely contact others today.

(Jake, meanwhile, has only come onto Skype those two times ever since I put my foot down. I'm not sure if he's read the few things I texted him since the second (one of which I paraphrased yesterday), or if he's still reading this, but unlikely as it may be, if at this point he's decided to beta-write the still-pending US chapters after all (assuming he couldn't think of anything else after I made it clear that his artwork isn't gonna count since he basically ignored my input, and has been too scared to contact me for other ideas), even if it's just those few more, I will still welcome them.)


Not much had happened at home or during the trip here to Boston yesterday. However, I did spot a square-edged, amber die, slightly larger than a regular die, on the floor while awaiting the train in Bridgeport. With something like that, I should be able to roll more easily for 9, 18, 27, or 36 than by supplementing my primary die with an 8-sided one.


Brian and I went to his apartment to drop our stuff off after I arrived, before heading to Marie's for breakfast-for-dinner. Marie had expressed interest in Lucky Star before, so I brought my DVDs of that with me, along with The Adventures of Pete & Pete (since we still have yet to find disk 1 of season 1 of that). We didn't actually watch anything though; the three of us, along with Sam, who had come to visit, mostly just talked before they went to this bar called Eugene O'neill's. (I just went back to Brian's because that was the time I normally go to bed, and I am not one for group conversations and would prefer not to wake up hung over in the morning.)
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I finally found someone who got it right and even took only a few days to write something. Here is the real first chapter of Unwilling Service: Jimmy's Quest:

(I'll be sure to explain what went on, and especially involving muscles, to lead me to replace the chapter, in an author's note when I upload chapter 2. Will also be sure alert everyone on Upwork thus far once I have chapter 3 up, since I am hoping to spend some time with May whenever I come back to US, assuming Zecobo actually delivers a final draft of her second chapter.)


From two years ago:

Apparently, the ANN article I linked to isn't there anymore. I couldn't even find it through the site's archive.

Even so, I did find Tyrfing's appearance in a school uniform rather amusing, so I decided to dig around for it, only to find out that not only had the game been released here less than a year later (unlike Divine Gate, which is still stuck in Japan despite its anime adaptation being localized here), but the event in question had come and gone half a year ago. Would've been glad to promote that on The Witch's Labyrinth, but reading this transcript on PotK Wiki, it turns out that not only is Tyrfing's appearance in a uniform actually plot-related, but she is actually a moot point as far as the Cibus project goes. Whereas Pia explicitly did become a Puella Magi in the Divine Gate crossover, Tyrfing explicitly can't for certain setting-related reasons that I would rather not undermine just for another Cibus.

(If Divine Gate ever does get released here, I'll be glad to check that out. The fact that both games' crossover events w/ Madoka have already come and gone is exactly why I've made a point of returning to Japanese back in January for the sake of Magia Record.)
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Felicia Mitsuki, recently introduced for Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden: Magia Record:
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To hold myself over for until Yincira comes back to discuss fanfiction, and especially as I wait specifically for finalized drafts of each Unwilling Service chapter from those I've hired on Upwork, I am continuing business with Rongho for new Cibus pics.

Here is a redraw of an official image of the villain trio from Puella Magi Tart Magica:
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Dug up Kanji in Context, read through the first two lessons, and I can already see Wanikani paying off. It says so much when half the time, I don't even have to look stuff up that I would've had to five years ago.


Asked Yincira if there's any slight chance that she might allow me to bring fanfiction up with her again, in which case I could call off my next visit to Brian's. She suggested that I not go there and drive myself broke anyway if that's the only reason I plan on going there, instead of just to spend quality time with him (which we do enough of anyway), saying that fanfiction should not matter enough to shoot myself in the foot over.

