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For lack of anything else to do for most of the day, I decided at some point to customize my phone, something that never crossed my mind otherwise. Set up this pic of Miyuki with her hair in a beehive as my wallpaper, and made that trumpet song from Lucky Star episodes 6 and 15 my ringtone after cutting off the first 14 seconds.

As planned, I eventually visited Brian at his workplace for lunch. He forgot I was coming, which was why I never heard from him on my phone and had to call him instead just quarter to noon, and we ended up eating at the taco cafeteria instead of that more varied place where I previously got only a small bowl of fruit. (I'm gonna remind him when he wakes up to call me and be ready for that latter place.)

I had brought my laptop with me so as to let him read that 4th grade thing, and he managed to read the whole 11-page remainder after stopping the first two times after pages 4 and 7. We had some discussion from there before he sent me back to his apartment, and I offered to let him view some commercials I linked to later on at Marie's place, when she and her friends are also there to partake in it.


Brian brought me last night to this pub called Jeanie Johnston, where Marie and some of her friends from throughout their time there came to partake in trivia night. I managed to get a few answers in, but upon finishing what I ordered, I decided to leave.

Made a right turn out the door when I should've made a left. Brian and I had come by bus, and I expected to come across a subway station at some point before an ongoing drizzle got heavy. Eventually stumbled upon Brian and Marie's old apartments from between 2014-15, before coming all the way back.

Marie pointed me in the right direction, and I began to recognize my surroundings before finding my way back to Brian's place.
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Yesterday was Sam's birthday, and he and Marie came at 10:30 to bring me to this Chinese place called Dim Sum, where the food is pushed around in carts to order from as they pass by.

As of this morning, I have decided to rid myself of Job Offers by next week, having already found Upwork to fulfill the very purpose I created it for. If no one is interested in taking over, I will simply close it down.

Also, Mom actually managed to find that Far Side gag online yesterday morning:

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Brian had off from work for Labor Day yesterday, so he, I, and Marie did stuff together. Ate breakfast at Brassica, went kayaking around the Charles River, and then came back to Forest Hills. Brian went directly back to the apartment, but Marie and I visited this tiny pizza place down the street from her current apartment, from which we both took a slice and a cup of Italian ice back to her place before coming back to meet Brian.

I had a good long nap after coming back. Shortly after waking up, though, I finally had him read the beginning of my 4th grade autobiography. He had a lot to say overall, but in particular, he commented about something called the Mix-Up Twins of War. Copied from the file itself, here's an explanation of that whole thing:

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Brian was interested in seeing the aforementioned Far Side comic, which he told me was probably a play on "The stakes of war" (and looking back, I realize might have been based on the trench warfare that dominated World War I. He and I both tried googling it, but couldn't find anything, so I emailed Mom to look for some books at the library for me to sort through.

(*Speaking of the World Wars, though, the early stages of it all also involved mooks attacking the world in planes from Aces Over Europe, a computer game we had that was set in WWII.)

I took a walk down the street once we were done chatting, and on the way back, happened to spot a Beanie Baby deer named Whisper on the sidewalk, and brought it back with me to give Marie. She commented on how long it's been since she used to have those.

The three of us then explored this nearby cemetery, before dining out at Dogwood. Upon coming back, I started getting ready for bed while they watched Dawn of the Dead.
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Here is chapter 12 of Starcrossed Sisters:


Unfortunately, Jason had to back out of Unwilling Service due to family issues going on in his life, so I think the story might very well become something of a round robin as beta-writers come and go.

Went to someone else who I initially promised Ellen's chapter (only to give that to someone else by mistake; I apologized and she accepted) for May's, and also contacted another contractor who happened to be online at the moment for Jimmy's third. The latter of those took it up immediately, but I still have yet to hear back from the former, and will likely contact others today.

(Jake, meanwhile, has only come onto Skype those two times ever since I put my foot down. I'm not sure if he's read the few things I texted him since the second (one of which I paraphrased yesterday), or if he's still reading this, but unlikely as it may be, if at this point he's decided to beta-write the still-pending US chapters after all (assuming he couldn't think of anything else after I made it clear that his artwork isn't gonna count since he basically ignored my input, and has been too scared to contact me for other ideas), even if it's just those few more, I will still welcome them.)


Not much had happened at home or during the trip here to Boston yesterday. However, I did spot a square-edged, amber die, slightly larger than a regular die, on the floor while awaiting the train in Bridgeport. With something like that, I should be able to roll more easily for 9, 18, 27, or 36 than by supplementing my primary die with an 8-sided one.


