Jun. 24th, 2017

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From all the way over near the boathouse entrance, Dad noticed me near the fence ranting and raving about how dependable Jake has no longer been, and called me over to ask what was pissing me off. All I said to him was that I've been expecting stuff from Jake, how he has failed to deliver anything for an entire year at this point, and he asked why I give someone like him such power over my mood and allow him to make me feel bad. I told him that it's actually not that simple, but he only said "Nothing ever is," and suggested I rethink the value of my relationship with him.

Walked a few laps up and down Masem Court to think it over, before coming back inside and online to confront Jake on all his excuses, going as far as to ask if the PokeWalker has anything to do with his lack of work so far. He said that while he still doesn't like the PokeWalker or anything else from HGSS, it's actually more that he just hasn't been into Pokemon in general for a while.

In hopes of helping him get back into it, I later asked if he had ever obtained a new 3DS ever since his first one was stolen. While he indeed had a year ago, he does not have the money to buy any new games, and turned down an offer to help fund him, stating that he would prefer to start over with X on his own terms and has no interest in Sun or Moon.

He did tell me last night, though, that he had actually managed better than the previous two days, to ponder what I had brought up in particular with him two days ago. So there's something, but if he even does show me his ideas for Jamie's next chapter, that's probably as much further as I will go with it in the foreseeable future. I did draw a comparison between his failure to write anything and my own failure to derive any inspiration from the player's guides for BW2, X/Y, and ORAS, suggesting he re-read my entries tagged "Pokemon" from May 22 last year onward if it might help, but other than that, whether he actually tries to get back into it or not is all up to him.

In the meantime, I've read another chapter from You Are Not Special, mainly so that I can tell Brian if he asks that I at least made good use of my time instead of playing video games all month long. That actually came up between me and Mom last night, and when she asked, I had to admit that I'm not actually deriving any fulfillment from it. She suggested that, today, I look up some summer classes at Stonybrook and ask Matthew about some psychologist he used to go see.


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