No, it shouldn't, but in my case, it really is that big of a deal at this point. I messaged him on Facebook to ask if he could just download Suzune onto his phone to read on the train, but of course, he is too busy trying to meet the end of a work quarter right now. So, that still has to wait, and in the meantime, I still want a meaningful change from Starbound, but it would really help if Jake had already written anything. Right now, I don't have anything left. I'm still just barely a quarter of the way through Wanikani, which means I'm still gonna have to keep consulting my dictionary when I play Magia Record, which I have no reason to expect much of after my short-lived time with Cutie Riot. All I wanna do is spend time with other characters than anyone from Lucky Star, but the closest I'm gonna get to that is a subpar experience with MR, from which all I really want are more Puellae Magi to set aside for the Cibus project, and it's already gotten to such a point that I've finally taken to Upwork, where I've also asked for Homura's timelines and Kazumi Magica.

As of this morning, I did explain what's at the bottom of all this, regarding the circumstances surrounding Tsubaki, Suzune, and the twins, and how well those would translate into the Cibus project, as well as how much more I expect from Brian after our past discussion about the original story than from some random person online.


As far as Unwilling Service goes, I think the main difference is that I had a lot more going on between chapters five years ago, such as Kanji in Context, the Earthbound marathon, and Starbound, than I do right now. I already had Ellen's first chapter up and Jamie's awaiting a rewrite when I got started with May's during the summer of '12, it got too hot at some point to continue writing that, and it took me a whole year to actually finish my own draft of it to send to Jake, halfway through which he had already sent me Jamie's chapter at its completion. Last year, I finally wrote a new chapter for all three stories in quick succession, Jake hasn't done anything with them this whole time, and while he did admit to having similar blocks way back then as he had just a few weeks ago, I can only wonder if he'll get anything done by next month or the month after.


Mom had some shopping to do at Target, and before dropping me off for a haircut before shopping at MeatFarms first, she asked if I'd like to eat dinner there. I took it up, and when we got there, I got myself a personal pizza at the snack bar, before standing in line for a drink from the Starbucks counter. Five people ahead of me who should've all just ordered their drinks, had them whipped up for them, and been on their way. It took seemingly half an hour, I was already pissed about my fanfic situation, and at some point, Mom came over and asked me if I was "done". Hello. I'm not only waiting in line, but holding a pizza that I've obviously planned for the main course.

Ordered a Smores frappuccino, and while the pizza was good, the frappe barely tasted like anything. Complained to one of the clerks while they attended the drink machine, and she only told me that's how they're made. Threw it out halfway through consumption.

Might give the same thing a second chance somewhere else. Oddly enough, I came across two people's complaints on BuzzFeed about how watery the Midnight Mint Mocha variety is while Smores is so much better, but I actually had an MMM at Tanger Outlets the other day, and it was awesome.


Last night, jessicaelwood finally showed me a draft of what I commissioned her for. I was already in bed by that point, and only woke up briefly six hours later, but she commented on how quick I was to reply. This is what comes with having almost nothing but downtime compared to almost anyone else.
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Mom, Dad, and Grandma left yesterday for Cousin Adam's high school graduation, and came back after I had already gone to bed.

Pulled up May's main file yesterday, and realized that I had only updated it on my flash drive. Ditto with Ellen's, but Jamie's has been updated on the computer, so I would have continued with him instead. However, coming up is his first meeting with one of the Pokemon Idols, and I would like Jake's help fleshing some details out for that.

He didn't have access to a computer or phone charger when I first brought it up, but even though he did later on, he still has yet to actually think of anything. I, meanwhile, read a chapter out of this book called You Are Not Special and Other Encouragements, updated Starcrossed Sisters for the first time in weeks, and watched the last few episodes of Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, just to fill the time. Also texted Brian before going to bed to email me the two files, but he still has yet to, and there are probably other files that I only updated on my flash drive anyway, so I'll probably look through those and list them this morning.

Honestly, I don't fucking believe this. The way things are still panning out, it's possible that I might as well spend some time with Kiratto Kaiketsu, after having just put Getter Love!! down several days ago. Seeing another whole week or so of nothing going anywhere, I've told Jake last night that I will ask right before we leave for Virginia if he's ready to continue some actual ghostwriting.

