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Jake hadn't been able to write any more all week about why he couldn't commit himself any longer to Unwilling Service, but allowed what he specified as "halfway measures" between us to pretty much sum it up yesterday. This whole time, I thought he meant "compromises" by that, even though we only had any explicit conflict about a handful of things, but he went on to specify "respecting eachother's wishes" as what he really meant.

Presumably, his willingness to beta-write the story had been unstable possibly even back then, and only reached the actual tipping point recently. I kept bringing it up with him because he seemed to suggest there was more to it when he said he'd have "part 2" ready when he shared what he had already written more than a week ago. At this point, though, I think we can drop it now; not like I have any reason to ask him to cite everything he came to hate about the story.

As of right now, he's had an exhausting week and does not wish to discuss the story right now or create outlines for either that one or the Makendou project. He did say when I asked, though, that he'd be more willing to still give input after being allowed to unwind for at least a month.


Marie drove me and Mom to the library and various other places yesterday. I did what I had to do, and landed some new DVDs to bring home, including a DVD set of Ultimate Otaku Teacher (technically part 1 of season 1, as was my previous copy) that I can watch on my computer.

My last Universal Yums box arrived by the time we came back home, this month being South Korea. Marie commented on how political it sounds when it didn't simply say "Korea", but I should've noted having learned from Cracked how "national" foods are a political concept to begin with. (Didn't actually have anything, because I had already landed a cookie from Cirillo's Market where Mom dropped me off to pick up cream cheese for some bagels that she would toast for lunch.)

Marie and I later saw that drone that flies around every now and then. I was hanging some wash in the backyard, went to get her to come see, and found her already watching from the driveway.
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