Brian and I went to his apartment to drop our stuff off after I arrived, before heading to Marie's for breakfast-for-dinner. Marie had expressed interest in Lucky Star before, so I brought my DVDs of that with me, along with The Adventures of Pete & Pete (since we still have yet to find disk 1 of season 1 of that). We didn't actually watch anything though; the three of us, along with Sam, who had come to visit, mostly just talked before they went to this bar called Eugene O'neill's. (I just went back to Brian's because that was the time I normally go to bed, and I am not one for group conversations and would prefer not to wake up hung over in the morning.)
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Mom and I decided to get me a haircut yesterday. Instead of driving into the parking lot, though, she turned onto a less busy cross-street to drop me off before heading to MeatFarms. Had she done the former, she would have seen a note saying that Future Trims is closed until Tuesday. Instead, I had to call the house (somehow, Mom's number wasn't present in my phone anymore) and have Dad call Mom, who then got back to me and suggested I either wait for her or walk all the way down the street to meet her at MeatFarms, before the two of us headed to a different barber shop in Patchogue.

(Previously, Mom had me call the shop at 9:15. No one picked up, but we assumed it was because that was when they just opened up. I even asked Mom if it was any day in particular that they'd be closed, but she said she just wanted to make sure Andrew was in.)


Here is chapter 2 of Unwilling Service: Jimmy's Quest, a whole fifteen months since I wrote its starting draft:

Gonna have Jason work on May's chapter from here, since Zecobo hasn't replied to any of my messages since taking that up, so that I can give some attention to her as I continue writing once and for all once I'm back home from Boston, after having already done another chapter for Jimmy half a year ago and started yet another one recently.

(Thanks, Jake, for not doing your fucking job for an entire year, giving up on it only a few months ago, and deciding you don't have the spoons to follow some correction instructions I gave you for a make-up assignment. I could've had the chapter up way back then, and gotten a bunch more chapters in with all three fics ever since. Since my terms still happen not to count, don't bother finishing Mai's pic or drawing anyone else, unless it's for yourself. Just PayPal me $100, and we can put all of this behind us and never discuss another business deal again.)
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Went out for a walk yesterday morning to clear my head, and I still didn't have the spoons to deal with Starbound or Unwilling Service. Decided just to come back to Getter Love!! for until Marie fills us in on any plans of hers.

Played one round, but then she called shortly after it ended. During our call, I asked her offhand if she figured anything out yet, and she actually told me that she'd be coming here next week for one week before Mom takes her to the airport. From there, after some further discussion with her, Mom, and Brian, Mom and I arranged for me to go up there Sunday afternoon.

When I'm not getting everything together in preparation, I think I'll continue with Getter Love for just a few more days. That way, I'll remember to unplug my computer along with my TV set once I put WaniKani on vacation mode Saturday evening. (Glad I had a few days off from the game, frustrating as they may have been, for the sake of renewed enjoyment.)

(Also expecting Jimmy's second chapter pretty soon. Will wait until I come home, though, before I give Jason chapter 3 to work on, and that should also provide extra time for the ones I've assigned Ellen and May's chapters to finish up.)
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Brian has agreed yesterday to give me Marie's current phone next month.
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So, it turns out over these past several days that Magia Record is only compatible with select devices, which do not include the ZTE series or either of Mom's iPads. Joined a chat I happened to spot, and someone linked me to a list of compatible devices. From what I gather (also from Google), it's a bit problematic even in Japan.

There are actually a wide range of available GoPhone models that can play MR, but while I only got my current phone less than two years ago, getting my own iPad might not be worthwhile if I don't use it for anything else and need a legitimate address and phone number in order to make foreign purchases on iTunes. But, in case that's what I end up going with, here's a short list of what's compatible with the iOS version:

-iPhone 6 or later
-iPad Air 2
-iPad mini 4 or later
-iPad Pro or later

For Android:

Read more... )

(Will be sure to consult Brian or Marie before I look into buying a new device.)
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Mom got a two-in-one mop and squeegee with which to clean windows from outside the other day. Yesterday, she was gonna have me try to wipe the office windows down from on a folding ladder, but then tried to figure out how to extend it. Dad soon figured out how, and I was able to carry the task out from on the ground.


Tired of Getter Love!! at this point. Would like to try out Magia Record, probably starting tomorrow when I can settle down. Currently, Puella Magi Wiki already has 24 Puellae Magi listed in its MR character page, although most of them don't have their own pages yet.

Currently, just about to reach level 19 on WaniKani, and it's probably gonna be another year before I have everything mastered, but considering my recent attempt with Kanji in Context, this might actually be a good way to reinforce what I've already learned so far.

Moemura also requires that you complete chapter 1, episode 2, before downloading. That should provide a short, defined extent to which to play, in case I decide to put it down to continue brushing up on kanji.
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I finally found someone who got it right and even took only a few days to write something. Here is the real first chapter of Unwilling Service: Jimmy's Quest:

(I'll be sure to explain what went on, and especially involving muscles, to lead me to replace the chapter, in an author's note when I upload chapter 2. Will also be sure alert everyone on Upwork thus far once I have chapter 3 up, since I am hoping to spend some time with May whenever I come back to US, assuming Zecobo actually delivers a final draft of her second chapter.)


