Jan. 15th, 2017

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Mom dropped me off for a haircut while she went food shopping yesterday. Got a Numbers ticket at the gas station, and the numbers were 9-2-4. Funny. Those happen to comprise the first halves of our first phone number (from until we got Optimum Online when I was nearing 19) and GameStop's current one.

Didn't win, but fell just one short of my Lucky Sum, 15. Last night's winning numbers were 6-1-7, which add up to 14.


Ordered a new Pokemon X/Y guide on Amazon some time after we got home, after having already started re-reading the one for Black/White. Next time Dad gives me some money, I'll ask Mom if she can take me to BestBuy to pick up the one for Sun/Moon. (Just went to the bank yesterday after my haircut, so there's no point paying with debit now when I could've gone there with cash in the first place. BW2 can wait until I'm all caught up, since I already read that one the way through before.)


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