When is Jake gonna get down to business, and when will Yincira be open for business again, after all the letdowns I got from everyone else I've sought out for the Cibus project? I'm glad Brian had already talked me out altogether of trying to reboot the original Cibus fic, which is exactly why I'm now focused on adapting Suzune. I'm also glad I've got Starcrossed Sisters going for me, but as far as my own work goes, I'm tired of having only Lucky Star to work with. I write so much better when I've got others to help me flesh ideas out, but Brian is my last hope with the Cibus project until Yincira accepts new fanfic discussion once and for all, and Unwilling Service also feels dead with Jake constantly failing to uphold his end of the bargain and leaving me with such boring writing as I'm capable of on my own.

Why can't anything just unfold the way I want it to?
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So far, it's only gonna be another week before I go up to see Brian again to discuss what should happen in Starbound after the upcoming battle, although he has yet to actually finalize a date or reply to that email, and Jake told me when I asked him yesterday, that he'll be able to start ghostwriting tomorrow. Removing the Cibus project from my agenda for the time being, I'm still more inclined towards Unwilling Service, but if things are finally lining up for Jake to actually do something with what I sent him, then maybe it would be better to wait until he shows me what and how much he actually manages to write, so that I can coordinate what I write next with that.

That leaves me back with just Starbound again, but at least having cleared my agenda of anything US-related for now helps. Still wanting to spend time with other characters, though, I think I might start playing Getter Love!! today, use the periods between playthroughs to figure out how to go on about the current chapter, and then actually work on the chapter when I'm up at Brian's but alone at the apartment.

This, however, would undermine an email exchange I've just had with Yincira following what I forwarded to her.

What happened, is that she replied by asking what kind of advice I want from her, and then asked if there's anything creative I can do that isn't writing. Rather impulsively, and assuming I'd assume the same strategy from before, I answered with coming back to drawing. From there, I attempted a Cibus version of Kagari, but then she got back to me and suggested I draw lots of crude, incomplete stuff and trace over pre-existing stuff before I actually master anything, instead of just setting myself to one thing at a time and aiming to perfect that. Needless to say, that only left me with effort shock.

Skipping through the rest of the exchange, I then asked Jake what that class he took years ago involved, to which he specified just copying stuff from a book. This sounded similar to my first few years of following instructions and copying stuff multiple times from How to Draw Manga, which I got when I was 16. Even though I didn't devote my life around it, I actually would spend days at a time trying to learn from it whenever I did get down to it, but even then, it never actually engaged me.

Mind you, I know that learning any skill at all is never all fun and games, but if you can't even appreciate the process of learning or the technique that goes into it, then it actually is pointless. This is why I commission people for stuff I want, better than I could ever hope to pull off even if I did commit myself.

If anything, I suppose I might take a class next fall. I decided not to take anything this past spring because I wanted to focus on Unwilling Service, but that was all assuming that Jake would actually get shit done on his end once he got his computer fixed, and I ended up writing only one further chapter so far.
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Recently had Rongho photoshop an image of the main villains of Puella Magi Tart Magica in exchange for what I supplemented him a few weeks ago. Asked more than a few times that Lapin be fattened up further, at one point specified as wide as Corbeau, but he got confused because Lapin is the shortest of the three and cannot be as fat as Corbeau or Minou. I suggested he think of the difference between Bart and Homer Simpson to get an idea (same body shape at different sizes), but this only confused him, and I wasn't able to get a much better wording suggestion from Brian or Marie.

At this point, we've decided just to come back to them after I have him work on them individually (based on their in-manga profiles). That might be a while, though, as I like to randomize my orders.


The circumstances aligned yesterday at 3, for me to continue playing Yoshi's Island earlier than I expected to. (I was originally planning for tomorrow, when Mom finally goes back to work after spending a week at home.)