From two years ago:

Apparently, the ANN article I linked to isn't there anymore. I couldn't even find it through the site's archive.

Even so, I did find Tyrfing's appearance in a school uniform rather amusing, so I decided to dig around for it, only to find out that not only had the game been released here less than a year later (unlike Divine Gate, which is still stuck in Japan despite its anime adaptation being localized here), but the event in question had come and gone half a year ago. Would've been glad to promote that on The Witch's Labyrinth, but reading this transcript on PotK Wiki, it turns out that not only is Tyrfing's appearance in a uniform actually plot-related, but she is actually a moot point as far as the Cibus project goes. Whereas Pia explicitly did become a Puella Magi in the Divine Gate crossover, Tyrfing explicitly can't for certain setting-related reasons that I would rather not undermine just for another Cibus.

(If Divine Gate ever does get released here, I'll be glad to check that out. The fact that both games' crossover events w/ Madoka have already come and gone is exactly why I've made a point of returning to Japanese back in January for the sake of Magia Record.)
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Been playing Getter Love!! for more than a week lately. Yesterday, all three of my opponents and I settled in on Nakayoshi Girl Ayumi, and I spent nearly the first half of the round seeking out the Beach and Shrine Date cards, after having already obtained her other cutscenes and both her greater endings, and also managed to obtain Makoto's announced cutscene at home along the way, having also built up enough of a relationship with her. Spent the rest of the round keeping the others in check in order to close in on Reika's ending.

On the second-to-last evening, I used a Geri card on Chikashi in order to gyp him out of a date he had at the library the next morning and create an easy grab for myself. Said next morning, I instead used a Date Bogai card on Sesshuu to cancel a date that he had for the afternoon. Both of them were already nearing too low health to continue on, and the phone calls they'd both get from her spelled the end for them. That afternoon, Daisuke would go to Cafe Liquid to ask where Ayumi would be, and then attempt to meet her that evening at Panda Burger, only for Reika to beat him there and block him off.

And, that just about completes my records with both Ayumi and Reika, with one of Makoto's cutscenes to boot even though I haven't won any rounds with her so far.
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Mom bought a gopher trap from Lowes for her garden the other day, and managed to catch a raccoon with it yesterday. Dad told me he brought it to the former site of a movie theater down the street to release there.
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Yesterday was the day of a country-wide solar eclipse. While the full view of it was announced for much further south, my parents and I hit the beach in the afternoon to get a partial view of it. We expected the sky to dim down somewhat when it would've taken place, but it never did.


Today is the release date of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden: Magia Record. Right now, I'm still on level 18 in WaniKani, which means I'm not even close to reading Japanese at any speed worth a damn.
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Went to the beach with Mom and Dad yesterday afternoon. On the way there, we took a detour through a residential zone before arriving halfway into the business area we normally pass through.

Waves were pretty rough. Felt good, but we only stayed in briefly before leaving.

During the way home, I noticed a ladybug on my swimshorts. Mom suggested we put it in her garden when we arrive home, so I let it crawl around on my hands and arms until then.

Upon dropping it off, I noticed the wheelbarrow full of rainwater. Mom was hanging the towels up on the line, and I asked her if she'd like her feet splashed. She declined, but offered to pour the water on mine, which I let her before coming in to shower off.
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Found out several days ago that Pickup Gourmet had been revived back in February, two years to the month since I abandoned it the second time around.


Reposted the Unwilling Service job under clearer terms yesterday, after failing with everyone except Zecobo so far to get what I actually want out of it. So far, six people have already applied.
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Marie has finally landed a new job in San Francisco, which she will begin a month from now. I will be sure to pay her a visit before she moves out.
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Went with Mom yesterday to Tanger Outlets and Bed Bath & Beyond. Along the way there, there was a collision of some sort on the expressway, and we had to slow down for a bit.

Headed to Starbucks when we got to Tanger. No Smores fraps, so I got myself another Midnight Mint Mocha. This one didn't have any flavor at all, despite how much the last one I got at the same store had, so at this point, I'm pretty much done with Starbucks. No point "gambling" for flavor when there are always alternatives.

Given what happened on our way there, we took a detour through Ridge coming home. (Mom had commented earlier on, when we made plans about coming home, what a shame it is that the library is closed on Sundays during the summer, since we'd eventually reach one of the roads we take there. I'd happen to agree on a day like yesterday, especially after placing a library order earlier on for Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, after which I could have asked someone if the one form I filled out online would be enough for all five volumes.)
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Burnt eighteen level 1 vocabulary upon waking up this morning, and I'm already seeing a pattern here. Tomorrow begins a burning session of radicals from level 2, and everything from 1 that wasn't covered will be individually.
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Just burned ten kanji and one more radical from level 1 right now.
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