As it turns out, though, ActivePresenter is a bit more awkward to use and didn't record the game as smoothly as ShareX. More on this soon, though.

Checked out those playthroughs I linked to the other day, and found them rather excessively long, which includes the player talking to every single person in the game or just pissing around part of the time. With a whole week ahead of me before Marie comes home, I decided just to record my own playthrough of Earthbound and see how little time I can squeeze everything into.

Recorded half an hour containing all the opening stuff and everything after dropping Pokey and Picky off and checking out the Mani Mani statue beneath Lier's house last night. After that, I decided that was enough for the night, and looked into finding some better software. Tried out one other program, but it didn't record any more smoothly, and I went back to ShareX.

As it turns out this morning, though, even that doesn't record so smoothly anymore. The game felt choppy even as I was actually playing it, unlike with those other programs. I even compared my previous recordings of Yoshi's Island, and it worked so much better then. Though, I wonder if it has to do with recording just SNES9X instead of the entire screen.

(Not such a big deal for this game, but my whole point of playing Yoshi's Island in the first place is to showcase the different graphical effects that could only have been pulled off with the Super FX chip. That, combined with Knuckles Chaotix for the Sega 32X, will be used for discussion with Brian when we talk about graphical effects for Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive. Just pulling it up on YouTube doesn't show the full effect of, say, busting an item box in in Chaotix, where its screen spins vertically and then dissolves into pixels.)

(Might look into better software still whenever I decide to stop playing for a given night, or when it's time to come back to Yoshi's Island. Not gonna pay for anything until after my next Boston trip, and only when I find something I'm satisfied with.)
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Got another revision of the chapter translation from Ryou Yonezawa, one of many others I had contacted on Upwork for a second opinion.


Rongho finished revising that pic-edit. As it turns out, though, Kickstarter does not allow users to run more than one campaign at a time. Seeing as I'm still waiting on Noxmoony for Pia's last pic that I already paid for months ago, I decided just to host this pic on deviantArt and use Pia to promote my planned Cibus campaign next month.


Paid Marie a visit in the afternoon, and we walked down to this lake in a park complex called the Emerald Necklace. Had a stroll through before leaving another part to visit this fabric store called J.P. Knit & Stitch.

It was closed, but being right next to CVS, we decided to do a little shopping there. Didn't actually get anything, though, because Marie basically talked me out of buying bottled water (what I usually went there for, until we figured something out with the water from Brian's kitchen sink), and I didn't see any candy that particularly interested me (used to get a few things they had for Easter not too long ago).


Marie came over to Brian's place with someone named John, and the two of them played chess together. I showed them that Madoka pic, and they thought pretty highly of it. (Brian also found it amusing after he came back, but said I could've shown him at a better time, and that he mainly likes my gallery as a collection of funny stuff, as opposed to anything in particular in its own right.)

I made a burger for each of us except John, who declined, and we all watched an episode of Silicon Valley before Marie and John left.

Spoke to Brian afterwards about what I wanted to accomplish during my time here, which isn't helped by Mom having already bought me a train ticket back home even though I told her I might have to stay a bit longer than next Sunday. For the record, it is still only practical for him to continue reading Starbound on his phone while commuting to and from work, given how little else he can do on the trains (aside from playing Super Mario Run). At this point, though, we've both agreed that it's seeming less and less practical to wait for him to finish that before going over the story outline, especially now that I've incorporated some summaries of each existing chapter into the beginning.

Today being Tuesday, though, it might be more practical instead to go over an email I had sent him before, before he goes out to drink with his friends. I'll run it by him when he wakes up and see what he thinks, though.
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Asked Rongho to start reading the different Madoka spinoff manga while we suspend business for up to a year. He told me that he had discovered many different Puellae Magi ever since we started, and asked for a list of everyone else to be drawn fat.

Right now, he is unable to buy any actual manga, but has expressed interest in it and would like to continue the series. I had made it clear during our discussion that I cannot afford to make any further purchases while I commission for translations and save up otherwise for that trip, so he and I agreed to arrange for others to donate copies of their manga to him or buy new copies online to be shipped to him when I post a certain entry onto my deviantArt blog. (I got his permission to share his address with anyone interested, so that they can have stuff sent directly to him instead of to me first.)

(Before I write said entry up, I am waiting mainly for the translation of Starbound, chapter 1, so as to tie this in with my planned Kickstarter campaign. I was originally going to request money, and allow anyone who donates to the Cibus series to decide who gets drawn up next, but this seems like an even better idea to start with.)
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Here are both commissions I had mentioned yesterday:

1) The Legend of Jeanne d'Arc

2) Starcrossed Sisters, chapter 1. Decided after reconsidering to host it after all while shortly awaiting a WaniKani session, having already paid good money for that story so far. Next chapter will likely be up when I'm all done with Sonic Adventure DX (likely on Thursday, my birthday, when I try my luck at the Jewel Emerald Course again and hopefully win this time).

Also noticed a fic about Iroha in the archive. Since she currently isn't a selectable character to label fanfiction with, I went on to request that she, along with several from Tart Magica, be added to the list, and will be sure to fill the author in once I actually read the fic (they should be already there by that point).
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Here is what agataylor had to say through Facebook's chat program when I linked her, Noxmoony, and kymyit on deviantArt (along with Rongho, through Skype) to last week's cut:

Read more... )

Despite my own tastes, I suppose I could embrace her opinion for the current series, especially given how much I also value consistency. Will definitely ask for the more rounded builds if I ever get to commission for visual adaptations of the different actual stories, though.
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Beat Sonic Advance 2 yesterday with Knuckles. Transported three of my Chao to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle via the Tiny Chao Garden, but the Chao Doctor failed to detect any health issues. Made me wonder if I wasted half my then-remaining time between ditching Kiratto Kaiketsu and having Brian over, but Mom later told me that Brian probably isn't even coming over after all (I agreed with her that it wouldn't be very practical for just one day, given how little I'd be able to accomplish with him when she and Dad also compete for his attention). This negates any reason right now to continue with Sonic Adventure DX; that was just gonna be for instead of Parasitic Trio right now, and it wouldn't be practical either to bring the GameCube with me when we go up to bring him some furniture for his new apartment a whole month from now.

With that, I'm pretty much free to beat Advance 2 with everyone else for these first few days of the month. Yard's also full of brush, so that'll give me something else to do when I'm not playing the game. (As for my Chao, I have already posted to the ROMhacking forum, but said post has already received 25 views without any actual replies whatsoever.)


Iroha and Madoka as Cibi, from a whole few days ago:

As far as girth goes, I honestly wonder if my perception is skewed. Read more... )
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Yesterday would've been a good day to spend playing Kiratto Kaiketsu. I seriously considered it at 2, called Mom on her cell to see if she planned on going to the gym (in which case, I wouldn't have bothered), and she told me that she was already on her way home. More on that soon, but today also seems like a good time for that.


So anyway, just two nights ago, I sent Jake an email regarding my plans for Parasitic Trio. Namely, assuming he hasn't made any headway with Jamie yet, I would like him to re-focus on May while I switch gears and write him another chapter. (The other day, I had requested he work on Jamie while I was still busy with May.) Despite my expectations, he never replied, and I never saw him on AIM. Not sure how often he's on in general, since I usually sign right back off if I don't see him, but yesterday, I left the program on for most of the day and he was just never there. It's possible he wasn't even able to use his computer (especially given what he already told me about its functionality and unrelated events that recently cost him sleep), but as a result, I don't know whether or not he's already made some progress with Jamie, or would like to keep things simple and just stick with him for now, and I would like not to proceed until all plans are finalized.


Yesterday morning, I posted a job onto Upwork for an animated version of Cibus Esculentus Madoka Magica, just to get an idea of how much something like that would actually cost. Half an hour later, I went back online to take it down, and found that someone named Adde Kela already offered to take it up for $89/hr and invited me to Skype with him. Archived him before taking it down, and then posted a new job for muggle-to-Cibus transformation gifs and invited him to that, only to find out later that the site only archives new jobs at certain hours in the morning (the newest jobs listed under Design & Creative: Animation the first time I checked were from 12 hours earlier). Never heard from Adde until this morning, and even then, he was already off and wanted me to establish a meeting (I scheduled 9:30 AM tomorrow), and my job listing is now buried three pages in under Animation.

(I knew from the start that I would not be able to afford such a thing. Planning to use Kickstarter and tap into other people's potential interest to cover the costs, but in any case, I think it might be best to pull this off once I figure out with Brian how to rework Kyoko's first scene and account for Homura's actions throughout the fic. (Also need to ask him when he usually finds himself at his most creative.) A fic in which Mami survives longer to meet Nagisa would also help, considering how little pagetime she has in the one fic still up.)

(Here's the job listing, in case anyone else is interested.)

Of what I've already had others draw up for me, this is my favorite image to look at (even though something does look off with Homura), but I still crave more than just that. Like, I want to see actual scenes play out (also true with Starbound), but they would mean more as part of a whole than individually (ditto with certain scenes I like from bloodscorpion4ever's past works), and I also want consistency and enough talent that I don't have to point out anatomical errors (such as the lack of a fold between the thighs and buttocks) or mismatched poses and facial expressions.

I also mentioned my general preference for anime over manga only a few days ago. However, I think the inferior appeal of manga to me would have something to do with the lack of coloration that gets for some reason, and how inferior to anime it would still look even if it were colored due to the type of paper used (barring a few each at the beginning and end of each volume, which use a more suitable type for coloration, depending on the series). Just last night, I remembered this feature that Nintendo Power had between '99 and '01, called PokeCenter, which dealt exclusively with Pokemon and featured episodes of the anime adapted into western-style comics, and even today, I wouldn't consider that any less visually appealing than the actual anime. If something like that would fulfill what I really want out of all this, then that would cut the need for animation and audio, thus saving me a good chunk of time and money that could go towards other things.


Spent the first few hours of the day playing Cutie Riot, but honestly, that game just sucks. It's underchallenging, repetitive, and during battle, all you do as the player is wait for your characters' SP to fill up before tapping them to release their special attack. I've seen gameplay videos of the original Madoka mobile game, in which the characters fight automatically, but the wiki page also mentions purchasable cards with which to unlock new attacks and items, and that it becomes increasingly necessary to team up with other players to defeat powerful enemies. (As far as Magia Record goes, I'll still have new Magical Girls and their dialogue to save in screenshots for the sake of the Cibus project.)


So anyway, I asked Mom if I could have the day off from the gym, lest I do the same old routine while thinking about how poorly things were panning out. We did need to do some shopping, Mom also had to go to one of the libraries, and I was open enough to just leaving the house in general. After getting a few things at Target, we decided to hit the library in Bellport, and precede our actual visit there with a walk down Bellport Lane in lieu of the gym (having a change in pace from that had appealed to me).

Took out Little Busters! again during our actual time in the library. That should help me save that manga I bought for later (already read volume 1 of Et Cetera through).

Mom had also told me that we should be able to see Brian in a month, when she goes up to Boston to bring Marie a sewing machine.
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Christina has declined even to rewrite anything I write further of the Cibus project, because she is closing up commission business altogether. Makes me glad the one existing fic is all she did, as it would be even more awkward if she had already done more than that.

Since this is no longer about my particular writing style, I did consider last night asking on Job Offers for others to continue it. However, even if I don't write something personally, I would still like to be the one to present it, something I didn't originally care about and that would have to be negotiated with others.

Also, aside from the HLM four and Pia, all I plan to do is to establish everyone's place in the Cibusverse and each of their surrounding circumstances. Actual, full-fledged stories will be what I leave to others to write.
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